Invogue Nails

Browse, buy and love Invogue nails! Invogue false nails are high quality and easy to apply. They offer that perfectly manicured effect, without the need for an expensive visit to the local salon. If you're looking for false nails that will turn heads, then look no further - Invogue nails are the ones for you!

About Invogue Nails

If you are a lover of false nails and having nails that people are bound to complement, you are going to enjoy everything Invogue has to offer. At Invogue, you will find a whole host of high quality and long-lasting false nails. These can be applied with false nail glue or adhesive tabs, and they are designed to look natural, impressive and flawless. Though you might have gone to a professional nail artist or salon before, you don’t need to know that Invogue nails are an option. They are easy to apply, wear and remove. From the moment you select your chosen set and apply them yourself, you will see why so many people continue to choose Invogue nails.

What Makes Invogue False Nails Different?

You only have to briefly look at the contrast between natural nails and fake nails to realise how much of an influence false nails can make. False nails stand out, make a statement, and can be a powerful addition to any ensemble. However, there are several features that distinguish Invogue fake nails from other companies. Four essential reasons to wear Invogue artificial nails are stated below, emphasising why women pick the brand again and over again. If you haven’t used Invogue false nails before, the four points below are sure to sway you into giving them a go.

  • Invogue False Nails Are Long Lasting - There are several false nail brands to pick from, as well as an almost infinite number of sets. However, not all of them are of the same excellent quality as Invogue nails. Invogue nails are long-lasting and unlikely to fall off early if you prepare your nails properly, apply them appropriately and use a high-quality nail adhesive. This means you can get a set of Invogue false nails and be certain that they will keep your nails looking great for weeks.
  • They Are Very Easy to Put On - False nails are really quite simple to apply, and the majority of people can manage to do it themselves without too much bother. Though you must prepare your real nails ahead of time, applying Invogue nails is simple and quick. Your nails can be transformed into something beautiful in a couple of minutes. Plus, you don't need any special equipment or tools to apply Invogue nails. It's not necessary to visit a nail salon or worry about a time-consuming application process; all you have to do is apply false nail glue or adhesive tabs and exert pressure. Before you know it, you’ll have false nails covering your real nails. It's easy to see why so many people opt to DIY artificial nails when you consider how simple it is and how little time it takes.
  • They Are Very Easy to Take Off - When you are finished wearing your Invogue artificial nails, whether that’s because they have grown out or because you want to try a new design, you will need to take them off. Thankfully, it is just as simple as putting them on. You don't need any expert knowledge or experience to remove them, all you need is a general idea of what to do. Removing Invogue false nails will require you to remove any existing polish on the nails, bathe them in acetone, and push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher. Invogue nails can be removed swiftly and without causing serious damage to your natural nails, which will help when it comes to applying the next set.
  • There Are Various False Nail Sets to Choose From - While some false nail companies concentrate on natural and traditional patterns, Invogue goes well beyond what you might expect. This is a significant benefit to anyone who likes to regularly change the look of their nails, as you can utilise the Invogue range at any time. Regardless of your mood or the event that you’re attending, you shouldn’t struggle to find exactly what you are looking for at Invogue. It just takes a few minutes of perusing the Invogue collection to realise that there is something for everyone. There are colourful and bold designs, nail art designs, and designs with patterns. French manicure sets, natural-looking nails, and plain colours are also available. When we say that Invogue has a little bit of everything, we really do mean it.

How to Apply Invogue Nails in a Few Easy Steps

Many individuals are put off from wearing Invogue fake nails, simply because they believe that putting them on is a time consuming and difficult procedure. This is not the case with Invogue fake nails and the overall process is rather straightforward, which is why it’s the ‘go to’ brand for many people. There are several nail specialists out there who will almost certainly provide false nail services, but applying them is something you can definitely do yourself. There is no need to go to a nail salon, even though it saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, as it's absolutely something you can accomplish at home if you have the right information. Once you have read the easy steps detailed below, you will be able to apply Invogue false nails and you won't even require the assistance of a relative or friend.

