Nail Treatments

Sometimes your nails need a little extra nourishment in order to keep them looking and feeling great. That's why we stock a curated range of the very best nail treatments by Elegant Touch, Nail HQ and more. If you're serious about nail health and keeping your claws looking as good as they should, our nail treatment range has your back.

About Nail Treatments

Historical Nail Treatments

Well manicured hands and polished nails have been trending almost since time began. The Egyptians and Chinese lovingly primped their hands with indulgent oils and the Indians used henna to create pretty patterns across their fingers, a trend which is still very popular today.

Since ancient times, there has been innovation and invention, enabling the nail industry to grow. Over the decades we have seen new nail trends such as the French manicure, acrylic nails, gel nails and Shellac.

Did you know that acrylic nails were invented almost accidentally? A dentist broke a nail whilst in his practice. Using his tools available and dental acrylic, he managed to fix the nail, which ultimately led to the acrylic nail treatments we know and love today.

Why are nails so important?

The world is a busy place, and we all lead busy lives. So busy, that we can forget to invest in a little self-care. Hair and nails can seem like an indulgent treat, but keeping up appearances can have a massive effect on self-confidence and indeed how others perceive us. There are also a range of other benefits associated with a humble manicure.

Give something back…

We expect a lot from our hands, and so we need to ensure we are looking after them properly. Our hands can easily be damaged with weather, chemicals and our day-to-day activities. Manicures allow us to show gratitude to our hands and keep them in tip-top condition.

Go with the flow…

A manicure will usually include a short massage. Do not regard this as a frivolous exercise! Massage is proven to increase blood circulation, which in turn can alleviate aches and pains. The massage oils will also help moisturise your hands.

Prevention is better than cure

Neglected hands and nails may become problematic. There is a risk of ingrowing nails and fungal infections. Regular maintenance will ensure your nails are strong, clean, and healthy. So book a nail treatment today.

Cancel The Therapist…

Whilst nail treatments are not miracle workers solving all of our problems, they can certainly give us a well needed boost. We see our nails and hands every day, all day. So make sure they are something you can be proud of and enjoy a little boost in self-esteem.

What type of nail treatments are available?

Hot Oil Treatment

Rising in popularity during the last ten years, a hot oil manicure is probably the most luxurious and indulgent of nail treatments. The process involves soaking the hands in warm essential oils. This is designed to address flaky and ribbed nails, whilst also repairing damaged cuticles. Hot oil treatments do not usually involve any type of filing or polishing, but will bring natural shine to your nails.

Spa Manicure

You may need to loosen those purse strings for this type of manicure. Unlike manicures carried out in a salon, a spa manicure takes a more holistic approach. The hands will receive an exfoliation treatment in order to remove any dead skin. The therapist may also massage the neck, shoulder and arms, finishing with cutting, shaping and filing your natural nails.

Back To Basics Manicure

This is a great option if you are concerned about time or money. A basic manicure will not break the bank but will ensure your nails are professionally filed, shaped and polished.

Hot Stone Manicure

Nail treatments don’t get much better than a hot stone manicure. Whilst your nails will be attended to and finished in your desired polish and style, a hot stone manicure goes much deeper. Your therapist will massage your hands using hot stones, which are designed to alleviate tension and eliminate stress. Perfect for overworked and tired hands.

Reverse French Manicure

Of all the latest nail treatments, the reverse French mani is still trending. Whilst this look can be achieved at home, a salon finish will elevate your overall appearance.

We Are What We Eat?

There are a range of nail treatments which can upgrade the appearance of your nails and hands. However, you need to remember that our health and wellbeing relies on what we eat. So if you are looking to optimise the condition of your nails, here is a short list of go to foods.

Eggs: Your hair and nails are essentially made up of a protein called keratin. Eggs give you amino acids which help create those proteins, strengthening both hair and nails.

Water: It can seem like water is the solution to every beauty problem, but it really does help! Keeping hydrated is really important for both skin and nails. Make sure you are drinking up to eight glasses a day.

Whole Grain Cereal: Nails need zinc and whole grain cereal can be a fabulous food source for this.

Fats: Fats are not a word we easily associate with health and beauty. However, if you have recently been on a low fat diet, you may have noticed your hair and nails becoming dry or brittle. You need to ensure you are choosing healthy fats such as oily fish or avocados.

And one final thing…

Professional nail treatments can be expensive. However, if you are wanting to change the appearance of your hands without the associated cost, false nails could be your saviour. Many false nail products are thought to damage natural nails, but this fabulous nail treatment from Elegant Touch could offer you the best of both worlds.

Elegant Touch Nail Saviour Protective Glue Barrier

This product is designed to create a barrier between your natural nails and polish. It also works with natural nails and false nails. The micro mesh technology protects your nail against damage. The product contains calcium, collagen, and vitamin B. And at a cost of only £2.00, this nail treatment is really worth it.

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