Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Choosing the right false eyelashes, including lower lashes, for your eye shape is so important, especially if you have hooded eyes as the right style will help to enhance your eyes and compliment the rest of your makeup.

From individual lashes, strip lashes, and brown false eyelashes, finding the best eyelashes for hooded eyes on the high street isn't straightforward. Supermarkets and chemists generally have a small range of false lashes for hooded eyes to choose from, and they try to suggest a one shape fits all approach.

Here at, we want you to find the perfect false lashes for hooded eyes, so we've put together this blog post for you with some of the hottest styles for you to choose from.

To help you choose the best false lashes for hooded eyes, take a look at this super guide which provides an insight into the best fake eyelashes for hooded eye shapes.

It also offers an insight into celebrity hacks, as well as the best makeup tips which will help you open up and frame your hooded eyes.

What are Hooded Eyes?

The term hooded eyes are used to describe excess skin in the eye area, which folds down from the brow bone to the lash line. While some people believe that having hooded eyes is a rare quality, there are actually quite a few people who have this type of eye shape.

If you’re unsure about your eye shape and you want to know if you have hooded eyes, then the best way to identify this eye shape is by checking to see if you have an extra layer of skin which droops over the eye crease.

This tends to make the eye look smaller and having hooded eyes can also make applying and styling makeup a lot harder, as the excess skin tends to cover up anything that is applied to the eye and any lashes that are applied can look too heavy.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes?

If you use fake eyelashes and under lashes, then you need to be careful about choosing the right size, as longer lashes are normally too big and heavy for hooded eyes.

Instead, you should opt for shorter, more natural-looking fake eyelashes, half lashes, or lighter-haired lashes like brown false eyelashes or blonde eyelashes, as they will not overpower the eye area and will enhance your eye shape.

A perfect example is fox eyelashes. It is also helpful to understand the different types of lashes like the best magnetic lashes for hooded eyes and features like lash bands, as the band of a lash can massively impact how a lash sits and appears on the eye. 

Looking for cruelty-free or vegan lashes too? We've got you!

To help you choose the best lashes for hooded eyes, take a look at the following, which lists and explains the best brands and styles to use.

Red Cherry Lashes - #WSP

A pack of Red Cherry Eyelashes in style #WSP (Wispy) contains one pair of eyelashes. These are the perfect natural false lashes for hooded eyes as they have fine, medium-length lash-style which will not overpower the eye area. They are ideal wispy lashes for hooded eyes.

These Cruelty-Free and latex-free lashes are handmade with 100% natural human hair, which makes them very durable, and they can also be reused for both daywear and special occasions.

Ardell Lashes - Wispies

Standing as one of the best Ardell lashes, Ardell’s Wispies lashes are one of the most popular options of ardell lashes for hooded eyes as they have a medium volume and are shorter on the outer elongating to the middle.

The shape and volumn therefore offers an opening effect. We love Ardell Wispies here at, they're one of our best selling styles, ever!

Need more than one set of your favourite Ardell Wispies Lashes to keep you going? Look no further than our fabulous money saving multipacks!

This lash style offers a full, feathery and natural-looking aesthetic which is achieved through its crisscrossed knotting. You can purchase Ardell Wispies lashes as a multipack with five sets of lashes.

As far as the best eyelashes for hooded eyes go, Ardell Wispies and Demi Wispies are great because they're super versatile. So even if your friends have different eye shapes, they can still share the super value Ardell multipack with you.

If you want to try one of the best magnetic lashes for hooded eyes you can give Ardell's Double Demi Wispies a try too.

Doll Beauty Lashes - Jasmine

If you are looking for a full lash look, then the Jasmine lash from Doll Beauty is one of the most sought-after choices for anyone with hooded eyes. This lash set features one pair of eyelashes which are perfect for a night out or any other special occasion.

These lashes are made of mink and have a textured effect which is created due to the alternating length of the lashes.

