Kiss Falscara

The revolutionary Kiss Falscara system is the easiest way to achieve salon-style lashes, without the hassle or expense of actually visiting the salon. It's fair to say Falscara has shaken up the lash game since its launch. We stock the full range of best selling Kiss Falscara Wisps, Bond and Seal, Overnighter, Remover, the Applicator tool and more. For great looking lashes in an instant, Kiss Falscara is the lash system you're looking for! Hundreds of five star reviews can't be wrong, so be sure to try out Kiss Falscara sooner rather than later.

About Kiss Falscara

According to Kiss, their mission is:

“To encourage an unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and excellence; to offer consumers cosmetics with the highest quality, efficacy, and safety; and to continue to provide cutting edge innovations that make every day more beautiful for everyone.” KISS USA – Mission Statement

The Kiss brand has become a global leader with a professional finish and quality that stands out from the crowd. Their iconic brand name is sold in stores across the globe – currently in over one hundred countries.

Their slogan “Bring the Salon Home” has seen beauty enthusiasts across the globe create professional finishes at low costs, and their products have set the movement for DIY beauty and eyelash Wear.

Bring the salon home with Kiss Falscara

We have a lot to thank them for, mainly because the beauty industry has been highly influenced and shaped by Kiss and its products over the past two decades. But things have recently changed, and Kiss is certainly on top of their luscious lash game! Whilst you can still 'bring the salon home’ most falsie fanatics are searching for ‘the new way to lash’ – which is where Kiss Falscara comes in!

On top of legacy strip lash styles that are incredibly popular, the new Kiss Falscara range has become an instant cult classic. Achieving salon-style lash extensions from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. 

With thousands of units sold already, we know you'll love Falscara - perhaps the biggest innovation in the lash category in over a decade. American Beauty brand Kiss has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. For us, this is evident through the constant requests we receive to stock their products, especially Kiss lashes

At, we're dedicated to bringing our customers only the very best eyelash products on the market, and we currently stock the entire Kiss Falscara Eyelash range. Just have a browse over some of the many Falscara lashes we have on offer. No matter which Kiss falsies you fancy, we’ve got the perfect lash or accessory to suit you.

A Little Kiss-Tory Lesson!

Kiss was first founded in 1989 by John Y. Chang, Yong Chang, and Won Shik in Flushing, NY, and back then, the company was just a tiny start-up named Dae Do. If we fast forward to 2018, the company has rebranded to ‘Kiss’ and has moved to its new global headquarters in Port Washington, New York. 

It houses a gigantic business complex alongside its very own Research and Innovation Centre. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings and now caters for a growing global market of falsies fanatics and beauty fans.

Kiss has firmly and successfully placed its footprint in the cosmetics industry, and the brand is becoming a household name - if it isn’t already one! Kiss' fluttery lashes have graced the eyes of numerous celebrities on a plethora of catwalks, and their branding is recognised across several continents.

How Does Kiss Falscara Work?

Eyelashes, and applying them, can become notoriously tricky. It’s easy enough to make yourself look like a panda, and with a few too many swipes of mascara, your eyelashes might begin to look super-false. Which is never great, unless that’s the look you're going for. 

Whilst there are plenty of false eyelash extensions available in our online store, knowing how to take care of them, maintain them, and apply them correctly, is only ever going to save you some of your hard-earned cash. After all, nobody likes wasting money!

Luckily for you, the lash game just got a whole lot easier. Kiss has been working super hard behind the scenes, and just a few months after their popular magnetic eyeliner and lash release, comes the all new Kiss Falscara! 

The benefits of Kiss Falscara

Unlike any other method, Falscara comes with two sets of lashes (Wispy lashes), with each of these being divided into 5 sections. How it works, it that the Falscara lashes have been designed to be applied underneath your natural lashes (as opposed to over the top of them).

According to the False Eyelash Queens (aka Kiss), these fabulous falsies can last for up to a full day of use. To put things simply, Kiss Falscara is sort of a combination of falsies and lash extensions. They are long-lasting, natural looking, but not permanent! This is great as you don’t need to rely on a false eyelash technician to help you out!

Whilst this type of lash has been used before, it’s Kiss who has taken it to the main stage of the eyelash game. The chances are, that this is the first of many products that utilize this style of lash technology.

"I think the concept of putting lashes under [the natural lashes] looks way more natural than putting them on top. You can see easier under there than you can on top because nothing is inhibiting your view of your eyelashes." Katie Jane Holmes – World Renowned Make-up Artist

In general, using Kiss Falscara is an easier method, and due to the placement of the lashes, you’re going to benefit from clearer visibility (fewer lashes in your vision).

What’s Included, What’s The Trick and… How To Apply Falscara?

Whilst you can buy all of the components separately, we would recommend grabbing the Falscara Kit, this way you’ll receive absolutely everything you need to look fabulous:

  • Falscara Lashes
  • Tweezers
  • Dual-ended bond and seal (often sold separately)

For the actual lashes, you can choose to select from a few slightly different options depending on your chosen style. Just take a look at all the options below:

  • Lengthening
  • Volumizing
  • Lifting

A Step By Step Guide – How To Apply Kiss Falscara

In your Falscara Kit, you’ll receive instructions, and we promise you, it might sound like the process is too good to be true, but it isn’t. Kiss has designed their fabulous Falscara just for you, and so that lash fanatics can have a much easier life.

1. Apply The Bond

For this first step, you should always make sure that you have clean hands and a clean work environment. Now, you can take your Bond, and apply it to your bare, natural lashes (with the provided applicator).

2. Select Your Lashes

Now, you can pluck your chosen sections of Wispies from the trays, and you can do this with the provided tweezers found in your Falscara Kit.

