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About Kiss Nails

We're pleased to tell you that as well as stocking a huge range of Kiss lashes, we now stock a big selection of Kiss nails too! If you know anything about the beauty industry, you will know that Kiss nails are big business and super popular with nail fans around the world! 

This is because women, and occasionally men, understand just how much of a difference it makes to have perfect nails. Not only do they spruce up your hands, but they can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. As growing and painting your own nails can be time-consuming - plus, there is no guarantee that the finished results would last more than a day or two - a lot of people opt for false nails instead. 

This comes at a hefty cost when you head to your local nail salon, but there are tonnes of DIY options available. For many, the obvious choice is to wear acrylic nails because it's cost and time effective.

Why Are Kiss Nails So Popular?

You only have to do a quick search online to see that Kiss is the preferred nail brand for many people, and there are a lot of reasons for this. They offer an extensive range of false nails - and a multitude of collections for you to consider. Their range contains everything from natural designs and French finishes, to 3D accents and glitter tips. 

There are also a number of different nail lengths and sizes. Finding the perfect fit for your natural nails shouldn't be too difficult at all. You can even choose to secure your false nails using nail glue, or innovative adhesive press-on tabs, depending on your personal preference.

There really is something for everyone and every type of nail lover when you choose Kiss as your false nail brand of choice.

Why Do We Love Kiss Acrylic Nails?

There are many acrylic nail brands out there, some of which are better known than others. This is ideal for anyone who likes to mix things up and experiment with different brands, designs, styles and shapes; you are unlikely to ever run out of false nail options. 

One brand that regularly comes out top is Kiss. Along with a handful of other brands, Kiss is one of the ‘go to’ false nail companies for women around the world. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which we have listed below.

People Review and Recommend Kiss  

There is no denying the importance of product reviews and recommendations, especially when it comes to beauty products and the nail industry. As there are so many brands out there to choose from, we tend to choose those that are highly regarded by other users and fans. 

Largely, it’s Kiss nails and products, including false lashes that are recommended over many of the brands available. People choose Kiss acrylic nails because they know they are going to receive a high-quality product. Plus, it’s always enjoyable to use the ‘in’ brand 

Lots of Designs and Styles Available 

You only have to spend a minute or two browsing the collection to see how many designs, styles and colours are available. This means someone can choose Kiss as their ‘go to’ brand, knowing that there will always be something that suits the occasion or event they are going to. 

You can choose from subtle and simple nails - to those with the ‘wow’ factor - without having to change brands. Kiss is an excellent choice if you want to stay true and loyal to one nail brand, especially given they also offer a huge range of tools and accessories too. 

Kiss Acrylic Nails Are Easy to Apply and Remove 

One of the main reasons people choose acrylic nails, is that they are easy to put on and take off. This is key for false nails, as they are only designed to be worn for a short amount of time. You can also buy these products, knowing that you will be able to apply them yourself without any special equipment or training. 

Similarly, you can buy them knowing that taking them off is quick and easy. You don’t need any special tools - other than a buffer and acetone, both of which most beauty fans tend to have around the house - and the process doesn’t take too long at all. If you remove them correctly, these nails can be taken off without causing damage to your natural nail underneath.

Kiss Nails is a ‘One Stop Shop 

A lot of people who like to wear false nails also like to indulge in a variety of nail products, which is exactly what Kiss offers. You will find nail art trends, false nail glue, nail remover, nail kits and more as part of the Kiss range. This means people can choose the brand, because they can get everything from one place.

It makes stocking up on nail supplies extremely convenient. There is no need to head to various shops looking for an array of products, as Kiss is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all things acrylic nail related. Plus, this means you can choose various Kiss items knowing that they will work well together.

Short and Long Lengths Available 

You will find a whole host of different shapes and sizes in their acrylic nail collections. This means the brand appeals to everyone, regardless of whether they are looking for long or short false nails. 

It is not a brand that singles out those who like long and statement nails, it’s a brand that offers something for everyone. You can choose this great brand for attention-grabbing nails for a night out, or for nails that are suitable for day to day wear at work.

There are a lot of reasons to love this fantastic brand, which is why it is continuing to grow rapidly. It’s hugely popular, and this is largely due to the fact that people can trust - and rely on - their products for quality and longevity.

You can buy these nails, knowing that a high-quality and long-lasting product is guaranteed. There’s no risk or chance involved, which could be the case with lesser-known acrylic nail brands.

