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About SOSU Lashes

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson is one of the latest brands to have taken social media and the beauty industry by storm! Founded by blogger-turned-business woman Suzanne Jackson, who is known as being one of the first in Ireland to make a full-time business from her blogging. SOSU by SJ consists of a selection of impressive, high-quality beauty products. As someone who wears false lashes daily, Suzanne felt it was extremely important to offer fellow lash-loving ladies affordable lashes that are comfortable, stylish, and suited for both day and night time wear.

After just two years, SOSU by Suzanne Jackson has gone on to become hugely popular amongst celebrities such as Megan McKenna, Lauren Pope, and Chloe Lloyd to name a few.

A Little Bit About Suzanne Jackson

This award winning blogstar has clearly turned some heads within the business industry. Not only the brains behind this fantastic beauty/eyelash range, but she is also the creator of lifestyle and beauty blog.

It all started for Suzanne back in 2010, and since then her blog has taken off like wildfire. The rapid success seemed only to propel her further and she has certainly made the most of it. As noted in the Sunday Independent, Suzanne’s level of influence is close to that of Miss Kate Middleton’s. In addition to this, she has also just been listed for the second year in the SERMO Index as the… wait for it…the No.1 Irish Influencer on the planet. Now, that’s impressive!

Just taking a look at SJ’s social media accounts is enough to give you an idea of just how well-known this strong independent woman is. She has over 300,000 followers on Facebook. Over 230,000 followers on Instagram (over 9 million views per week at times) - and she is also pretty well-liked across several other platforms, including TikTok and Snapchat. She continues to work with a great variety of names, brands, and co-operations – some of these include, Juicy Couture, Skechers, Lancôme, Rimmel, L'Oréal, Wella, Pretty Little Thing, and more… As well as being a proud ambassador for the globally known name Victoria’s Secret, she was also voted as Ireland’s Most Stylish Woman in 2017 during the VIP Style Awards.

We are now excited to offer SOSU lashes by Suzanne Jackson here at as well as their premium makeup brushes and well-loved lash adhesive.

Just when you think it can't get any better, you'll be glad to know that SOSU does not test their products on animals. They are PETA approved and do not support the exploitation of animals.

Sosu by SJ – The Collection

Boasting a wide range of beauty products ranging from The Eye Collection to Luxury Lashes, SOSU by Suzanne Jackson offers the latest beauty trends at affordable prices, for both personal and professional use. Their lash line has a number of collections, consisting of human hair lashes, luxury 3D silk lashes, and 3D fibre lashes. The silk and fibre lashes provide a full-bodied effect for a fluffier finish, whereas the human hair lashes are perfect for achieving a more natural enhancement.

As well as offering single pairs of lashes, SOSU by Suzanne Jackson has also created lash multipacks that are great for makeup artists and beauty professionals, or simply a regular lash-wearer. Each multipack contains three pairs of the most popular SOSU lashes by SJ premium lash styles that are ultra-lightweight, comfortable to wear, and feature an invisible lash band for a seamless blend once applied.

Not only do SOSU by SJ provide incredible makeup products and false lash styles, but they also provide an impressive selection of essential beauty accessories such as tweezers, lash adhesive, and premium, Cruelty-Free makeup brushes ensuring no aspect of makeup application is overlooked. All SOSU by Suzanne Jackson makeup brush sets have been crafted using high quality synthetic fibres to deliver a smooth, even finish of a multitude of makeup formulas. Whether you require high quality eye brushes to effortlessly blend shadows or versatile brushes for a full face application, the SOSU by Suzanne Jackson collection definitely offers something to suit you.

Looking After Your SOSU Lashes

If you’re searching for the best place to learn about how to care for your SOSU falsies, then you’ve come to the right place! Following the steps below can help you to take care of your eyes and it will also help to bring a new lease of life to your false eyelashes. Be beautiful, be sustainable!

Learning How To Clean Your SOSU Lashes

No.1 - Clean Your Hands

Before you touch any of your false eyelash equipment, you should always make sure to wash your hands. That way you can be sure to avoid any impurities, oil, dirt, etc. transferring over to your eyes/false eyelashes. Scrub with suds, rinse up, and move on to the next step!

No.2 - Remove Your Glue/Adhesive

Now you will want to make sure that you remove any excess glue from your false eyelashes. Take a good quality set of tweezers and gently peel off the glue from the base of your falsies. Be gentle, and work slowly, otherwise, you could damage these highly delicate lashes.

If the glue is struggling to come off, then you can try an eyelash remover solution or an eye makeup remover. The same way you use solutions like these to remove eyelashes from your lid.

No.3 - Clean Your Falsies

Now that you have successfully removed your eyelash glue, it’s time to wash your falsies. Completing this step will ensure that any remaining makeup is removed. This step is essential if you have applied mascara over the tops of your lashes!

Now, you can put your fabulous falsies on a clean towel or paper tissue. We would recommend a paper towel, but it is completely up to you. Now you can wet a cotton bud/swab with a cleanser – micellar water works great, but we have plenty of products and cleaning solutions in our online store. Be gentle and wipe the fine base of your falsies, this will lift the leftover over mascara or dirt as well as any oil residue, resulting in a thorough cleanse.

Top Tip

If you are using real mink lashes, then you should skip this stage. Using eye makeup remover can really damage mink lashes. Which is certainly the last thing you want. With mink, you should only be using water, take a cotton bud/swab and dip it in water. Next, you can wipe the lashes so that they are thoroughly clean. Don’t completely submerge your lashes, because this can equally be damaging.