This aesthetic has enabled them to become popular with makeup artists all over the world due to the lightweight and full-bodied aesthetic they provide for anyone with hooded eyes.

Peaches and Cream Lashes - No. 8

Peaches and Cream’s Style No. 8 lashes are a hybrid product made up of natural hair and synthetic fibres, containing one set of lashes per pack. They offer the benefit of being universal – making them perfect for all eye shapes with the added advantage of an invisible lash line.

These lashes are the perfect eyelashes for hooded eyes due to their fluttery aesthetic which mimics the look of individual lashes, although they are much easier to apply.

Eylure Texture Lashes - 157

Eylure’s texture lashes in style 157 are a brand new style of layered and medium-weight lashes. This set of lashes offers a layered aesthetic with a textured and crisscrossed finish that will help to open up the eyes and enhance makeup.

You can purchase a pack of Eylure’s style 157 with one pair of lashes per pack, which also includes Eylure adhesive which works for up to 18 hours. These lashes are reusable and are usually worn around five times before throwing them out.

Eylure also sells a range of pre-glued lashes in a number of shapes and sizes, which can be a much easier option, saving time and mess when applying lashes.

Unicorn 3D Faux Silk Lashes - Honey Bee

Unicorn Lashes in the style Honey Bee are high-quality and lightweight eyelashes which have V-shaped clusters which flare outwards to create a curled appearance that makes hooded eyes pop.

These lashes are vegan-friendly as they are made of faux mink. They offer one pair per pack, but they can be reused for both day wear and any upcoming specials events.

House of Lashes - Siren

If you prefer dramatic lashes for a special occasion, then House of Lashes style Siren eyelashes are the perfect choice as they provide a fluffy appearance without looking too heavy on hooded eyes.

This lash product has bold clusters and curled wispy edges which are made up of 100% human hair and offer one set of eyelashes per pack, which can be used up to ten times. These are some of the best natural false lashes for hooded eyes, and the best bit is that they won't break the bank, plus they are one of the best types of wispy lashes for hooded eyes.

Kiss Natural Lashes - Sultry

For a more natural-looking appearance, Kiss Lashes in style Sultry from the Looks So Natural range is the perfect choice of lashes for hooded eyes due to its light and feathery aesthetic. They also have tapered end technology which provides a flawless and natural finish.

The Kiss Classic Lashes are a great alternative for those who want best strip lashes for hooded eyes.

The lashes are great if you are looking for cheap false eyelashes and offer one set of lashes per pack. They are also reusable so you can save even more money and as an added bonus they are contact lens friendly.

Wanting lash extensions without the expense of paying a technician? Check out Kiss Falscara Wisps and Falscara Overnighter! These lashes come in a range of styles so we are sure you will find some suitable for hooded eyes.

Lilly Lashes The Glam Collection - Hollywood

If you are looking for a set of premium and high-quality lashes, then Lilly Ghalichi’s Hollywood Lashes from her Glam Collection is the go-to for celebrities and anyone with hooded eyes who loves a dramatic lash.

Each pack contains one pair of luxury lashes. They’re made of naturally-shred mink hair - making them Cruelty-Free and one of the best natural lashes for hooded eyes. The mink helps to create a lightweight, silky and feathery lash which will add some Hollywood glam to your overall makeup look.

Land of Lashes Faux Mink Lashes - Aria

Land of Lashes Aria eyelashes are made up of crisscrossed clusters which help to add impact to any look while also opening up the eyes. They have an ultra-flared look which adds an element of glamour for both day and night makeup.

These bold lashes are made of faux mink – making them both Cruelty-Free and vegan-friendly. Per pack, you should expect to pay a moderate price, which includes one set of eyelashes that can be recycled for any occasion.

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

False eyelashes are not the only beauty tool you can use to enhance your eyes, as makeup is equally as important to make your eyes pop.