The Kiss Masterpiece False Nails Range

Sometimes, it’s nice to treat yourself to the finer things in life and that’s exactly what the Masterpiece Collection is. These are some of the world’s most luxurious false nails and that is obvious from the moment you see them. 

They don’t just stand out as being premium, they stand out as being an elite collection. If you are looking for nails that go above and beyond what you are used to, the Masterpiece Collection could be exactly what you are looking for. They are sure to make a statement and stand out for all of the right reasons.

Why Use The Masterpiece Collection?

Whereas the majority of acrylic nails are a single colour or a 2D design, the Masterpiece Collection boasts 3D jewels and colourful accents. Within minutes, your nails can be turned into a masterpiece - sparkling from every angle. There are long stiletto shaped nails and coffin-shaped nails to choose from, both of which look incredibly impressive once applied.

These aren’t the type of acrylics that are simple and plain - they are designed to make an impact! The Masterpiece Collection is ideal for special events, nights out with friends and celebrations.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails Collection

There is certainly no shortage of nail designs, colours and styles available from this brand, but it’s the Gel Fantasy Collection that really grabs peoples’ attention.

There’s a whole host of options, meaning everyone is sure to find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you want to spruce up your nails with some glitter - or bright and solid colour - the Gel Fantasy Collection is sure to have something that works for you.

There has never been a simpler way to add some fun to your nail look, than with the Gel Fantasy Collection. There are nails with glitter tips and sparkly finishes, as well as those that have intricate designs and an ombre look. There are even sets with a variety of colours, making sure that each one of your digits stands out as being unique.

Stand Out With The Gel Fantasy Collection

This is a collection of styles and shapes that is anything but dull, and it’s ideal for anyone who likes to have a bit of fun with their look. You won’t find any simple or subtle designs in the Gel Fantasy Collection, and even the solid colours are sure to make an impact.

Within a matter of minutes, you'll transform your look to something salon-worthy, all at a fraction of the price.

As the Gel Fantasy Collection uses gel polish, there is no chance of the paint chipping or the design becoming ruined. Whereas standard nail polish can chip if it’s knocked, gel polish can withstand wear and tear.

You can apply them, knowing that your nails will look flawless for as long as you wear them. The Gel Fantasy Collection is especially good if you worry about chipping your nails after a few days of use.

Keep Things Simple With Kiss French Nails

If you know anything about the beauty industry, you will know that French nails (including Kiss French nails) are some of the most popular designs out there. They are popular with those who are heading to work, as well as with brides on their wedding day. But, why are French nails so popular? With so many interesting and eye-catching nail designs, why do French nails continue to come out on top? Well, there are a few reasons and three of them are listed below.

1. They Go With Any Outfit 

When you are choosing acrylics, it’s important to think about what you are planning to wear on your body. The majority of people like to have something that matches their intended outfit, but this can be difficult if you opt for a really bright and bold design. 

Though the design might look perfect with one outfit, it’s unlikely to complement everything you plan to wear throughout the week. However, this is not the case with French nails.

You can choose these nails, knowing that they will go with everything. You can apply French nails, knowing that you won’t need to change them the moment they clash with something you want to wear.

2. They Are Simple, Subtle and Understated 

Whereas some people like to stand out and make a statement with their nails, others like to keep things simple. French nails are perfect for this, as they showcase perfectly manicured nails without grabbing too much attention. 

There are no bright colours or bold designs, just professional looking nails that are understated and classic. They show that you take pride in the appearance of your nails, but that you like to keep things traditional and effortless.

3. It’s a Classic and Classy Design

One of the reasons why French nails are so popular is that they are classic, classy and traditional. There is no risk of anyone thinking your nails are ‘too much’ or ‘over the top’, as French nails are always considered to be a classic look. They appeal to everyone and they give any look a high class and elite finishing touch.

French nails have been popular for many, many years - and that’s not something that’s going to change any time soon! With acrylic French nails, there’s no need to worry about paying for a professional manicure, and there’s no risk of it going wrong when you’re trying to carefully curate white tips yourself.

Instead, you can simply press on the nails and transform your hands in a matter of minutes.

How to Apply False Nails

Though there are nail salons and nail professionals out there, you don’t need to spend money on having someone else apply these nails for you. Once you have purchased, you can apply them at home in a matter of minutes. This is a task that is simple and straightforward, and it certainly gets easier with practice. 

