3D Lashes

3D lashes are great for making your eyes 'pop'! If you want all eyes to be on you, then you need a pair of 3D lashes. We stock a huge selection of 3D lashes, from legacy brands such as Ardell and Eylure - through to smaller, indy brands like Unicorn Cosmetics. One thing's for sure, if you're looking for high quality 3D lashes, you'll find the style you need right here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk!

About 3D Lashes

3D lashes, also known as 3D eyelashes, are designed to give your eyes a full and voluminous look that can last for weeks.

They are made from synthetic fibres and blend seamlessly with existing lashes to provide you with the dramatic eye look you desire without needing makeup. Unlike strip lashes, they don’t require any adhesive or glue on a strip to stay in place - instead, they individually adhere to your natural lash line.

Anyone who has some skill can apply 3d lashes. After carefully cleaning your face and eyes, the lashes are applied to each individual lash line with a unique adhesive. They can be cut to fit the natural shape of your eye, giving you maximum control over the look you want.

3D lashes are famous for their durability and long-lasting wear time. With proper care and maintenance, 3D false eyelashes can last up to 8 weeks. You can also choose from various 3D eyelashes lengths and styles - some have a natural look, while others provide more drama. Additionally, they work great on all eye shapes, as each set is customised based on what suits them best.

Whether you’re looking for something dramatic or subtle, 3d lashes offer an effortless way to get longer eyelashes.

How To Apply 3d False Eyelashes?

Applying 3d false eyelashes is relatively easy once you get familiar with the process. Start by measuring the lashes against your eye and trim them to fit if necessary. Next, use a tweezer or applicator to pick up the lash from its stem and apply it directly onto your lash line.

Make sure to place each one as close to the natural lash line as possible for the best results. Once you’ve applied them, use an eyelash curler to ensure your 3D lash extensions blend into your natural lashes perfectly.

How Long Does It Take To Apply 3D Lashes?

Typically, for someone who is not a qualified lash technician, it will take up to 2 hours to apply 3D lashes. Most people find that once they have followed the process of applying 3D lashes a few times, they get much faster with each application and can apply a full set of 3D eyelashes in less than 90 minutes.

How To Look After 3d Lash Extensions?

You must take care of your 3d lashes properly to keep them looking their best! Avoid oil-based products near your eyes when wearing 3d lashes, as they can weaken the adhesive and cause them to fall out prematurely. Additionally, avoid rubbing your eyes and over-applying mascara.

When it’s time to remove the 3d lashes, use an oil-free makeup remover that is safe for eyelash extensions, gently loosen each lash from the root with a cotton bud or tweezer before slowly peeling them off your eye; this will prevent any damage to natural eyelashes and keep you looking beautiful.

Why Choose 3D False Eyelashes Over Other Lashes?

3D false eyelashes are perfect for those who want a complete, voluminous look without applying excessive makeup daily. They offer long-lasting wear time, can be tailored to fit all eye shapes, and require minimal upkeep. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or dramatic, 3d lashes are a great way to get the perfect look without much effort.

So, if you’re looking for an easy and hassle-free way to upgrade your beauty routine, choosing 3d false eyelashes is definitely worth considering.

What Eye Shape Suits 3d Lashes?

Anyone who has only a few natural eyelashes will benefit from 3d lashes. 3d lashes are designed to blend seamlessly into your natural lashes with minimal maintenance and maximum effect. This makes them an excellent option for those who may have lost their eyelashes due to illness or are not blessed with good natural eyelashes in the first instance.

The excellent news is 3d false eyelashes can be tailored to fit any eye shape. Depending on your style of the lash, they can accentuate different features of your eyes - from almond-shaped eyes to deep-set ones. It all comes down to how close you place each individual lash extension and ensuring that it blends with the natural lash line.

How Long Will My 3d Lash Extensions Last?

When cared for properly, 3d lash extensions can last up to 8 weeks (you might need some infills after two weeks). The extended life is because the glue used to attach them to your natural lashes is robust and meant for long-term wear.

For best results, avoid oil-based products near your eyes and use an oil-free makeup remover when taking them off. With these easy steps, you’ll have a gorgeous eye look that lasts.

The bottom line is this: 3d false eyelashes are a great way to get longer, thicker and fuller lashes without having to apply daily makeup. They offer long-lasting wear time, require minimal upkeep, and can be customised based on your eye shape.

So, if you’re looking for an easy, almost effortless way to upgrade your beauty routine, 3d false eyelashes are definitely worth considering.

Here are our favourite 3d lashes:

Lashes in Dose A stunning half-lash design with broad V-shaped clusters is available with 3D faux mink half lashes in the style Soulmate. These V-shaped clusters of various lengths have been piled together to achieve lovely, fluffy volume.

Wispy Hooded Unicorn Lashes provide a natural lash extension effect that is ideal for hooded eyes. The delicate, wispy lash flares used to create the Wispy Hooded lashes by Unicorn Cosmetics are available in various lengths. These little, even flares along the lash band give the eyes a lovely doll impression that draws attention to them.

Once applied, SWEED Lashes in style Ash 3D have a finished and fluttery lash appearance. To achieve the highest root volume, these lashes were handcrafted, utilising fine lash strands built in clusters. Together with tapered, longer-length lash strands, that volume creates ultra-wispy tips with added depth; you will agree these 3d lashes are stunning.


3D false eyelashes are perfect for anyone who wants a full, voluminous look without applying lots of makeup daily. They can be customised based on your eye shape and offer long-lasting wear time with minimal upkeep. If you want an easy way to upgrade your beauty routine, 3d false eyelashes are definitely worth considering.