Nail Glue

Looking for nail glue that will keep your false nails in place, and keep them from pinging off at the worst possible moment? Well, you've come to the right place. We stock a great range of high quality nail glue by Ardell, Invogue, Kiss and more. Whether it's quick drying nail glue you need, brush-on nail glue, or something else, we've got all bases covered. Don't forget to check out our huge range of false nails and nail accessories here on our website.

About Nail Glue

Whether you have false nails or beautifully manicured natural nails, you need to have nail glue in your beauty bag! That’s right, nail glue is not only utilised for applying false nails, nail adhesive can also fix broken nails and other damage that frequently occurs with real nails.

Our Favourite Brands

If you want to have long-lasting nails, it is important that you use good nail glue. There are a number of nail brands which manufacture nail glue products. Below, we have shortlisted our favourite and most trustworthy brands.


The brand Kiss Nails has the tagline, “Bring The Salon Home”! And this is what this brand is all about. Professional false nail kits, which are always on trend and create professional looking manicures.


This is a brand with a finger firmly pressed on the pulse of changing artificial nails trends. The brand is UK based and only manufactures high quality but affordable products.


As a brand, Ardell is a well established supplier of false eyelashes. Many people agree Ardell is one of the lash and nail brands, so you can trust their nail adhesive to be the best nail glue around. Celebrities and high profile influencers have been loving this brand for some time, and their nail products are equally winning.

Elegant Touch

Possibly one of the most recognisable brands manufacturing nail products. With over 40 years in business, Elegant Touch know how important your nail game is and supply premium products to ensure your satisfaction.

Nail Glue or Adhesive Tabs?

This is a good and frequently asked question. Fake nail kits usually come with either adhesive tabs to secure your nails in place or a nail glue product. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. To decide which will work best for you, you need to consider how long-lasting you need the nails to be and what you will be doing whilst wearing them. So let’s get into the detail…

Nails With Adhesive Tabs

Here is the good news. Nails with adhesive tabs will cause no problem for your natural nail beds! You can take them on and off as you wish. They are basically a reusable product. Nails with adhesive tabs are a product ideal for younger people, who don’t want to overly commit to a particular trend. On the downside, these type of nails can look obviously false and potentially fall off very easily.

Nail Glue

Nail Glue is something of a catch-all term. There are many different types of nail glue available, manufactured with different ingredients. The major advantage of modern nail glue is the stability it brings to the nail.

You don’t need to worry about nails just pinging off, and some false nails and nail tips can be worn effectively for up to 10 days. Disadvantages may include irritation to your natural nail, but some products contain ingredients actively designed to nourish and care for your own nails.

Nail Glue - Top Tips

For longer lasting fake nails, you need to ensure the nails are held securely in place.

  1. Apply a dot of your chosen nail glue to your natural finger nail.
  2. Repeat this with the false nail.
  3. Press the false nail firmly into the nail bed and hold for at least 30 seconds. This allows the nail to bond, ensuring a long-lasting look.
  4. For the next two hours, you should ensure that your hands are not in water for a long period of time.

Product Focus: Our Top Nail Glue Products

Most nail kits come with nail glue, however if you are purchasing an individual bottle of nail glue, ensure you opt for a quality product. See below.

Elegant Touch Nail Saviour Protective Glue Barrier

Are you happy with your natural nails, but would like to try something a little different for a special occasion? Opting to apply fake nails can cause people to worry about the effect the process may have on their own nails. This product from Elegant Touch eliminates that worry. The liquid creates a protective glue barrier which not only preserves your nails, but actively nourishes with calcium, collagen, and vitamin B.

Kiss False Nails Powerflex Nail Glue - Pink Nail Glue

Why have a normal nail glue when you can have a pink one? This product is manufactured by Kiss, who are well known for quality. This nail glue is a standalone product which will work with a wide range of false nails. The gentle pink tint may also be advantageous if you are intending to apply decals to your nails.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Professional Brush On Nail Glue

This is a two in one product, working effectively for both securing false nails and repairing your own nails. This bottle of nail glue is supplied with a brush, making applying the adhesive easier and more precise. Ardell is a well respected brand, and you can wear your false nails with confidence, they won’t fall off!!!

Kiss False Nails Powerflex Nail Glue - Max Speed

One of the major benefits of wearing fake nails is the speed in which you can complete your new-look manicure. So get ready to go even faster with a nail glue which is designed to dry in just 3 seconds. This product can be used on both false and natural nails.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Professional Nail Glue

Do you bite your nails? Are your natural nails particularly uneven? This professional grade nail glue from Ardell makes easy work of applying false acrylic nails, whatever the condition of your own nails. Enjoy a sturdy hold and wear your false nails for longer.

What Nail Glue Should I Use?

Choosing a good quality of nail glue you choose will help to achieve a more professional look and longer lasting results. If you are in a hurry, the Kiss Max Speed nail glue is perfect but if you have a bit longer for your nails to dry, the Ardell range is great too. 

How Do You Keep Fake Nails From Falling Off?

Using the best nail glue will help to stop fake nails from falls off. It also helps to properly prep your nails and adding a top coat of nail polish will help prevent the colour being chipped.

Is It OK To Put Nail Glue On Your Nails?

Yes, nail glue has been specifically designed to use on your nails, so you can be confident that it will not damage your natural nails and can be used for repairs as well as adhering fake nails.

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