Doll Beauty Lashes

We've got a fantastic selection of best selling Doll Beauty lashes, right here at! It's fair to say that we're incredibly proud to be official Doll Beauty stockists. Completely cruelty-free, Doll Beauty lashes are made from synthetic hair, and offer a luxurious faux mink feel. There's a Doll lash for every occasion, and these high quality false eyelashes can be reused if looked after carefully.

About Doll Beauty Lashes

Exciting new brand Doll Beauty was brought to life when beauty enthusiasts Sam and Dani joined forces and decided to create a line of lashes that catered to all makeup lover's budgets. Boasting over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, a huge social media following, and a widely renowned reputation in the world of makeup, it's safe to say these girls know a thing or two about lashes. Their expertise, however, aren’t limited to just lashes alone, they have also gone on to create Doll Light – a powder highlighter that has grown to be a cult beauty product across the country, and they also opened a salon - Doll Makeup Studio based in the North West, where you can get your very own Doll Beauty makeover!

Celebs love Doll Beauty Lashes!

After struggling to find lash styles to suit their own needs, that were affordable yet of high quality, Sam and Dani decided to make their line of premium lashes at pocket-friendly prices. Their amazing false lashes have been a huge hit amongst celebrities and makeup artists worldwide, with stars such as Perrie Edwards, Jessica Wright, Katie Price and Kim Kardashian, all wearing their stunning styles, it's not difficult to see why Doll Beauty has fast become a well-loved name for all falsies fans.

Doll Beauty has had a massively successful, exciting year, and back in March 2017 they announced that they would be the official sponsor for The Masterclass in London, which was hosted by Kim Kardashian's iconic makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Mario works with some of the biggest celebrity names on a regular basis, from Eva Longoria to Jennifer Lopez, so Doll Beauty's collaboration with him clearly shows how widely respected and loved their lashes truly are.

Doll Beauty Lashes – The Collection

Dolly Beauty’s impressive lash collection consists of human hair lashes, mink lashes, and Brazilian faux mink lashes, which are all available in a wide range of Doll eyelash extensions designs to suit each and every individual, as well as a number of different eye shapes and sizes.

Their bestselling styles consist of the Stephanie, Eva, and the Khloe ranges, which are in constant demand by our customers, and we are hugely proud to offer 15 amazing Doll Beauty styles altogether on our website. We are confident there is a style to suit you. You might also like the Doll Beauty Gilly lashes.

At, we are the very best falsie provider to be found within the UK. There are no other online stores currently stocking as diverse range as ours. We like to listen to our falsie fanatics, and for this reason, we only stock items and products that are constantly in demand, and you guessed it, one of those is Doll Beauty.

We can guarantee that whenever Doll creates a new product or range, we’ll certainly have it ready for you to purchase. If you’re looking for a new false eyelash, possibly one that has just entered the market, you can be sure you’re going to find it in our online store!

If you want luxurious lashes set at reasonable prices, then Doll Beauty is certainly the brand for you. From wispy, multi-layered lashes, to softer, more everyday styles, you're sure to love our Doll Beauty range as much as we do. Style Katie is perfect for achieving a bold, dramatic appearance, whereas style Kimberley is a top pick if you love a subtle yet fluttery lash look.

How To Apply Doll Beauty Lashes

Okay, so you’re a Doll Beauty fanatic, we’re really not surprised. What’s not to love about these fabulous and flirtatious falsies…nothing right? They’re FANTASTIC! But you’re going to want to get the Doll Beauty individual lashes application process correct.

From getting your cut crease as crisp as possible to mastering the trick of a subtle smoky eye, the options are truly endless with Doll beauty. False eyelashes often work as an addition to your look, and there are some incredible styles that you can create.

Applying falsies can be a daunting affair if you’re brand new to the lash game. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you want to know how the Dolls are doing it, just take a look at our simple 4 step guide below:

But before you start… You’ll need the right supplies!

  • Doll Beauty Eyelashes (for example the Chloe Elizabeth lashes)
  • Doll Beauty Lash Glue/Adhesive
  • Doll Beauty Lash Applicator
  • Doll Beauty Lash Trimmer

Are you ready? Of course, now let’s get to the fun part – applying your lashes!

Step 1 – Clean and Measure

Be sure to cleanse your own luscious lashes with a gentle cleanser before applying falsies. Micellar water, or at times, baby shampoo can be much more gentle on the regions around the eyes. It's also highly important to avoid sharing any of your makeup with friends or family to avoid cross-contamination.

