We stock so much more than just false eyelashes! We also stock a huge range of lash glue, lash curlers, mirrors, scissors and much more. We've got all of the makeup bag essentials you'll ever need to complement your lash addiction.

About Accessories

Whether you’re looking to create beautiful false eyelashes for a special event or want to make sure your false lashes look truly fabulous, false lash accessories are essential.

From professional applicators and lash extension accessories to false eyelash adhesives and cleaning products, here at FalseEyelashes, we’ve got all the vital accessories you need to keep your false lashes in excellent condition.

What are eyelash accessories?

Eyelash accessories are essential for helping you get the best false lash look for any occasion. Accessories include false lash applicators, scissors, eyelash curlers, tweezers, vanity mirrors, false lash adhesives and cleaners, and false lash extensions, to name a few.

There is a vast range of false lash products available on the market, so no matter your false lash needs, we have something to help you create a stunning look.

Are application accessories necessary?

Application accessories are not always necessary when applying false lashes but you will generally achieve better results by using false eyelash accessories.

Using the right lash applicators and false lash styling tools for false eyelashes helps to provide a more professional finish. If you don’t use the right false lash accessories, you won’t be able to get a smooth application or achieve the false lash look you’re aiming for.

As well as helping to achieve your desired lash look, lash accessories make it more comfortable to apply false lashes and there is less room for error. Lash accessories such as silicon eyepatches can protect the skin from irritation, and mascara wands help to provide a more precise application.

You need the right tools to create false lashes that look natural and comfortable. It’s like anything; if you don’t have the right tools for the job, you waste time and spend more cash in the long run.

Application accessories for professional use

For false lash products designed for professional use, check out our range of professional accessories here at FalseEyelashes. Made with quality materials, these false lash applicators and styling tools can help you create stunning false lashes quickly and easily.

From tweezers and scissors to glue holders and curlers, there are plenty of false lash tools available in this collection – all perfect for creating false lash looks of any kind.

Having the best lash extension accessories and tools ensures that you are able to deliver the best possible quality of service to your clients and using professional, high-grade lash accessories from the top brands also will impress your clients.

The service that you provide to your clients is what keeps them coming back to you, so investing in high quality false eyelash accessories is an important way to help your business to grow. Lash extension accessories like silicone rings can also protect the health and safety of your clients, which is also protecting the reputation of your business.

What are the most essential lash accessories?

No single false lash product is more essential than another, as everyone has different false lash needs. However, some false lash products can help you create stunning false lashes quickly and conveniently: false lash applicators, false lash adhesives, false lash cleaners, false lash curlers and false lash scissors are all essential false lash products.

False lash applicators allow you to easily and quickly pick up false lashes and place them onto your lids. False lash adhesives and glue liners help keep the false lashes in place throughout the day.

False lash cleaners will help remove any false lash glue, debris, and dirt. False lash curlers help give the false lashes a boost of curl – essential for open-eyed false lash looks. And false lash scissors allow you to adjust the false lashes according to your needs.

You may also want to consider using cleaners that are specifically for people with sensitive skin, to reduce the risk of irritation. Our range of lash accessories has every essential lash accessory you could need, so why not take a look and find your perfect lash accessories?

If you spend £25 or more, you can get free delivery in the UK, so what’s stopping you from being fabulous?