Oval False Nails

Oval false nails are chic and stylish. If you're looking for a great deal on oval nails that offer that salon style finish (without an expensive trip to the salon!) then you're definitely in the right place. We stock oval false nails by all the big brands, including Ardell, Elegant Touch, Kiss, SOSU, W7 and more.

About Oval False Nails

Do oval nails seem a little yesteryear? It is true that oval nails enjoyed a heyday back in the 1920s, just as nail polishes were coming into the mainstream market. And for those who love to add a little vintage styling to their look, oval nails will certainly do the job.

As we move through the ages, fashion trends change and our manicure choices shape-shift. In the 30s, nails became a little more pointed, whilst the 1950s fused square and oval nail shapes to create the squoval, still a much coveted style.

The 80s saw the invention of acrylics, allowing for longer and stronger nails which boasted bold coloured polish ready to demand attention.

What is the winning nail game for 2023?

If we head over to social media, coffin length nails or the stiletto are possibly dominating the feeds. Yet that does not mean that other styles and shapes are outdated. In 2023, we have a licence for self-expression, individualism is trending. You don’t need to subscribe to the latest online manicure manias, you can create your own craze. So are oval nails fashionable for 2023? They are if you want them to be.

What shape of hands best suit oval nails?

Just like our personalities, we all have different shaped hands and fingers. This is something we should consider when deciding if oval nails will flatter. Which of the following hand types describe you best?

  • A. Long Palm, Short Fingers
  • B. Wide Palm, Short Fingers
  • C. Wide Palm, Long Fingers
  • D. Long Palm, Long Fingers

Those who best identify with the descriptions of A and B, are most suited to oval nails.

How do I achieve oval nails at home?

It is important to remember that oval nails are intended to soften your appearance. If you become a little overzealous with filing, you might end up with a more almond type shape, so go slowly. Using a nail file, make rounded motions in a diagonal movement on each side of the nail. Remember, it is important to ensure the tip is longer than the sides of the nail.

You can choose between long oval false nails and short oval false nails, as the shape looks great on any length of nails.

How can I style my new oval nails?

Have you decided that oval nails are definitely something you want to try? Then check out our inspiration for colour and design below.

Stay Classy

Are you an old-fashioned girl at heart? Oval nails with a classic red shade of polish offers a timeless elegance. It is a look which never dates, gives an air of sophistication and works for a wide range of social and professional settings. If you must rework this classic, freshen the style with white tips.

Monochrome Manicure

If you love oval nails but worry about looking outdated, your solution is black and white. Update the nail shape with black and white freestyle swirls or waves. These patterns have been all over the gram, so your look will blend the best of the past and present.


Does pastel paired with oval-shaped nails seem a little pedestrian to you? If you have not yet seen pastel nails twisting the French manicure into all kinds of shapes, where have you been? This pastel manicure trend is a little different. It basically celebrates negative space. Matte pastel colour covers nearly all of the nail, leaving the space just above the cuticle in a natural colour. A guaranteed head turner.

Metallic or Chrome Nails

Polishes with a metallic or chrome finish are very 2022 and will quickly update oval-shaped nails. You can play it safe with one colour. For maximum attention grab, opt for different shades of polish on each nail. A fun style to wear at parties.

Line Art

Are you feeling artistic? How is your line art? If you don’t know what line art is, where have you been? Line Art has been popping up everywhere. It is a growing tattoo trend, a graphic styling on clothes and can even work with oval shape nails. Line art involves very fine straight lines or curves to make an image. Google it, do it!

Of course, you can spend time giving yourself a meticulous oval nails manicure with plenty of filing, shaping and polishing. Or you can cut corners in a different way… with ready to wear artificial oval nails.

Product Focus

Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails Oval Medium Length - Tip Top

The pastel tipped French manicure has been a really popular look since 2020, working particularly well with oval-shaped nails. However, if you want your pastels to really pop, you need to ensure the colour does not bleed into the nail, which can be difficult to achieve with a home manicure. So why fuss? Pop on these artificial oval nails, and you are good to go.

Elegant Touch Luxe False Nails Oval Medium Length - Hot Tip

Similar to our manicure suggestion above (Stay Classy) these nail tips are finished with a classic red polish, mashing up the French manicure. Fun, perhaps even flirty! A very wearable style.

Invogue False Nails Oval Medium Length - Electric Blue

If you love the way oval nails elongate your hands, but still feel they need a little powering up - this is your product. All the elegance of the oval nail paired with electric blue polish! There is nothing outdated, shy or retiring about these nails, so go get noticed.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Coloured False Nails - Cherry Red

What a classy product? An oval-shaped nail finished with cherry red polish. The perfect partner to a little black dress, this is the choice of glamorous film stars or maybe even a femme fatale.

These nails would also work for those loving vintage 1950s styles. The product comes with assorted sizes, so you can ensure your finished look is natural.

For the best short oval false nails, take a look through our full collection of oval shaped false nails.

What's the difference between oval and almond nails?

Although the oval and almond nail shape is similar, but oval nails have a softer, blunter tip.

What is oval nail shape?

The oval nail shape is a rounded shape that has a little more length than classic round nails. They tend to look better on medium to longer nails, and they elongate the nails.

Can you get oval acrylic nails?

Yes, you can choose from a huge range of oval acrylic nails to find the exact style of oval false nails you are looking for.

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