You can apply Invogue nails at home within a couple of minutes of purchasing them, so there’s really no need to delay. There are no difficult parts or complex tasks, and you will not require any professional equipment or training. This is why artificial nails are so popular because you can do it all alone at home for a quarter of what a professional salon would charge. Instead of believing that a nail salon is your only choice, consider doing your own Invogue false nails. Though applying Invogue false nails becomes simpler with practice, you are unlikely to have any difficulties on your first attempt. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions below, and you’ll be rocking Invogue false nails in no time.

  1. Get Your Own Nails Ready For Application - Make sure that your natural nails are prepped and ready before adding false nails. It's critical not to neglect the preparation step, as this could affect how effectively the adhesive joins the false nails to your real nails. Remove any nail varnish that might be lurking on your nails and file your nails down to a short, rounded shape. Dirt, dust, debris, oil, and moisture should all be removed. The Invogue false nail will be a lot more secure if your nails are clean, and anything sitting on the nail’s surface could prevent the glue from working properly. It's also a good idea to soak your natural nails in warm water to soften the nail beds. After that, you should be able to press the cuticles back to give your nails a more precise border before applying the nail.
  2. Select Your Favourite Invogue False Nails Set - It only takes a few seconds to go through Invogue's impressive false artificial nail collection to discover how many options there are. Though this may leave you with a lot of options, it also means you will certainly be able to discover the perfect pair of false nails. You can select between a funky pattern or a solid colour, as well as a glittery finish or French tips. There is something for everyone at Invogue, so you won't be short of options when it comes to choosing your favourite nail set. After you have decided on a design, it's time to choose the right sizes. The majority of artificial nail sets include an array of variously sized nails, so compare them to your real nails to find which one fits best. You want the nail to sit comfortably on top of your natural nail, with no overhang and no visible nail below.
  3. Place The Invogue False Nails on Your Natural Nails - After you have chosen your favourite Invogue false nails, start applying them to your natural nails. Apply a little amount of fake nail adhesive on the Invogue artificial nail - a drop or two should suffice - and the same amount to your own natural nail. If you are using adhesive tabs, this is the time to add one to the nail. Place the freshly prepared nail on top of your existing nail and line everything up perfectly. As the false nail glue dries rapidly, get it in the ideal place as soon as possible. It's important not to use too much glue as it will cause the false nail to slide around more, which could potentially result in a wonky nail and adhesive that won't dry.
  4. Hold Down Your Invogue Nails for Around 30 Seconds - Lastly, you should press and keep the Invogue false nail in place for about 30 seconds after placing it on your real nail. This will allow the glue enough time to secure itself to the nail without it moving about, which might cause it to be placed in an off-centre or crooked position. Plus, it could shift or become completely unstuck if you don't keep the nail down for long enough. You could always apply Invogue artificial nails before going to bed, as this allows the adhesive to set correctly without the chance of you knocking it or moving it.

You should now be ready to apply Invogue nails with ease, and you have the above guidelines to refer back to. You don't need any special equipment or to be a nail specialist to achieve this. Though practice certainly does make perfect when it comes to false nails, anybody can apply Invogue nails from the comfort of their own home, even if they have never done it before. To apply artificial nails, you don't need to be a talented nail artist or a professional, and you don't even need to be a professional at painting your nails.

How Long Do Invogue Nails Last?

A lot of individuals fear wearing false nails because they believe that they are likely to come off in the next day or two. However, the majority of people will actually find this to be untrue. As long as you apply Invogue false nails correctly, there is no reason as to why they can’t last up to three or four weeks. It's tough to specify a specific time frame for false nails, but they shouldn't fall off after a day or two. If you use high-quality false nail glue and attach your Invogue nails properly, they can last up to one month. This makes them great for holidays or months filled with activities.

Of course, making sure your Invogue false nails last as long as possible does mean avoiding certain activities that might cause them to fall off sooner than expected. Things like hot water, hand moisturisers and frequent hand washing can release the glue. Catching a fake nail on something as you walk by - or doing something that may bend or 'pop' off - could result in you losing a nail sooner than you planned to. Applying Invogue nails correctly and being careful of what you do while wearing them are the key ways to make them last as long as possible. If you use sticky tabs to attach your Invogue nails, they will not last as long. False nails put on with adhesive tabs should last between 24 and 48 hours. Obviously, this is not as long as false nail glue, but it is an excellent option if you simply want to use Invogue nails for a particular occasion or weekend. You can easily apply them, flaunt them for a couple of nights, and then take them off.

