Half Lashes

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About Half Lashes

When you think of false eyelashes you probably picture the traditional full strip of lashes, but half lashes are a great way to mix up your look. This different style of lashes can be used to create an impact, whatever the occasion.

They’ll draw attention to your eyes without damaging your natural lashes. They’re also a great way to introduce false lashes if you’ve never tried them before.

What are half lashes?

Half eyelashes are half the size of full lashes, and they cover the outer corner of the eye only, rather than the whole eye. They create a more subtle look than full lashes, while still adding extra volume to your natural eyelashes.

If you’re trying false eyelashes for the first time, you could start with half lashes to see if you like the look of corner lashes. You might find there’s no need to progress to full eyelashes, as half strip lashes give your eyes just the right amount of extra oomph.

They come in different shapes and styles, and the material they’re made of varies. To help decide whether half lashes are the right style for you, read our blog - Why we love half lashes.

What are half lashes made of?

False eyelashes, whether they’re full or half lashes, are usually made of one of four different types of materials:

Human hair

Generally costing a bit more than synthetic false lashes, those made from human hair give the most natural look. They’re a bit lighter and more delicate than synthetic ones though, so you need to take good care of them. Half eyelashes made from human hair are usually softer and more comfortable to wear than those made of other materials.

The human hair used often comes from China and India and is taken when religious people shave their heads during pilgrimage to temples. You might want to check that whatever brand you buy half lashes from has sourced the hair ethically - if that’s important to you when making a purchasing decision.

Synthetic materials

Synthetic false lashes are usually lower quality than those made with human hair as they’re often manufactured from thermoplastic poly-fibre. This is a strong material which makes the lashes heavier than natural ones, but it means they hold their shape well. They’re usually cheaper than those made with human hair or animal fur.

Some synthetic half lashes are made from silk, which is a thicker material than human or animal hair or fur. They can be a good mid-weight (and mid-priced) option, and a good place to start if you’re new to wearing false eyelashes.

Animal fur/hair

Historically, some false eyelashes have been made from fur or hair obtained from animals. Horse was a common material used to create soft and light lashes, and as the hair was sourced only from the animal's tail, manufacturers said the hair was cruelty-free. 

Mink fur lashes on the other hand might involve inhumane treatment as the fur is obtained from the tails of minks. They do give a more natural look and may feel very comfortable, but the treatment of the animals may put some people off buying them, along with the fact they’re more expensive than synthetic versions.

What's good to know, is that we do not purchase animal fur or animal hair lashes of any description. We are committed to only purchasing stock that is not made from animal fur or hair. We do carry a large range of faux mink effect lashes - but we do not purchase mink lashes under any circumstances.

Increasingly mink lashes are becoming less and less fashionable, and less and less in demand. Therefore we hope to see a day very soon, where all lash brands will refuse to manufacture or supply mink fur and other animal hair lashes. 

What looks can you create with half lashes?

Using a half lash strip creates a more natural look than the full-on, more dramatic look of full lashes. It’s more about enhancing your natural assets than transforming the way you look. They provide a subtle kick to the outer corner of the eyes, accentuating your natural look in a less obvious way than with full lashes.

Outer corner lashes also give the wearer a cat’s eye, feline look, which is quite popular as it makes eyes look bigger and more intense while giving off a sultry attitude. Half lashes which flare out at the corner are particularly good for people with close-set eyes, as corner eyelashes elongate the eye shape, pulling attention away from the distance between the eyes and towards their edges.

Half lashes vs full lashes

There are many reasons why you might want to use half lashes instead of full lashes, including:

A more natural look

If you want to add a bit of glamour and enhance your natural features without going overboard, half eyelashes are a great choice. They add volume to the outer corners of your eyes only, emphasising them in a more subtle way than full lashes.

It can be hard to tell if someone is wearing half lashes as they blend in well with natural eyelashes, so if a more low-key look is your style, these will be perfect for you.

Takes less time to apply

Applying false eyelashes can be a bit fiddly and time-consuming. It will take less time to apply half strip lashes than full lashes, so they’re great for upping the glamour when you’re short on time. Some are magnetic as well, so rather than having to use adhesive to glue them on, you can quickly pop them on in a hurry.

Less cost

You may find that half eyelashes cost less than full ones, depending on the type and brand you choose. Of course, it also depends on the material you go for - lashes made from human hair or animal fur are more expensive than synthetic ones - and which brand you buy.

Better for glass-wearers

If you wear glasses, full lash strips can interfere with them by hitting the middle of the frames, so you might find half lashes more comfortable while wearing glasses.

What’s the difference between lash strips and half lash extensions?

Lash extensions are single lashes applied to your natural lashes one by one with adhesive, whereas strip lashes are a set of lashes attached to a fabric band which are applied to your eyelid. Extensions are normally applied by a professional and need regular maintenance.

