Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Finding the best lashes for hooded eyes just got a whole lot easier. Super simple, in fact. Scroll down this page and you'll find yourself basking in lash heaven. And the best bit, is that every single style in this collection has been hand-picked by our expert MUAs, because they look perfect once applied to hooded eyes. If you've struggled to find the best lashes for hooded eyes until now, then take a deep breath and start browsing. With around 500 hand-picked styles to choose from, we've got lashes for every hooded eye - no matter the occasion - in our range below.

About Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Eyes come in all shapes and sizes, just like every other part of our bodies. Your eyes are pretty much unique to you - no one else has the exact same combination of size, shape, colour, and depth.

Your eyes are a focal point of your natural features, and walking out with gorgeous lashes and the best looking eye makeup is definitely an unmissable opportunity - and a real confidence booster.

False eyelashes are a game changer when it comes to making changes to your appearance - you could go for subtle or fierce, and the great thing is, you can change them with your mood or desires, and they pretty much suit everyone.

Buying the Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape 

It is important to know what eye shape you have, and it's important to find the perfect lashes that are both comfortable to wear, and complementary to your look.

You can wear false eyelashes for hooded eyes makeup free, or pair those lashes with your cosmetics and makeup for a full image change - the choice is yours.

What Shape Eyes Do You Have?

Do you know what shape your eyes are? We’re going to talk about hooded eyes, but if you’re not sure whether yours are hooded or not, click here and read this blog, it’s going to help you.

Hooded eyes are one of many variations of eye shape - and if you've got hooded eyes, then you might be wondering which false lashes are best suited to you.

We have an incredible range of lashes, which have been hand-picked by our experts to be the highest quality and standards, and which provide the best fit and style for our customers.

We’ve worked hard to make sure every eye style is covered, so no one has to miss out on the fabulous lashes that are available.

Now we’re going to quickly run through what hooded eyes are, how you can tell if you’ve got hooded eyes, what the best lash choices are for various situations, and give you some fabulous makeup tips for accessorising your eyes to their fullest.

Are you ready to get started and find the best eyelashes for hooded eyes?

What are Hooded Eyes?

So, what exactly are hooded eyes?

You have hooded eyes when there is extra skin above the fold of the cut crease of your eyes. When you open your eyes, your upper lid appears much smaller, and can even look hidden.

Not everyone who has hooded eyes was born with this particular shape, some people, as they get older, will find their eyelids starting to droop and become hooded.

This is perfectly natural, and generally doesn’t affect the individual’s vision or ability to wear false eyelashes or cosmetics as they chose.

Those who have this unique eye shape understand the struggle when applying eye makeup, for it then to disappear when you open your eyes.

Buying false eyelashes suited to hooded eyes can be difficult, especially if you limit yourself to the small range of lashes in your local supermarket or pharmacy.

We've curated a huge range of lashes suitable for all eye shapes, and our lash experts have taken time to select around 500 lash styles that are ideal for hooded eyes, so say goodbye to boring choices, and say hello to a whole new you!

How to Tell if Your Eyes are Hooded

Hooded eyes generally have a thicker skin layer that covers the crease that normally appears on the upper eyelid, and can also cover the deeper set crease that sits over the brow bone.

To work out if your eyes are hooded, simply look in the mirror (face forward) and open both of your eyes up comfortably. If the skin covering most or all of the upper eyelid with a crease above the brow bone isn’t visible, then you’ve got hooded eyes.

Confused? Sometimes it’s easier to look at examples, rather than read about them, so we suggest you check out pictures of:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Kate Hudson
  • Blake Lively
  • Jennifer Lawrence

Because all these stunning celebrities have hooded eyes in common, and they can rock the hooded eye shape. They all wear false eyelashes for hooded eyes, proving you totally can too.

Best Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes

When you’re looking for lashes to complete your look, hooded eyes generally need shorter lashes if you want to create a natural look that balances your eyes.

If you go too thick or dramatic, then it can overwhelm your eyes and make them look narrower or sleepy (which, let’s face it, if you want to go for a sleepy eyed look, will work like a charm).

For the best fit, you’ll want to look for lashes that are longer in the middle, with shorter lashes at either end - to keep all eyes on you.

We've got a huge range of false eyelashes for hooded eyes for you to choose from, including: Magnetic lashes, great value Ardell multipacks and more.

If you have hooded eyes, you will benefit greatly from these lashes:

  1. Ardell Lashes in style - Wispies
  2. Doll Beauty in style - Jasmine
  3. Peaches and Cream in style - No.8
  4. Eylure Texture Lashes in style - 157
  5. House of Lashes in style - Siren
  6. Kiss Lashes in style - Sultry

1. Ardell Lashes in style - Wispies

For a lightweight but full lash look, Wispies faux mink lashes are the perfect answer. They look great on hooded eyes due to shorter length lashes at the edges, with longer lashes in the centre.

2. Doll Beauty in style - Jasmine

Made from synthetic hair, the alternating length lash hairs in these Jasmine lashes make them ideal for people with hooded eyes. They add instant volume with heavy density lashes that provide depth and definition.

3. Peaches and Cream in style - No.8

If you love a dramatic look, No.8 from Peaches and Cream will be your perfect choice of lashes for hooded eyes. These synthetic fibre lashes are a best seller.

4. Eylure Texture Lashes in style - 157

These layered lashes provide a textured finish that suit hooded eyes. You can achieve a bold and dramatic look, while still enjoying the comfort of a more lightweight lash.