How To Get Invogue Nails to Last Longer

After you have invested time and money into Invogue artificial nails, you should take the time to find out how to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Once you've figured out how to make your nails last, you will be able to truly get the most out of the false nail set. After all, this will ensure that you will have immaculate nails for as long as possible. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your Invogue artificial nails, all of which are pretty quick and simple.

  • Always Choose Invogue Nails - There are a lot of false nail options out there, with hundreds of brands and firms to choose from. Some of these companies are well known and dependable, while others are unknown or new to the market. It's essential to find a reputable brand like Invogue if you want your false nails to endure a long time. By selecting Invogue, you are selecting a well known and much-loved brand. The fact that so many individuals continue to pick their nail sets demonstrates that they are high quality and competent nail business. If you choose a lesser-known or budget brand, your false nails are unlikely to stay as long as you want them to.
  • Prepare Your Natural Nails Before Applying Invogue Nails - There is no disputing that putting on Invogue nails is simple and quick, but you need to take the time to carefully prep your natural nails beforehand. Many individuals skip this step to save time, even though it's one of the leading reasons for artificial nails coming off too soon. But, skipping this step won’t do anything to help your nails stay longer. Cleaning any debris or dust from your natural nails, removing any previous nail varnish, and filing them down are all key steps in the preparation process. If you want the glue to properly attach the two nails together, you'll need a completely flat and clean surface.
  • Buy a Professional Quality Nail Glue - You can use nail glue or sticky tabs to attach Invogue nails and while both work well, false nail glue will help your Invogue nails stay on for longer. However, this does not mean that you should buy the first nail adhesive you see. Despite the fact that there are several different types of nail adhesives out there, some work better than others. This is why buying glue that has been suggested by others is a smart option. After all, if it works for them, the chances are that it will work for you as well. It's also a great idea to open a new tube of nail glue before starting a new set, as an open bottle may have lost some adhesion and dried out slightly over time.
  • Take Care Using False Nail Glue - Many people naively believe they know how to apply nail glue despite never having done so. Though applying false nail glue isn't difficult, mastering it can make your Invogue nails stay on for longer. Many individuals make the mistake of applying too much glue, believing that more glue equals a stronger grip. That is not the case though, and it could have the opposite effect. One or two drops of adhesive on the artificial nail, plus one or two drips on your natural nail, should be more than enough to guarantee a stronghold. This should be plenty to secure the two nails.
  • Apply Invogue False Nails Before You Go To Bed - There is nothing stopping you from doing your Invogue nails in the middle of the day, although doing it before bed may help them last longer and it’s something a lot of people recommend. This is because the glue will have enough time to set without you having to use your hands or do anything else that could cause the nail to fall off. Allow enough time for the nail glue to properly adhere your natural and artificial nails together, which is easiest to do when you are asleep.

How to Take Off False Nails

Though you are sure to like wearing your Invogue artificial nails, you may have to take them off at some point. This might be when they begin to grow out, when they begin to appear worn, or when you want to try a different nail design. You might also need to take them off for work or a specific activity. Knowing how to correctly remove artificial nails is essential since one of the primary reasons to wear them is the ability to swap and replace them quickly. The moment you want to take them off, you can without an expert’s help. Fortunately, the removal procedure is simple and quick. You will have your Invogue false nails off before you know it.

You don't need to travel to a nail salon or spend money on overpriced equipment to remove your Invogue nails, nor will you need the help of a professional. Pure acetone, a nail buffer, a cuticle pusher and something to trim the nails with is all you will need. You don't need to be a nail specialist or even have any prior expertise with artificial nails to do this task, and even a novice should find the following steps easy enough to follow. You can easily remove your Invogue artificial nails by following the guidelines provided below.