There is nothing difficult about applying false nails, but you might find there’s a knack for getting it perfect. It’s a case of the more you apply them, the better you get. Here are some quick and easy steps to guide you through the application process.

1. Prepare Your Own Nails 

One of the biggest mistakes people make with applying acrylics is not properly preparing their own beforehand. Not only does this help your fake nails to look their best, but it helps them to stay on for as long as possible. 

Skipping this step could leave you with false nails that fall off sooner rather than later. To prepare your own nails, remove any gel or polish - and dirt - from the surface. You should also file your nails into a rounded shape, as this will ensure none of your own nails will show from underneath the fake nails.

2. Soak Your Own Nails 

It’s also a good idea to soak your natural nails in warm water, as this helps to soften the nail beds before you push the cuticles back. The aim of this is to prepare a perfect nail bed for the acrylics to be placed onto. It also removes any dirt, dust and debris that has become trapped in the nail. You should aim to soak them for around five minutes.

3. Select Your Desired Style

With so many Kiss nails to choose from, finding your favourite set can be difficult. If anything, you are likely to find yourself spoiled for choice. Once you have found your dream nails, it’s important to choose the right size for each of your natural nails. 

You can do this by holding each false nail against your own nail, and seeing how well they fit. Kiss nails come in a variety of sizes, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect fit for each finger.

4. Press On Your Fake Nails 

Once you have chosen your style, it’s time to press them on and apply them! You can do this using nail glue, or adhesive tabs, both of which work well. Generally we find that nail glue does secure them in place for a longer period of time, but for short term wear the tabs are generally more efficient. 

To bond the Kiss press on nails together, apply a few drops of glue to both the false nail and your natural nail. Be careful to avoid using too much glue, as this could actually stop them from sticking as well as you would like it to.

5. Hold Your Acrylic Nails in Place 

A lot of people press on their Kiss acrylic nails and immediately let go, assuming that the glue will secure the two nails together immediately. However, this isn’t how it works. You should press down and hold each artificial nail in place for around 30 seconds. 

By doing this, you are giving it enough time to securely stick to your own nail. If you let go too quickly and don’t provide enough pressure, the artificial nail might come unstuck, or the bond may not be as long-lasting as required.

How to Remove Kiss Press On Nails

Many people are initially hesitant to wear artificial nails, assuming that they are difficult to remove. However, they are actually relatively easy to remove once you know how. One of the main benefits of wearing artificial nails is that you can swap them when you want to and add some colour or length - at just a moment’s notice. 

Luckily, removing press on nails is simple and doesn’t take much time at all. Plus, there is no need for the removal process to damage your natural nails underneath, if it’s done correctly. Whether your artificial nails have begun to grow out or you simply want a change, follow the following steps for a simple and straightforward removal process.

1. Cut Your Artificial Nails 

Before you do anything else, cut down your fake nails. This can be done using a nail file, nail clipper or nail scissors. You should cut them down to the length of your natural nails.

2. Buff Away The Top Layer of The Fake Nails

To ensure the acetone can penetrate the acrylic nail and loosen the glue beneath, you need to remove the top layer of your false nails. You can do this using a nail buffer, and the aim is to create a rough surface.

3. Soak Your Nails in a Bath of Acetone 

After removing the top layer of your press on nails, soak your nails in a bath of pure acetone. This is easily done by pouring acetone into a bowl and letting your nails soak in it for around five minutes. You will begin to notice the press on nails softening and coming away from your natural nails.

4. Push The False Nails Away From Your Natural Nail  

After they have been soaked in acetone, your press on nails will begin to come away from your natural nail. You can help this along by pushing the acrylic away from your nail using a cuticle pusher. You might need to soak your nails again if this is proving difficult, but eventually, you should find that most of the artificial nail has been removed.

5. Buff Away Any Remaining Fake Nails

If there are any small bits of artificial nail remaining, which there may well be, you can remove those bits using a nail buffer. As the artificial nail will have been softened, this should be quick and easy. This should leave you with natural nails that are completely free from press on nails and glue.

One of the great things about artificial nails is that you don’t need any specialist equipment in order to apply them. You don’t need any fancy nail tools or electronic buffers, as they can be applied with a standard nail kit that you are likely to have somewhere at home.

