Cat Eye Lashes

Looking for cat eye lashes? We've got you covered! We stock a huge selection of the finest cat eye lashes from the biggest and best lash brands in the business. From cat eye lashes by Ardell - to Eylure, Kiss, House of Lashes and many more - we've got over 100 styles for you to choose from. Look no further in your quest to find the best cat eye lashes, because we've almost certainly got a pair for you.

About Cat Eye Lashes

Cat eye makeup and lashes have been around for centuries and were made famous by the iconic Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt. The trend began with kohl around the eyes, then cat eyeliner and finally cat eye style false eyelashes, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the look took off in Europe.

Maybelline’s and Max Factor’s invention of liquid eyeliner in the 1950s meant cat-eye makeup could be applied with more precision and definition, allowing cat-eye looks to become a glamorous go-to for dramatic evenings out.

Where Did The Cat Eye Makeup Style Originate From?

The first famous actress to rock the cat’s eye makeup style was Elizabeth Taylor’s renowned portrayal of Cleopatra in the 1963 film of the same name. Liz Taylor wore her cat’s eye makeup in a heavy black and blue double line above and below the eyelids. The style was copied and adapted into a wearable by Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Sophie Lauren.

In recent years, many well-known celebrities and style icons have chosen the cat eye look for red-carpet events and catwalk fashion. From Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid, cat-eye false eyelashes can be seen all over the catwalks and red carpets.

The sexy cat eye look has never been out of fashion. Today, false eyelashes are an incredibly popular way to achieve the cat eye look. A vast array of false cat eye lashes are available, from subtle everyday styles that enhance your natural beauty to stunning dramatic cat eye lashes that add maximum glamour.

How To Get The Cat Eye Look – The Fast And Easy Way

False eyelashes are a fantastic way of achieving the cat eye look without spending hours perfecting the eyeliner flick. False cat eyes come in various shapes and sizes so that you can choose your preferred level of drama. Long cat eye false lashes add drama, whilst shorter, more subtle cat eye lashes create a cute cat eye effect that’s perfect for daywear.

Which Brands Offer The Best Cat Eye Lashes?

False cat eye lashes from top brands such as Eylure, Ardell, House of Lashes and Doll Beauty are perfectly designed to help you achieve a desirable cat’s eye look quickly and easily. Whether you’re after the cat eye look for a special occasion, party or everyday wear, you can find the perfect false cat eye lash look to suit your style.

False cat eye lashes are explicitly designed with the corner flick in mind and made with lash strands that have been clustered together to create volume from corner to corner. Depending on the look you’re going for, the outer lashes are longer than the inner corner lashes. This design makes a cat eye look either subtly natural or dramatically daring.

To create the effect, false cat eye lash designs are often hand-made using wispy and delicate individual strands. The lashes are then attached to a coloured band, or a clear band, depending on your preferred style and make.

Which Eye Shape Suits False Cat Eye Lashes?

False cat eye lashes look best on eyes that are almond-shaped with a medium-sized lid. Because cat eye style false eyelashes draw attention to the cat flick at the outer corner, they also suit round eyes and make deep-set eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Variations of the cat eye look will suit most eye shapes. It’s simply a case of choosing the cat eye false lashes you like and trying it out.

Who Makes False Cat Eye Lashes?

Because cat eye lashes are so popular, many styles are available from top lash brands. Eylure, Ardell, W7, House of Lashes, Eyecha, Dose of Lashes and Doll Beauty all offer a range of cat eye lashes to suit different types and preferences.

It’s important to note that you must treat cat eye false eyelashes differently than natural-looking ones. Cat eye lashes can be worn multiple times with good wear results if treated correctly.

We love all the styles we sell, but the following are our favourites:

The handcrafted lashes, Eylure 113, are comprised of silky, delicate lash strands that produce 3D volume and an intense curl. These lash strands have been delicately stacked and clustered together to create the look. The length of these gorgeous eyelashes also becomes longer as they approach the outside corner of the eyes, giving the appearance of a breathtaking Russian cat-eye style.

The sweeping pattern of Eylure Light & Wispy 3/4 Length Lashes in style 014 is impressive. These artificial eyelashes are ideal for giving a cat’s eye a flaring finish as soon as they are placed on the outer part of the eyelids. These three-quarter lashes were painstakingly crafted using wispy, fragile lash strands. Those lash strands have been grouped together to add a little volume from corner to corner. Once applied, Eylure 014 lashes are perfect for achieving a delicate and natural appearance.

Ardell has come up stumps by offering incredible definition provided by the style 371 of Ardell Lash Contour False Eyelashes. Two pairs of lashes in this super-value twin set with a fierce and flared style are included. Once applied, these gorgeous strip lashes’ lash clusters gradually lengthen and fill out to create a dramatic, elongating cat-eye look.

How to Apply False Cat Eye Lashes For Best Effects

Since cat eye false eyelashes are designed to create a cat eye effect in the outer corner of your eyes, it’s essential to ensure that when applying cat eye lashes you focus on perfecting the cat flick at the outer corner - this will ensure your desired cat eye look is achieved.

When applying cat eyes false eyelashes, measure for fit first and trim the cat eye strip lashes if necessary. Then, using a good quality lash glue, apply the glue directly onto the band of the cat eye lash and wait a short while for the adhesive to become slightly tacky before placing it into position as close to your own natural lashes as possible.

Apply additional pressure with fingers or tweezers to help secure the cat eye strip lashes into place before blinking several times so that all areas of the cat eye false lashes are fully secure.

Once you’ve perfected your false cat eye lash application, finish off with a coat of mascara to help blend with your natural lashes and set them in place. That’s it - cat eye look achieved.

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Looking After Your Fake Eyelashes

Last, but certainly not least, cat eye false lashes need more care than natural-looking false eyelashes. It’s vital to remove your false cat eye lash after each wear and store them in their tray or box so that you can reuse cat eye lash extensions multiple times with good wear results.

To help keep your false cat eye lash in tip-top condition, use a cotton bud soaked in micellar water to gently remove any glue residue on the band before storing away. Proper care and storage will extend the life of your cat eye false lashes.

So there you have it - nearly everything you need to know about cat eyelashes, including inserting tips, suggestions for the best cat eye lash brands, and how to look after your cat’s eyes falsies.