5. House of Lashes in style - Siren

We love these House of Lashes Siren eyelashes because they fit any eye size or shape. Made from 100% human hair, Siren lashes provide a dramatic appearance with long, fringed lashes.

6. Kiss Lashes in style - Sultry

When you want to achieve a smouldering, sultry look, these are the lashes you need. The soft, light lashes look natural but will give your lashes a stunning boost.

If you want to open your eyes right up and go for a bold look, then you want a gorgeous curl. We recommend:

No matter what look you’re hoping to achieve, you can trust that we’ve got the perfect set of falsies to really add that perfect finishing touch.

It doesn't matter whether you've got hooded eyes, almond eyesdeep set eyes or some other shape. Because we have carefully picked a great selection of lash styles, perfectly suited to over 10 different eye shapes.

Lash Materials for Hooded Eyes

When you are choosing the best lashes for hooded eyes, you have the choice of different materials including:

Human hair

These lashes look the most natural, as they look just like your own lashes. Human hair lashes are lightweight and are more subtle than other materials. However, human hair lashes do not hold their shape as well as synthetic lashes do.

Faux mink

Faux mink are a very popular type of false eyelashes and they come in a huge range of different styles. So, whether you are looking for bold, thick lashes for hooded eyes or a more natural look, faux mink are a greta option and they hold their shape well.

Faux silk

For a glossy eyelash look, faux silk lashes are a top choice. As they tend to have finer strands than faux mink, they usually look more natural. The material used in faux silk is a synthetic-based silk fibre.

Best Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Not everyone wants to wear makeup, but if you do, knowing how to apply and style it to suit your eye shape can really elevate your look.

So, we’ve put together some practical tips and advice for applying cosmetics around your hooded eyes and achieve that perfect finish.

Wearing Eyeliner with Hooded Eyes

It can be a bit tricky to get your eyeliner application perfect with hooded eyes, because the skin on the eyelid does conceal some of the creases and areas that you’d normally apply the cosmetic too.

Using liquid eyeliner can often be easier than applying soft kohl or pencil, because you’ve got a bit more control over the thickness of the application, and the depth of the colour.

When you’re applying your eyeliner, most of the time you’ll want to line the upper lid only (a fine-pointed eyeliner pen works great here).

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes can be quite difficult to apply, but fear not, with a few tips and tricks from us at we’re sure to get you red carpet ready in no time.

Start at the bottom of the upper eyelid, and keep the application thin until you reach the corner of the eye, then proceed to flick upwards into the wing.

If you apply the eyeliner across the eyelid too thickly, it will look as if you’ve coloured the entire lid in, and make your eye seem smaller and heavier.

Applying Eyeshadow to Hooded Eyes

When applying makeup, or watching tutorials, you’ll often see people closing their eyes when applying eyeshadow, but for individuals with hooded eyes, this isn’t actually the optimal technique.

It’s best if you keep your eye open (so you’ll want to make sure you don’t overload your applicator brush and make sure there’s no stray hair or powder clinging to it, to avoid getting it in your eyes).

Top Eyelid Application

When you’re doing the top eyelids, rather than starting at the natural crease, think about where you want your crease to be. You’ll be creating the illusion of a new one, so it’s likely that you’ll want to start a little higher up.

If you struggle with applying eyeshadow on your top eyelids, then we encourage making the most of your bottom lids.

Start with a lighter colour within the inner corner of your eye, and blend to the outer corner with a darker shade. This will then create the impression of having bigger eyes.

Another trick you might want to take advantage of is to apply your eyeshadow a little way past the end of your eyelid (into the crease and just above it), then blend upwards and outwards.

Now you have got your makeup sorted, combine the beautiful look with the best lashes for hooded eyes and you have the perfect partnership.

Give Yourself a Beautiful New Look Today!

Hooded eyes aren’t the easiest eye shape to work with, but it’s not impossible. With a bit of practice and the right set of false eyelashes for hooded eyes, you can be rocking an entirely new look that matches your mood and boosts your confidence level.

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What are some of the best false lash styles for hooded eyes?

People with hooded eyes where the eyelid is not visible when the eye is open can open up the appearance of the eye by using a layered style of eyelashes, such as the Eylure Texture Lashes in style 157.

Can wearing false lashes enhance my hooded eyes?

Yes, hooded eyes can make your eyes seem smaller, so wearing false lashes that are longer than your natural lashes will help to provide extra definition to your eyes.

Are there any tips for making my false lashes look natural on my hooded eyes?

If you want to achieve a more natural look, wispies are a good choice as they have a fine, medium-length lash style. Red Cherry Lashes in #WSP style are perfect for natural looking lashes with a hooded eye shape.

How do I remove false lashes from my hooded eyes without damaging my natural lashes?

To carefully remove your false lashes without damaging your natural lashes, apply an oil-based cleanser on cotton pads and press down for a few seconds before gently wiping along the lash line. This should break down the glue and loosen all the lashes.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when wearing false lashes with hooded eyes?

If you have hooded eyes, it is better to avoid wearing lashes that are too long or heavy at the outer corners. Heavy lashes at the corners of the eyes can close the eye off, which is why wispy lashes that are shorter at the corners are ideal.

Can false lashes make my hooded eyes look less prominent?

As long as you choose the right style of lashes that complement your hooded eye shape, your eyes will not look less prominent. False eyelashes can give your eyes a lift and open them up.

How can I adapt false lash styles to suit my specific hooded eye shape?

For a hooded eye shape, wearing lash styles that are long in the centre and shorter at the ends will help to make eyes look brighter and give them a lift.