Having read the above information, it’s easy to see why people choose Kiss false nails time and time again. Not only are these press on nails stylish and well designed - thanks to the bright and bold options to choose from - but they are high-quality, long-lasting and affordable, too! 

We stock a huge selection of designs, shapes and styles - as well as a great selection of nail tools and accessories. Don't forget that every order placed here at comes with FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20+, so what are you waiting for? Buy your Kiss nails right here, right now!

Kiss Nails FAQs

How Long Do Press On Nails Last?

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that they only last for a day or two, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Though there is no set timeline for artificial nails once applied, they can last for a number of weeks with the right care. This does vary from nail to nail, and of course, depends on how well they are applied.

It also depends on how well you care for them, as certain tasks can cause them to come off sooner than you would like. If you use adhesive tabs rather than nail glue, press on nails won’t last as long. This is why adhesive tabs are only usually used by people who only want to wear their fake nails for a specific event, or over the course of a weekend.

There are some tasks that could result them not lasting as long. For example, using hot water when you are washing up and using hand creams or moisturisers. These are both things that can loosen the nail glue and cause the press on nails to lift sooner rather than later. 

Accidentally catching an acrylic nail on something could also cause it to come off. However, if you are careful, there is no reason why they can’t last for up to four weeks.

How Do You Make Kiss Nails Last a Long Time?

The majority of people who wear false nails, want to do so for a few weeks at a time. This is why it’s important to apply them correctly in the first instance, as doing so can help them to stay on for as long as possible. 

There are a few things you can do to make sure your artificial nails last for a long time, such as applying them at night and preparing your nails properly beforehand. Though these tips can make the application process a little bit longer, the results are that they generally last a long time.

1. Choose a Trusted Brand 

There are a lot of false nails to choose from, some of which are cheaper than others. Though it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, this is unlikely to result in press ons that last a long time. 

By choosing a trusted brand, you are much more likely to end up with nails that are high-quality and long-lasting. This is why a lot of people choose Kiss. Not only are there a lot of different sizes and styles to choose from, but they are are expertly designed by those in the know.

2. Properly Prepare Your Natural Nails 

Applying them is not simply a case of putting some glue on your nails and hoping for the best. There is a lot of preparation to be done before applying any acrylics, such as cleaning and filing your natural nails - and removing any oil or moisture that may be on them. 

3. Apply Them Before Bed 

A lot of people make the mistake of applying them during the day or before going out, but this could actually do more harm than good. If you want your press on nails to last for as long as possible, apply them before going to bed. This will give the glue as much time as possible to bond them, without you doing anything that could cause the artificial nail to move or compromise the strength of the bond.

4. Buy High-Quality Nail Glue 

There are two different ways to secure acrylics to your natural nail. You can use glue or adhesive tabs. If you want your nails to last a long time, then you should opt for high-quality glue. 

There are multiple brands to choose from, but some do use higher quality ingredients and are proven to bond the nails better than others. It’s also important to use a new tube of glue for each set of acrylics, as older glue is likely to be partly dried out and less sticky.

5. Research How to Use Nail Glue 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it’s a case of ‘more the merrier’ when you use nail glue, as this could actually prevent your press ons from lasting as long as you would like them to. If you use too much glue, you run the risk of the nail moving around too much and not sticking down securely. 

This is why it’s recommended that you place just one or two drops of glue on the back of the artificial nail, and a further few drops on your natural nail. After you have applied one or two acrylics, you should get a feel for how much glue is needed.

6. Take Care When Wearing Them 

Though they are high-quality and can last for a number of weeks when applied correctly, it is important to take care when wearing any press on nail. This will help them to last a long time and avoid any breaking, coming loose or falling off. 

Tasks such as swimming and soaking in the bath can both cause the glue to loosen and the bond to become weakened. Wearing press ons won’t prevent you from doing anything, but taking care when going about your day can reduce the chance of one coming off prematurely.

Buy Kiss Nails Today

Having read the above information, it’s easy to see why people choose Kiss false nails time and time again. Not only are these press on nails stylish and well designed - thanks to the bright and bold options to choose from - but they are high-quality, long-lasting and affordable, too!

We stock a huge selection of designs, shapes and styles - as well as a great selection of nail tools and accessories.

If you are also a false lashes lover, you can check out our collection of Kiss false lashes range.

Don't forget that every order placed here at comes with FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20+, so what are you waiting for? Buy your Kiss nails right here, right now!