Best Lashes for Round Eyes

Best Lashes for Round Eyes

At we stock a variety of types and styles of lashes for whatever your eye shape. When it comes to eye shapes, round eyes are very feminine and versatile, so you can try many different make up looks for your eyes. So, "how do I know if I have 'round' eyes?" we hear you ask! Well, if you find the whites of your eyes visible around your iris when looking straight ahead, then lucky you, you have round eyes.

Eyelashes and makeup looks for round eyes

When it comes to applying makeup, this eye shape along with almond shaped eyes is the easiest to contour. Eyeliner is probably your best tool as it instantaneously adds a sophisticated look. Line your upper and lower lash line but don’t extend the liner to the outer corner of your eye too much, as a prominent winged liner look can actually make your eyes look smaller. If you’re going on a night out, we’d recommend to apply a smokey eyeshadow using dark shades of purple, blues and browns. By doing this, it brings together the eyeliner to bring the illusion of depth.

To further emphasise those big round eyes, pair your makeup look with some fluttery dramatic falsies (not too heavy) that are long and curled. This lash style is 100% an eye-opener, making them look bigger and bolder. If round eyes are your type, then you're in great company. A few celebs with round eyes include: Zooey Deschanel, Ashley Olsen and Katy Perry. Like we said, you're in great company.

With the huge selection of lashes for round eyes that we carry in stock, you‘ll be spoilt for choice. From Lilly Lashes, Land of Lashes, Ardell, Red Cherry, Pinky Goat and more. Every order placed here at comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £10 or more. Buy yours now!