Ballerina False Nails

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About Ballerina False Nails

Ballerina Nails have grown in popularity since celebrities such as Kim Kardashian started sporting this longer length nail. Ballerina Nails are so-called due to their resemblance to a ballerina's pointe shoe. This nail is similar to the stiletto shape nail, although the tip is squared off rather than pointed.

When we think about what is trending in reference to manicures, we tend to focus on nail shades, glossy or matte finishes and design. However, when we look more closely, nail shape also changes with the time and reflects the styling we see on the catwalk. For example, when fashion has a moment of femininity, almond or oval nails will rise in popularity. And in the 90s, when fashion for women included cargo pants and heavy boots, the nail shape became stronger with a square tip being the go to mani.

Which shape of nail do you favour?

Many people will find one shape of nail they like and just stick with it. Yet, deciding not to mix things up from time to time, can mean you are missing out. Take lead from the celebrities who will switch from ballerina nails one day and pretty almond shape nails the next. And just as changing your hairstyle can give you a whole new persona, different nail shapes also hold aesthetic power, elongating fingers and making large hands have a more dainty appearance.

With so many easy to apply false nail products available, changing styles can be done in just a few minutes.

Ballerina Nails and Personality

Apparently our go-to nail shape choice is a good indicator for our personality type. Round nails are favoured by people who like classic styling, and these individuals tend to be well grounded and take pleasure in simple things. Stiletto nails are preferred by those with artistic traits who love to be creative and expressive. So what do ballerina nails say about our personalities?

People who choose to routinely wear the ballerina nail are usually considered to be unconventional and with just the right amount of edge. They are straight talking, mean business and are driven in achieving their goals. Does this sound like you?

How to style ballerina nails?

French Manicure - Red Tips

Ballerina nails were made to stand out, and this modern take on a French manicure ensures you get noticed for all the right reasons. The square tip of the ballerina shaped nail is striking and when we pull further focus with a coat of red nail polish across the tips, the look becomes even more powerful. Choose a pillar box red shade.

Ballerina Nails With Polka Dot Finish

How are your artistic skills? Many of us would love to be able to gather our nail supplies and create a masterpiece nail design, but it can be more tricky than you would expect. Thankfully, this easy to achieve polka dot finish can be done in mere minutes, with limited artistic talent required. Longer ballerina nails work best for this style, and you can choose how demure or dramatic you want to be, choosing from simple pastel polka dots or a black and white pattern.

All Black

All black manicures were once something of a niche style. In more recent years, they have gone mainstream. And ballerina nails with a black finish are ridiculously sophisticated. Think carefully about how to style this look, one layer of black gloss lacks imagination. Instead, think about mixing matte, iridescent and glitter finishes which add depth to the look.

Product Focus

These products will ensure you get the look you want with minimum fuss.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Ballerina Long Length Beach Ready

Are you heading for the beach this summer? If so, these beautiful ballerina nails are a must-have holiday item. When it comes to a summer manicure makeover, muted shades with pops of hot pink or zesty yellow are very much favoured. However, if pastel manicures seem a little pedestrian for your taste, these long white iridescent nails are just for you. These nails will take you from beach to bar, shimmering in both the sunlight and on the dance floor. Go have fun.

Elegant Touch False Nails Coffin Long Length Bare

Elegant Touch provide the blank canvas and the rest is up to you. That’s right, these long length ballerina nails are specifically designed to give you creative ownership. Choose to play it safe with your favourite go to shade, or take inspiration from the latest looks on Instagram. This product comes with 48 nails, which can be worn for up to ten days.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails Dripping In Gold

Are you off to a red carpet event this year? These elegant Ardell ballerina nails sprinkled with sparkly gold glitter are ideal for weddings, parties, and proms. Finished with a nude polish, these nails bring extra shimmer and shine to any outfit. The product comes with 24 nails in assorted sizes, which enable your look to be personally customised.

Elegant Touch False Nails Acrylic Salon Expert French No 2

Ballerina Nails can be styled in endless ways, ombré gradients, multicoloured tips or detailed design. It all works. However, you need to ensure the actual fit and finish of the nail is on point to make the look really work. These nails, by Elegant Touch, contour perfectly to your cuticle and create salon standard manicures without the hefty price tag. The nails use dual injection technology which makes them feel extra secure, perfect for important meetings and when you really need to look your best.

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