  • Cut Down Invogue False Nails - When it comes to removing Invogue false nails, the first step is to trim them down as much as you can. You can accomplish this with a nail file or a nail clipper, but many people prefer to use nail scissors for speed. Cut them down as small as possible, so that they are the same length as your natural nails. This will provide you with the least amount of fake nails to remove.
  • Roughen Up the Top Layer of Your False Nails - After that, you will need to use a nail buffer to remove the shine off the top layer of your Invogue artificial nails, roughening up the surface in the process. This is an important step in the artificial nail removal procedure that should not be overlooked, and you might struggle to get them off if you skip it. The acetone has a higher possibility of lifting the false nails if the top layer is removed and the surface is uneven. If the shine is left on, it will act as a barrier to the acetone, making the removal procedure take longer unnecessarily.
  • Soak Your Invogue False Nails in Pure Acetone - To remove the Invogue false nail from your real nail, soak it for five to ten minutes in pure acetone. This is another straightforward step, and all you need to do is to pour pure acetone into an appropriate dish. The Invogue fake nails should eventually soften and pull away from your natural nails. Pure acetone is readily available and may be found in most health and beauty stores.
  • Remove the Invogude False Nails From Your Own Nails - You should be able to take off the false nails from your real nails as the acetone weakens the acrylic, though you might find the previous step needs to be repeated once or twice. This may be accomplished by using a cuticle pusher to encourage the acrylic to peel away from your own nails. If the artificial nails are stubborn to remove, immerse them in acetone for another five minutes. Almost all of the Invogue false nails should eventually come away from your nail without too much effort and without damaging your natural nail underneath.
  • Remove Any Bits of False Nail That Are Left - There might be a few fragments of false nail attached to your real nail, even after numerous rounds of acetone soaking. If this is the case, use a nail buffer to buff everything away. This takes a minute or two and ensures a nice, flat surface on your natural nails. Your nails will be ready for anything you plan to do when you finish this stage, even if that’s putting another set of Invogue false nails on. You could also paint them or keep things natural for a change.

You should be able to remove your Invogue artificial nails fast and effortlessly, as long as you follow the instructions above. Although electrical buffers and nail tools can help to speed up the process, they are by no means required. Most people manage to remove Invogue false nails with any professional, specialist or expensive equipment.

The Benefits of Wearing Invogue False Nails

Many people believe that the main advantages of wearing false nails are purely cosmetic, and that false nails are just a method of having impressive nails without having to study nail art. Though this is undoubtedly one of the most compelling reasons for wearing fake nails, there are several more benefits. Below, we have listed some of the top advantages you can expect from wearing Invogue false nails.

  • Invogue False Nails Can Hide a Damaged or Broken Nail - If you have a habit of damaging or breaking your nails, you might want to try wearing Invogue false nails to disguise the problem. You can use false nails to hide a chipped nail or a completely broken nail, or any nails that’s looking a little bit worse for wear. A broken nail takes time to grow out and become unnoticeable, and not everyone has time for that. Luckily, wearing fake nails hides the problem immediately. Furthermore, this allows the nail to heal without the problem worsening.
  • Wearing Invogue False Nails is Easier Than Growing Your Own Nails - Everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain long nails, especially ones that are strong enough to resist daily living. Most of the time, one will break and the other will split. You might even find yourself with some nails that are longer than others. You won't have to worry about your nails growing out when you wear Invogue nails, as you will instantly have nails that are the ideal length for you. Instead of waiting weeks for your nails to grow, you can apply Invogue false nails in minutes and have the illusion of long nails without the hard work.
  • Invogue False Nails Are Stronger Than Real Nails - Many people suffer from weak nails, which frequently bend and break, even if you’re not exerting too much energy. Even people with strong nails are sure to notice them breaking on occasion. This can be really aggravating, particularly if you want to be known for your gorgeous nails. Thanks to Invogue false nails, you can flaunt strong and stunning nails without putting in the effort.
  • Wearing Invogue False Nails Can Stop You Chewing Your Nails - Some people have a tendency of chewing, nibbling and biting their nails. It's one of the most difficult habits to overcome, as you need to stop completely in order to make a difference. This is tough, especially when your nails are there all day every day enticing you to bite them. Chewing your nails becomes nearly impossible after applying Invogue false nails, which can help to break the habit. Plus, it gives your nails a chance to grow back without the risk of you biting them down.

As you will see when you wear your first set, there are several benefits to choosing Invogue nails. Despite the fact that there are many brands and nail firms in the industry, Invogue is the ‘go to’ brand for a lot of people. This is due to Invogue's high quality, long-lasting, and fashionable nails. Whether you prefer something natural and basic or something bright and bold, the Invogue false nail collection is sure to have something that ticks every box.