3. Precision and Placement

Next, you can place the Falscara lashes underneath your natural lashes (just near the baseline). Be gentle, and be delicate, but it really is… pretty darn easy!

4. Seal Baby Seal!

The last step is to seal your Falscara lashes with the provided Kiss lash seal, and you’re ready to go. We would recommend letting your lashes settle for a few minutes before running out the door – but that’s a usual tip when it comes to falsies.

It’s As Easy As That!

So, there you have it! We know that there has been a fair share of false lash disasters over the years, but that’s set to change with this marvellous Falscara method.

Our Top Tips on Applying Falscara

1. Make-Up First

Regardless of whether you’re applying falsies or Falscara, it is always recommended to do all of your other makeup prior to lash application. Mainly because your makeup brushes can mess things up if they are poking around your fresh falsies/Falscara lashes.

A lot of lash fans instinctively reach for their mascara just after lash application. However, Kiss Falscara recommends not to use any. Because your lashes go directly onto your natural lash line (via the use of adhesive) your natural lashes will need to stay clean at all costs. The bond needed for these types of lashes needs a clean surface to stick properly.

Please note: Falscara bond is not the same as eyelash glue. Glue tends to be sticky and thick, whereas Kiss’s lash bond is more fluid-like with a black colour. For this reason, when you apply it to your lashes it’s similar to using mascara!

2. Placement

Getting Falscara lashes right might be tricky to start with, but once you have the knack, you’ll never forget. Positioning the lashes in the right place might just be the hardest part of applying Kiss Falscara.

We would recommend getting your Falscara Wispies as close to natural base of your own lashes (without touching it directly). To get a better view, you can lift your eyelid upwards slightly. Remember, just don’t be shy, get in there, you’ll have the hang of it in no time!

3. Rid The Residue

After you have applied all 5 lash sections to your eyes, you can use the sealant (included) to get rid of any leftover residue. Instead of using a brush, do your best to dab it on, as this will avoid lash displacement. This method will help you to get a full day’s usage out of your kiss Falscara lashes.

Our Top 3 Favourite Kiss Falscara Products

1. Kiss Falscara - Starter Kit (Lengthening) only £24.95

The Kiss Falscara Starter Kit (Lengthening) includes everything you need to get started! Falscara offers the speed of mascara with a true lash extension effect. If you can apply mascara then you can Falscara, that's for sure. No clumps, no smudges, no strips, and no damage to your natural lashes.

The starter kit contains:

  • One set of wisps (lashes)
  • One Falscara seal & bond
  • One Falscara applicator tool
  • Application instructions are printed on the rear of the packaging

2. Kiss Falscara - Volumizing Wisp only £8.95

Kiss Falscara Volumizing Wisp lashes offer the speed of mascara with a true lash extension effect! This style offers everything you need to add more texture and definition to any makeup look. It’s simple, just pop them under your natural lashes, and away you go!

This set contains one pair of Kiss Falscara Volumizing Wisps. To use these, you will need to purchase the following items sold separately:

  • Falscara Bond and Seal
  • Falscara Applicator
  • Falscara Remover

Please note: Falscara lashes will not work without the Bond and Seal, Applicator or Remover listed above.

3. Kiss Falscara - Lengthening Wisps Multipack only £9.95

Designed by Kiss with a unique microband, these lashes are applied underneath your natural lashes for an extra natural and seamless look. The tapered ends and long strands of hair help your eyes appear more awake.

This great value multipack contains 24 Kiss Falscara Lengthening Wisps (6x short, 12x medium, and 6x long wisps).

To use these, you will need to purchase the following items sold separately:

  • Falscara Bond and Seal
  • Falscara Applicator
  • Falscara Remover

Please note: Falscara lashes will not work without the Bond and Seal, Applicator or Remover listed above.

For more information about Kiss Falscara along with some handy application and removal tips, we recommend watching this video by Kiss.

Your Kiss Falscara Order

At, we are the go-to store for all of your Kiss Falscara needs. We’re certain that there’s nothing we’re missing, but if you want a product and you can’t find it here, please do get in touch with us.

We just love making falsie fanatics (like you) sing to their heart’s content. Everyone deserves to feel fabulous, especially YOU! Life is hard enough, so feeling your very best has got to be of the utmost importance. Whilst we know feeling good isn’t just about looking gorgeous, it certainly helps somewhat.

If you’re a regular lash wearer, we have a selection of impressive Falscara lashes and multipacks available to purchase as well - which each boast a style for every occasion, allowing you to buy your lashes in bulk and save money!

Every single Falscara product has been made to only the highest standard. Kiss and the Falscara Range are reliable and hard to beat thanks to their pocket-friendly prices.

Why buy Kiss Falscara from

At, we are the number 1 supplier for anything to do with false eyelashes in the UK and Europe. From Kiss false lashes, to Falscara to Bond and Seal, to our range of accessories, there’s no end to our truly extensive range.

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What is Kiss Falscara?

Kiss Falscara is a best selling brand of DIY false lashes that provides a salon-style lash look without the salon prices.

How long does Kiss Falscara last?

Kiss Falscara lashes will usually stay on for up to 10 days by applying the Kiss Falscara Overnighter. This will help to ensure the lashes stay in top condition for longer.

Can you wear mascara with Kiss Falscara lashes?

Kiss Falscara should be applied to clean lashes, as a coat of mascara may cause the fake lashes to clump together, making it more difficult to apply your lashes.

However, many make-up artists do recommend applying mascara after applying your lashes and letting the glue set. This will help the Kiss Falscara lashes blend more naturally with your own lashes.

Can you wear Kiss Falscara in the shower?

The simple answer is yes, you can wear Kiss Falscara lashes in the shower but the steam may loosen the adhesive, so if you want your lashes to stay on for longer, it is best to not wear them in the shower.