No.4 - Let Your Eyelashes Dampen

Just a little bit of precaution to care for your lashes. This step will ensure that your falsies are completely clean. What you will need to do is grab a small bowl of lukewarm water and a cotton bud/swab. Use it to wipe your lashes (base to ends). Once you have removed any excess, you can leave your falsies to air dry or on a paper towel/cloth (make sure these are clean).

No.5 – Spray A Little Mist

Now your nice clean lashes are as fresh as can be, you can move onto the next step… disinfection. Anything that comes close to your eye region or false eyelashes can cause a build-up of bacteria. By taking the right precautions you can keep your falsies in great shape. Spray a little mist (rubbing alcohol), just don’t use too much, and then leave them to dry.

No. 6 – Store Your SOSU Lashes

You’ve made it! Now that you have completed all the necessary steps, all you’ll need to do is to store your saucy SOSU lashes. Pop them back in the packet or box and this will help them to keep their shape. That’s about it!

5 Top Tips – For Falsie Fanatics

Top Tip No.1 – Eye Shape Awareness

Knowing yourself when it comes to beauty and cosmetics is a big deal. The same goes for when you’re planning to apply falsies. If your eyelids are slightly smaller, then you’ll want to go for a shorter and possibly bolder set of falsies. If, however, your eyelids are more extended, then you can certainly get away with a long lash. Just be sure to always measure your eye-line correctly, as you can easily create a look that is less than stylish with the wrong measurements.

Top Tip No.2 – Apply Make-up First

Okay, so this is a big one! Eyelashes are delicate little creatures. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend all your time perfecting your falsies only to notice you’ve forgotten to do your eye makeup. Don’t be surprised, it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. Tampering with false lashes once they are applied can cause havoc.

Although with that being said, we would recommend leaving your liner until after you have popped on your lashes. This is because it helps you finish the edge and line connecting to your false lashes' final point—leaving the liner application until the last step can create a sophisticated and elegant look that will undoubtedly make you proud (it also helps to hide any adhesive on show from your lashes).

Top Tip No.3 – Let Your Glue Go!

Quite often, one of the greatest mistakes people make when trying to apply false lashes is putting them on straight away before letting the glue settle. Freshly applied glue is slimy and slippery, and it’s not going to stay put easily. What you’ll need to do is to wait for a while. Once the adhesive begins to set (within 30 seconds), you can then place it firmly on your eyelid. This will prevent glue-smudging and still give you time to adjust it correctly.

Top tip No.4 – Use a Lash Applicator

Okay, so trying to apply fine and fiddly falsies without a lash applicator tool can be a nightmare. Making what could be an easy, simple, and straightforward process a whole lot more difficult. Lash applicators can be fantastic, you can also use them combined with the use of tweezers, just so that you get the edges to stick down. After, just take the tweezers to swipe any remaining lashes (found under the lash band) before pressing for a final stick.

If you’re still feeling as though all of this is quite a struggle, please don’t worry. We all know that practice makes perfect. There will always be a journey before you can master your very own unique technique. Falsies can be incredibly tough when you are starting - but newbies to the falsie game shouldn’t fear. After a while, you will figure it out, it might take a bit of time, but once you have the trick you won’t have to think too much. It’s a little bit like muscle memory, just try to think of it that way and you’ll be fine.

Top Tip No.5 – Work In Smaller Sections

Here is a super tip, and it’s especially great for those who are just at the beginning of their journey. You’ve tried the mirror trick, you’ve done everything you can, but your falsie placement just isn’t working out! Have no fear, work in smaller sections and it will become a lot easier – We promise!

Cut your falsies into three sections (doing your best to make them even). This way you can apply each piece separately. It might sound like cheating for those true falsie fanatics, but it can be a great way to get your desired look without having to shed any tears! One by one, you can place the pieces to your lash line, with a level of precision that’s hard to beat with one piece. It also works to prevent your natural lash from getting in the way of the final stick down.

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The first lashes I have every worn that I haven't want to rip off at the end of the day. So comfortable and they look stunning. Zoe referring to 7 Deadly Sins - Envy

Great design, well made and comfortable to wear. Just as stylish as lashes that cost a lot more with the added bonus of being cruelty free! Colette referring to Daydream Collection 3/4 Length Lashes 

Good quality! Natural look and absolutely amazing! Very good company! Quick delivery! Thanks a lot for good work! Tetyana referring to Premium Lashes - Lucy

These are fantastic value for money. They are very comfortable to wear not like some others that feel heavy on your eyes. They look really nice on. They are a nice length for anyone that doesn't normally wear any. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Sandra referring to Premium Lashes Multipack - Gigi

Be aware that not all products come with lash glue included so make sure you double check! Don't fret, SOSU offers lash glue to be bought separately, or you can head over to DUO to check out their wide range of products available for you to purchase!

At, we have a truly dizzying array of eyelashes for all of your falsie needs. From individuals to magnetic strip lashes, adhesives, applicators, and more. We are the go-to false eyelash supplier in the UK and Europe, and we offer some fantastic deals too!

Not only do we offer excellent prices, fantastic multipack deals, and an extensive range, but we also offer the possibility of a payment option, via Klarna. Order now, Pay Later. For more information regarding this feature, you can read up on our dedicated Klarna section here on our site. We want everyone to feel gorgeous, and for this reason, we are always doing our very best to offer excellent packages, options, and prices for our dedicated and valued customers.

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