Using your eyelid to guide you, carefully measure your false eyelashes against it. Now you’ll need to trim any excess (cut away from your eye), but we’ll explain this in more detail in the next step. If you want to, you can always use the excess later - This is a great trick if you’re searching for an unusual look or a little flamboyance and flair!

Step 2 – Trim To Perfection

Okay, so you’re going to want to make sure that you get this step right! In order to create a pristine and perfect trim, so that you’re not left short, just follow our tips below.

To trim, you can start by cutting in from the outside edge. You can be conservative with your cuts, a good tip is to cut a little at a time, because over-trimming isn’t going to give you the desired effect. As you cut, keep testing the fit (of the lashes) by placing them over the top of your natural lashes. Once you’re confident that you have created the perfect cut, you can begin to move onto the next step – Gluing!

Step 3 – Glorious Glue

To apply the glue in the best manner possible, hold the semi-circular lash between your fingers (thumb and index) gently facing upwards. You can then take the glue and neatly apply one line in a slow, semi-circular motion.

Now it’s time to get these luxurious lashes on. With confidence but no smiles, place your eyelash (using the included applicator tweezers) on the centre of your eyelid and press down firmly. You’ll want to stick your lashes on as closely as possible to your eye-line as well as your natural lashes, for the best effect. Once you have pressed down firmly, you can use your applicator to pull and shape the eyelash, so that it rests in the most desired position.

Step 4 – Uplift and Style

Once you are certain that your lashes are in place, and the glue is tacky and settling, then you can do a few extra tricks for a more uplifted look. Gently push against your lashes by pressing into the lashes that sit at the edge of the inner lash line. Do so softly, gently, and carefully. This trick will raise your lashes somewhat and provide you with a bright-eyed look.

The Reviews & A Celebrity Seal of Approval

Like many of you, Doll Beauty falsie fans will know, Doll has become the official sponsor for The Masterclass in London, which is hosted by none other than Mario Dedivanovic. The Masterclass in London is a highly special event, and it often takes place at numerous venues and locations across the globe. But for those of you who don’t know who Mario is, you really should.

He started out as a fragrance and perfume consultant and was constantly being mistaken as a prestigious make-up artist. Seemingly, the path for his future career had appeared for him, and he quickly became one of the world’s best-known make-up artists to date. Since then, he has worked with a dizzying array of A-Listers, including Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and J-Lo - to name but a few! In addition to this, this red-carpet make-up artist has also collaborated with a number of high-class beauty magazines. Most notably, Glamour, Elle, and wait for it… VOGUE!

We’re going to get to the reviews part, but first, just take a look at what Kim Kardashian has mentioned regarding Doll Lashes and the charming Mario’s application of them:

“Mario has created my signature glam look, and my love for make-up is inspired by him! Mario has taught me every make up trick I know and use until this day!” Kim Kardashian

More Raving Reviews about Doll Beauty Lashes

My all-time fave lashes! They go on so easily and are the perfect lash for everyday and nighttime! Always repurchase these!!! Charlotte

These lashes are the best and I say this in fear of them remaining sold out. The perfect clustered look, great for when you want to dress up. I loved how they looked on me so much that I started wearing them casually and now I can’t go back to ‘simple’ lashes. These are easy to put on and more comfortable than other ‘heavy’ brands. They easily last up to 10 days of consistent daily wear (as far as I’ve experienced). Aysha

I love, love, love these lashes! I barely ever use lashes due to lack of confidence but these honestly gave me a boost I felt so good in them. They gave a dramatic look while also looking super cute. Super easy to cut and put on and care for. I’ve already used these 4 times and no change in them whatsoever. If you feel nervous about lashes for the first time and want something fluttery and pretty then 100% these are worth it. Miaa

In my opinion, these lashes are gorgeous! They are my favourite pair of false lashes that I own. I find them so easy to put on and they completely transform my eye look into something more sultry and glamorous. Just adore them! Nazma

Fabulous product, a really thick lash band which is easy to cut to the eye. The actual eyelashes are so so soft, feel really good quality, and don’t feel too heavy on the eye. Will never use any other brand of lashes! Chloe

Please note: Doll Beauty lashes packs aren’t sold with lash glue included, so you will need to purchase this separately. We would highly recommend DUO lash glue for the very best application. We offer 4 for 3 deals on all Doll Beauty lashes and makeup palettes, simply add 4 Doll Beauty items to your basket and the fourth (and cheapest) item will be absolutely free when you get to checkout.

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