There are various methods that makeup artists use to make hooded eyes appear bigger and more open. To help you enhance your hooded eyes, here are some expert makeup tips to make your eyes pop:


One of the problems with applying eyeshadow to hooded eyelids is that it tends to disappear under the excess skin and transfers to the under-eye area which will make you look like you have no eyeshadow on at all. To avoid this, you should apply a primer to your lid as this will prevent transfer with your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Professional makeup artists also advise blending eyeshadow colours light to dark in an upward angle.

When doing this, try to use luminous colours on the inner eye as well as the base of the eyelid and underneath.

You should then use darker shades for the top outer corner and lighter palettes for the hood to prevent sinking. A top tip is to apply some under the eye to make up for lost lid space.


Applying eyeliner, in general, is a fine art to master, but applying to a hooded eye can be trickier, as a hooded eye with thick liner tends to overlap with eyeshadow.

To avoid this, the pros suggest using a fine point eyeliner pine to draw a very thin layer of eyeliner on your upper lid’s lash line.

If your hooded eyes tend to appear smaller and more closed, the best eyeliner for hooded eyes is a white liner. This should be applied under the eye to really brighten the eye area and create an eye-opening effect.

If you want to create a cat-eye but struggle due to the lack of lids, there is an easy way to do it.

The first thing you need to do is trace a straight line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner with a gel liner pencil. You should then create the flick with your eye open and stop where your eye folds, and then pull up the corner of your before creating the wing.


One of the main issues with hooded eyes is that mascara tends to smudge easily and transfer onto the brow bone. To avoid this, you should try to use a high-quality waterproof mascara which will not leave any marks throughout the day.

You can also change up the colour of your mascara to accentuate the colour of your eyes. For instance, if you have blue eyes, you should try to use a navy mascara which will look similar to black but will give you that extra pop.

For brown eyes try a purple mascara and enhance your eyes further with gold eyeshadow, while a completely contrasting colour such as maroon mascara is perfect for green eyes.


Another great tip for opening up your hooded lids is to pay attention to your eyebrows by creating an arch shape which will define the brows and enhance the eyes as well.

Professional makeup artists usually apply light brushstrokes to the brow arch to shape the brow and eye area. You can then use a colour underneath to emphasise the brow bones and improve the appearance of the eye area.


You can also lengthen your eyes by applying the best hooded eyes makeup - multi-purpose highlighter - to the corner of your eye and use a matching product to contour your cheekbones to draw more attention to the eye.

Makeup artists also suggest using a darker shade or a light bronzer to balance out the highlighter on the cheekbone as this will help you to achieve the ultimate lengthening look for your eyes.

Celebrities with Hooded Eyes

You may feel like you are the only one struggling to apply makeup to hooded eyes. However, there are actually so many people who have a hooded eye shape. This includes A-listers such as Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Camilla Belle, Nicole Kidman and more.

Now you may be thinking, they all have the best makeup artists to make them look Hollywood-ready, but that does not mean to say that you can’t use their tips and look just as fabulous.

For instance, copy Jennifer Lawrence, who is always seen with smudged eyeshadow underneath her eye, creates an alternative smokey eye look that stands out.

At the same time, Emma Stone is another celebrity who always looks great and accentuates her hooded eyes with neat eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow shades to prevent the eye area from looking heavy. Perhaps she uses Ardell lashes for hooded eyes - who knows!


Now you know how to enhance hooded eyes and have all the expert makeup tips you need, you can go ahead and buy the best strip lashes for hooded eyes without worrying about them being too heavy or making your eyes look smaller.

You can also try out some of the makeup tips yourself to enhance your eyes and avoid transferring your makeup products.

We also have a hacks and hints guide on how to apply false eyelashes and if it is eyelash extensions you're interested in, we have all the needed information on eyelash extension shapes, ensuring you can get the extensions perfect for your eyes! Hopefully, all of these tips will work for you and make you feel confident and bright-eyed. 

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