Best Lashes for Round Eyes

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About Best Lashes for Round Eyes

False eyelashes are a wonderful accessory that are suitable (and suit) just about everyone! When you apply them properly, they can change the style of your look, make your eyes a stunning focal point, pull together a new aesthetic, or just give you confidence to be the best version of yourself.

Do you Need the Best Lashes for Round Eyes?

However, there isn’t really a one-size fits all approach with lashes - your eyes are unique to you; the size, shape, depth, colour, and alignment on your face are all slightly different from anyone else. With this in mind, knowing what general eye shape you have is a really good place to start.

You might think that it’s difficult to work out what eye shape you have, but once you know, you’ll find it super helpful, and will wish you discovered it sooner! That’s because, eyelashes are generally suited for different eye shapes - we’re not talking about the one or two cheap pairs you might find at your local pharmacy, where you’ve got zero choice and questionable results!

We’re talking about lashes that have been expertly hand-picked, and sorted by category, so you know that they will suit your eye style.

Whether you’re off for the day and relaxing with friends, going out and partying all night, or want to look super chic and professional for that all important interview - we’ve got exactly what you need, in the styles that are going to complement your needs perfectly.

At we have literally hundreds of falsies, just waiting for you - every eye shape is covered, so no one misses out.

Not sure where to get started if you’ve got Round Eyes? Fear not, we’re going to walk you through everything - from the best lashes for different looks, to stylish makeup tips and advice to really deliver a wow moment with just a glance.

What are Round Eyes?

One of the more versatile eye shapes (like Almond Eyes), round eyes are often considered to be very feminine, and suit many different makeup styles and lashes (you’ll be spoiled for choice if you have round eyes!).

Round eyes are generally quite large (especially compared to other eye shapes), and have a more circular appearance. This means the eye is surrounded visibly by white all the way around, and the edges of the eye are rounded too - the inner and outer corners aren’t pulled inward or outward, and generally don’t have any sort of slope to them.

How Do You Know if You Have Round Eyes?

Well, if you find the whites of your eyes visible around your iris when looking straight ahead, and there’s no obvious tilt at either the inner or outer corners, then lucky you, you have Round Eyes.

If you’re still not sure what we mean, have a look at some pictures of:

  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Katy Perry
  • Ashley Olsen

These celebrities all share the same eye shape in common and, you’ve guessed it, that shape is round. So if you’ve got round eyes as well, you’re in some stunning company!

Best Eyelashes for Round Eyes

When it comes to choosing false eyelashes for round eyes, your pick will depend on your desired look. If you want to maintain the size and sparkle, then it’s best to avoid thicker or heavier lashes, as these will make your eyes look smaller - consequently, they’re a good choice if you do want to minimise the size of your eyes.

To reduce the roundness of your eyes, but still keep them looking big and beautiful, look for lashes that are shorter in the middle and elongate at the edges - this will make your eyes look longer as well, and pairs beautifully with a sexy cat-eye makeup.

The best go-to lashes for Round Eyes are:

If you’re looking to further emphasise those big Round Eyes of yours, pair your makeup look with some fluttery dramatic falsies (not too heavy) that are long and curled. This lash style is 100% an eye-opener, making them look bigger and bolder, and totally fierce.

We have hundreds of styles ready and waiting for you to choose from, and if you’re not able to find the exact look you’re after, then don’t hesitate to get in touch - and our experts will be delighted to assist you!

Combining Cosmetics with Round Eyes

We know that not everyone wants (or needs) to wear makeup, but for those that do, knowing what eye shape you have, and the techniques that work best will help make it quicker, easier, and stunningly more effective.

We’ve put together what you need to know about applying your eyeliner and eyeshadow, and even dropped a few hints for managing your brow.

Applying Eyeliner to Round Eyes

When it comes to applying makeup, this eye shape (along with almond shaped eyes) is the easiest to contour.

Eyeliner is probably your best tool as it instantaneously adds a sophisticated look. Line your upper and lower lash line, but don’t extend the liner to the outer corner of your eye too much, if you create too prominent a wing, you can actually make your eyes look smaller.

To make your eyes appear longer, or to give them a more exotic shape (like a cat eye), then how you apply the eyeliner is going to matter! Line the upper lash-line and go shapely at the outer edges with either a smudged dark blend (bringing together the upper and lower lines), or an extended flick.

Similarly, if you want to accentuate the natural shape of your beautiful round eyes, use your eyeliner (liquid tends to apply darker and work better) and carefully line the upper and lower lash lines.

So whether you’re looking for chic and simple, or full out and fierce - you’ve got it!

Eyeshadow for Round Eyes

For a more natural or makeup-light application, you’ll want to pair your chosen upper lid eyeshadow with one that’s a few shades lighter, and apply this to the outer third of your eye - this will draw attention to the top lash line (and your stunning false lashes) and the outer corners - giving you more balanced and elongation to your eyes.

If you’re going on a night out, we totally recommend applying a smokey eyeshadow using dark shades of purple, blues, and browns. By doing this, it brings together the eyeliner to bring the illusion of depth.

If you want to give your eyes more of an almond shape, consider using colours and shades that are close to your skin tone, and vary two to three shades above and below this colour. Then you can apply the darker colours towards the edges (to give more depth and the appearance of shadow), and blend towards the corners.

Making the Most of Your Brow Shape to Compliment Your Round Eyes

Another great tip is to create an arched brow look. Having an arched brow causes your Round Eyes to look more defined and softens your eye look.

If you don’t want to go too full into a complete arch, then angled eyebrows will also achieve a similar effect, because the angle and the arch will give you plenty of lift, and create extra space that minimises the apparent size of the eyes.

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