Half lash extensions are extensions applied to just the outer section of your natural lashes, which gives a more subtle enhancement than with full lashes. The extensions are kept on all the time and generally last until the eyelashes they’re attached to fall out.

Strip lashes on the other hand are removable and can be reworn multiple times, and you can put them on yourself at home. Buying half strip lashes is cheaper than having half lash extensions put on in a salon.

How to apply half strip lashes

If you are wondering how to wear half lashes, we have a step-by-step guide for you to follow. You apply a half lash in a similar way to full lashes, but focusing only on the outer corner of the eye.

You’ll need eyelash glue and an applicator to help you apply them (you can use tweezers if you don’t have a specific lash applicator).

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Firstly, decide if you need to trim the lashes to match the length of your natural lashes. You can trim them if needed using a pair of small scissors. Lashes that are too long may irritate you and cause you pain when removed; they can also lift off the eyelid much sooner than you’d like.
  2. After trimming, apply lash glue to the band of the half lash strip, then let it dry for about 30 seconds (make sure it’s still tacky to the touch).
  3. Using an eyelash applicator, (or your tweezers) pick them up by the lashes (not the band) and, while looking down, place the band of the lash strip onto the edge of your upper eyelid where you want them to go. Don’t place the lashes directly onto your natural eyelashes.
  4. Then, press down gently on the band to make sure the lashes are firmly in place, and wipe away any excess glue, so it doesn’t get in your eyes.
  5. If the glue line is too obvious, you might want to use eyeliner to cover it up. You can also use a lash curler afterwards to curl your false lashes onto the real ones. It will be hard for anyone to tell the difference!

How to care for half eyelashes

You need to take good care of your false eyelashes if you want them to last a long time. Make sure you take them off before you go to bed, otherwise they might get damaged while you sleep. You’ll need to clean them as well by using makeup remover to wipe the glue off the band and get rid of any debris caught in the lashes.

To keep your lashes in good condition, clean them a couple of times a week with a lash cleanser or mild shampoo (such as baby shampoo). This will dissolve makeup and any build-up of oil. While you’re wearing half strip lashes, try to avoid pulling, playing with or picking at them as this could damage or bend them.

Although you probably won’t need to wear mascara with your half lashes, you might want to if you’re going for a particularly striking look. If so, use a mascara that’s made specifically for eyelash extensions, rather than a generic one that could damage them.

Make sure the mascara is water-based, and apply it only to the tips of the lashes. It’s worth bearing in mind that removing mascara from your false lashes will cause wear and tear to them over time.

Store your lashes in a cool and dry place, so they keep their shape and condition.

What brands make half lashes?

There are many brands out there that make and sell half strip lashes, so you’re spoilt for choice. Here are some of the most popular:

Eylure half lashes

Eylure was one of the first beauty brands to make false eyelashes, having started in the 1940s. It’s now one of the most popular brands around and is synonymous with false lashes of all shapes and sizes. Eylure offers a wide range of lengths, textures, and styles.

Eylure half lashes are completely synthetic and made from a mink-effect fibre, so there’s no animal cruelty involved. The brand is also PETA certified, as none of its ingredients or formulations are tested on animals. Due to the mink-effect feel, Eylure half lashes are soft and natural-feeling, with a premium quality.

Lola’s Lashes

Lola’s Lashes sells six different styles of half lashes, and all their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. All their lashes are magnetic, so there’s no need to use lash glue (which the brand claims is pretty toxic) - this makes them kinder to your natural eyelashes.

The lashes are made from high quality faux mink or synthetic silk, and they’re free from chemicals such as parabens, sulphate, and alcohol.

Ardell Lashes

Ardell Lashes is one of the most popular false eyelash brands on the market, and it sells a variety of different shapes and styles of lashes, including half lashes.

Ardell half lashes are designed to give the wearer a subtle lash lift and they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. They’re soft, lightweight and easy to apply, adding length and texture for a glamourous but understated look.

Lilly Lashes

Founded in 2013 with the launch of its innovative 3D Lashes, Lilly Lashes is all about glamour and creating a dramatic look with false eyelashes that pack a punch but are still comfortable to wear. The brand’s mission is to empower individuals to look like the celebrities they admire, but on an affordable budget.

The brand sells a variety of different styles of half lashes which are made from high-quality faux mink hair. They’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The lashes accentuate eyes and provide a flash of drama, perfect for special occasions or just when you want to ramp up your everyday style a bit.

Where to buy half lashes

You can buy a variety of different brands, shapes, and styles of half lashes at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, shopping by the type of look you want or what will best suit your particular eye shape. You can also search for particular brands, and buy other related products such as eyelash adhesives, brushes and applicators.

FalseEyelashes.co.uk is your one-stop shop for everything you need to wear false lashes with confidence.