Professional Lash Glue

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About Professional Lash Glue

False lashes aren’t complete without the perfect lash glue. Beauty professionals use professional lash glue to keep false eyelashes securely in place all day, so if you want gorgeous, long-lasting results, having the right product is vital.

After applying a new set of falsies, you will look at your reflection in awe, but they won’t stay put without the best professional lash glue. Various options are available, but not all provide safe and reliable benefits. So, what do professionals use?

What Lash Glue Do Professionals Use?

Professional lash glue is typically latex-based and designed to hold fast for extended periods of time. Unlike supermarket or chemist varieties, professional sealants have an even adhesive coverage and can take varying heat and moisture levels. You should always opt for a professional-grade brand as you can be sure it has been appropriately tested and will stick securely.

How To Use Professional Lash Glue

The key to successful application with professional lash glue is practice. Start lightly dusting away any powder you might find on your false lashes with a clean wand or cotton bud. With steady hands and an environment free from air movement (such as fans or air conditioning), apply a thin layer of professional eyelash extension glue along the edges, the band only, ensuring that your or your client’s natural lashes remain well away from the product.

Let the professional lash glue sit on the band for around 20 seconds before positioning it on your lids – ensure they fit perfectly with your eye shape. Deposit the lash gently above your natural line of lashes and allow them to cool completely before opening your eyes.

Can You Use Professional Eyelash Glue On Yourself?

Although professional products are easy to apply when you are a professional, never attempt to apply false eyelashes using a professional substance on your eyes if you aren’t trained. We always recommend seeing trained lash specialists who can expertly tailor applications for every eye shape and brow arch; you won’t be disappointed with their results.

Additionally, we suggest doing a patch test before use each time – this way, you can avoid irritation or discomfort from allergies which some glues or chemicals may cause. All in all, it’s best not to take any chances when it comes to something so delicate as our eyes.