What are the various eye shapes, and why are they significant?

I know it sounds obvious, but once you know your eye shape, you can choose and apply false eyelashes that will flatter your face. It's all about working with what you've got!

We have a wide range of falsies to suit all shapes and sizes - from upturned to monolid eyes, close-set eyes to wide-set eyes. So whatever your eye shape, we've got you covered.

Let's start with some practical stuff - how can you determine your eye shape? The easiest way is to look in the mirror and use a pencil or makeup brush to trace the outline of your eye. Once you've done that, look at the shape you've created.

Eye Shapes and Lash Styles

Lash Styles

Here are some of the most common eye shapes and what kinds of lashes we recommend:

Fake Lashes for close-set eyes

Your inner tear ducts will be close together if you have close-set eyes. When you wear false lashes, you must be careful that they don't touch or overlap. If they do, it can make your eyes look even closer together.

Your eyes are considered close-set if they are closer together than one eye length, which is the typical distance between the ends of one eye and the beginnings of the next, meaning the gap or bridge between the eyes is short.

The false eyelash trick with close-set eyes is to make your eyes appear more prominent and bolder than they are—changing the emphasis so that they appear farther apart.

It is better to use fake lashes that are long in the centre and lengthened towards the end of the outer lash line. Our favourite for close-set eyes is Cherry Red au Naturel Multipack. Stunning lashes in a multipack - what’s not to love?

Lash styles for wide-set eyes

Your inner tear ducts will be far apart if you have wide-set eyes. Tear ducts that are set further apart on your face mean you have more space to play with when it comes to false eyelashes.

You can go for a bolder, longer style without fear of them touching or overlapping. If you have wide-set eyes, you need a multipack from Kiss Couture (faux mink collection) Jubilee. These knock-out lashes are perfect for wide-set eyes.

False lashes recommended for upturned eyes

Upturned eyes are slightly tilted at the outer corners, so your lash line will be short on the inner corner and longer at the outer edge.

This shape is excellent for cat eye styles - just ensure the lashes are long enough to extend past the outer corner of your eye.

Fake lash styles for downturned eyes

Downturned eyes are the opposite of upturned eyes - your lash line will be longer at the inner corner and shorter at the outer corner.

Because of this, you want to avoid short lashes that will make your eyes look droopier. Instead, go for something long and voluminous to give the illusion of lifted lashes.

We are entirely in love with the Ardell Wispies (4-pair multipack) or Kiss Magnetic (eyeliner and lash charm kit).

Lashes for hooded eye shapes

If you have a hooded eye shape, you'll know that it can be tricky to apply false eyelashes. That's because your eyelids may not be visible when your eyes are open, making it difficult to see where to place the lashes.

It's better to choose a style with a wispy, more natural-looking lash. Natural false lashes help open your eyes without looking too over the top, and these Ardell Naked 423 Lashes are perfect for hooded eyes. The multipack means you have a spare if you don’t get the fit right the first time.

Lashes for monolid eyes

If you have monolid eyes, you don't have a defined crease on your eyelid. Monolid eye shape can make it difficult to apply false lashes, as they may not sit flush against your skin.

The trick is accentuating the eye using longer lashes on the outer corner, making the eyes look bigger than they are. Try starting slowly with a shorter style until you get a feel for what suits you.

Monolid eyes need a Pinky Goat, and yep, you heard right, it’s not a cocktail but a stunning fake lash for a monolid eye shape - Pinky Goat Faux Mink Reem Lashes.

False lashes for small eyes

If you have small eyes, you should choose false lashes that are proportional to your eye size.

Avoid anything too long or thick; go for something shorter and more natural-looking. These will accentuate your eyes without making them look too small, changing the overall appearance.

Those with petit eyes can wear the same lashes as everyone else. The issue is that lashes might start to look ridiculous if they are overly cropped to fit. The answer is to purchase lashes created for small eyes.

Here’s our choice for small eyes - five pairs of Ardell Wispies 113 Multipack and the extra sleek and sexy Ardell Double-Up.

Lashes for large eyes

If you have large eyes, you're lucky; you can pretty much pull off any style of fake eyelash. Just make sure the lash band is comfortable and not too tight. You can also trim the lash to fit your eye if necessary.

Large eye styles we love are the sell-out House of Lashes' Iconic and Lilly Lash 3D (faux Mink). Beautiful styles to make the most of your assets.

False lash styles for almond shape eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the ideal shape, as they're symmetrical and evenly balanced. An almond shape eye is easy to work with when it comes to false eyelashes - you can pretty much rock any style, and you should.

We’re going with the Kiss Falscara Lengthening Starter Kit. Need more tips? Click the link for in-depth lash info.

Lash styles for protruding eyes

Eyes and eyelids that extend outward from the eye socket are referred to as protruding eyes. Protruding eyes can look outstanding with false eyelashes well-placed lashes can balance the overall appearance and turn a protruding eye into a large, wide eye.

Applying false lashes to this eye shape can be challenging as the lashes may not sit flush against the skin. The most effective way to solve this issue is by using shorter lashes on the outer corners of your eyes.

Choosing the right lash style will help give the illusion of a more lifted look. Choose from a couple of great styles, Ardell Naturals 110, excellent quality, handmade lashes that can change your eye shape.

Lash styles for deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes are when your eyelids are set deep into your eye sockets. Small or deep-set eyelids can make your eyes appear smaller than they are.

To counteract this, you want to choose false lashes that are long and voluminous. Longer lashes will help open up your eyes and give the illusion of a broader, more prominent eye and, in turn, will change the look of the eye shape.

Doll Beauty make some glorious lashes perfect for deep-set eyes. Chloe Elizabeth, a popular design, is ideal for creating a glamorous, eye-catching lash appearance.

If you want something full-on but less showy than Doll Beauty, you can’t go far wrong with Boudoir By Kiss Lash Couture Twinpack.

False lash styles for round eyes

Round eyes are just as they sound - your irises are circular, and the whites of your eyes are more visible. To make round eyes appear more almond-shaped, you want to choose false lashes that are longer on the outer corners.

Length at the outside corner will help give the illusion of a more lifted eye. Get the look with a lengthening starter kit from Kiss Falscara or fancy-named Kiss My Lash But Better (Blessed), and I think we might be blessed with these fake lashes.

Can I change my eye shape?


All the advice in the world about lash styles will only be a guide, and no one can 100% accurately tell you what the best type of false eyelash is for your eye shape. The only way to be sure is by trial and error.

Be a shapeshifter with Kiss Falscara Lengthening (wisps multipack) individual lashes to help you change the shape of your eyes.

Or Salon System 109 Naturalash (textured multipack), get five pairs to play with, mix and match up your style, and change your eye shape to suit your mood and remember, more is always more, and less is not enough.