Russian Strip Lashes

If you're looking for Russian lashes then look no further - we've got you covered! As well as professional Russian style lashes, we also carry a range of easy to apply strip lashes in Russian lash styles. Those Russian style strip lashes by Dose of Lashes, Lola's Lashes and Unicorn Cosmetics generally work out cheaper, easier to apply and easier to remove than professional lashes. If you're looking for the Russian lash effect without a visit to the salon, we've got you covered!

About Russian Strip Lashes

Russian strip lashes are all the rage right now - and it's not hard to see why! What could possibly be better than getting that fresh, salon-style lash extension look - but without the huge salon lash extension price tag?! Russian eyelash extensions are perfect for achieving that extra glam lash look, without any hassle.

We stock a fantastic selection of Russian strip lashes by Ardell, Dose of Lashes, Eylure, Kiss, Lola's Lashes, Unicorn Lashes and more.

What are Russian lashes?

Russian lashes are synthetic lashes that are usually applied to individual lash hairs to create a fan-like appearance. While they usually take more time and effort to apply Russian eyelash extensions, the stunning effect makes it all worth the effort.

With our Russian strip lashes, you can create the same look as applying individual lashes in half the time.

Why buy Russian strip lashes?

So you're wondering why you should part with your hard earned cash for a pair (or 10!) of Russian strip lashes, right? Here are seven great reasons why Russian false lashes are so popular:

  1. Russian style lashes are easy to apply and they look the business once on. You'll go from 0-100 mph with your lash look in just a matter of minutes.
  2. Russian strip lashes are so much quicker and easier to apply than a full set of salon lash extensions. There's no need to book a trip to the salon, find somewhere to park, wait forever while your lash tech finishes with the client before you, then wait an hour or so for your lashes to be done. With Russian strip lashes, you simply pop them on and off as you need.
  3. Russian strip lashes are wayyyyy cheaper than having lashes applied in the salon. We're all feeling the cost of living squeeze, why pay over the odds to look great when you can DIY for a fraction of the cost of visiting your local lash tech or salon?
  4. We like a bit of flexibility, and sometimes we're just not feeling a full set of Russian lash extensions. Russian strip lashes allow us to pop them on and off as and when we feel like it.
  5. Russian eyelashes can be used again and again if you look after them carefully. Put them on carefully, take them off carefully, and store them in a solid lash case, and you'll find your Russian strip lashes will last a good few wears. This makes them even more cost effective when compared to salon-applied Russian lashes.
  6. Russian strip eyelashes need much less maintenance than salon-applied Russian lash extensions. That means no costly infills.
  7. It's not just application that's cheaper - removal is too! Removing your Russian strip lashes is as easy as removing any other pair of strip lashes. Which means no costly trips to the salon for your lash tech to remove them. And there's the added bonus you won't be tempted to sit there and pick them all off one by one, either.

How much do Russian style lashes cost?

Honestly speaking, Russian strip lashes tend to be a little more complex to make than regular strip lashes in a natural or wispy style. Therefore you can expect to pay marginally more for Russian effect strip lashes. But they still won't break the bank!

Here at you'll find a fantastic selection of Russian-style strip lashes at prices around the £10 mark. Whether you're a fan of Eylure, Dose of Lashes - or even Unicorn Cosmetics - these brands all offer their own take on Russian strip lashes, and they're all priced around the £10 mark. We think they represent outstanding value for money when it's all said and done.

Which Russian eyelashes do you stock?

Although Russian lashes are a style in their own right, you'll find a lot of variation between the different types of Russian lashes we stock. From Russian volume lashes for a more dramatic look, to super cute cat eye Russian lashes, we have exactly what you're looking for.

If you're looking for lots of length, drama and volume, then perhaps look at the Boldface Double Trouble Russian-style strip lashes. There is a Russian fake lashes style for everyone, so if you prefer a more natural lash look, there are natural Russian lashes to choose from or if you like extra fluffy eyelash extensions, Russian mink lashes like Dose of Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes will be perfect for you.

If you're looking for length but without the drama, then UC Classics are a good option.

The lash look you're aiming for will determine the best Russian style lashes to choose. Therefore take your time to browse carefully through the great selection of Russian strip lashes here on this page, to ensure you choose the right pair for your needs. 

If you are worried that your eye size or shape won't suit Russian lashes, don't worry because we have designs for Russian lashes on small eyes, large eyes and any shape.

Are Russian strip lashes easy to apply?

Yes! Russian lash strips are fast and easy to apply once you get started. You’ll need to purchase lash glue to use with the lashes and then to apply the lashes, simply:

  1. Add the fast-setting adhesive.
  2. Place the lashes onto a lash wand release (or use tweezers).
  3. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, gently press the Russian eyelashes onto your real lashes.
  4. Apply fans along the eyeline lash evenly.
  5. Fluff the extensions gently for added volume to your Russian false lashes.

 For a detailed guide to applying Russian lashes, read our How do you apply Russian lashes? guide.

Which are the right Russian strip lashes for me?

When you are deciding which type of Russian strip lashes you will suit the most, you should consider the ease of application as well as which ones look the best. If you are an expert in applying false lashes, you can probably choose from any type of Russian lash style.

If you want to try more natural Russian lashes, then Lola's Lashes might suit you more than the bolder 3D faux mink lashes. If you want some extra volume, Russian volume strip lashes like  Eylure Volume Lashes in style 111 will probably be more to your taste. See our range to find your perfect Russian lash strip.

How to remove Russian lashes at home

To remove your Russian individual lashes at home, you should use an oil-based cleanser or lash glue dissolver and a cotton swab to break the lash glue down.

Wipe the cleanser gently across your lashes and leave for a few minutes, then use tweezers to gently remove the Russian eyelashes.

How to clean Russian strip lashes

If you want to be able to re-use your Russian strip lashes, it is important to clean them using the correct method. Cleaning them properly will also help to prevent any eye infections or irritations. For glue-on Russian eyelashes, you can carefully remove them by following these steps:

  • Step 1 - Use a cotton pad with a generous amount of eye makeup remover to gently rub the lashes.
  • Step 2 - Leave the lashes to absorb the makeup remover for a few minutes.
  • Step 3 - Once the glue has softened, you should be able to remove the glue using tweezers.
  • Step 4 - Use an alcohol based disinfectant on a cotton pad to disinfect the lashes.
  • Step 5 - Allow them to dry and then store the lashes in a cool, dry place.


Do Russian strip lashes only come in one size?

Yes, the size of the lash band on Russian strip lashes comes in one standard size so that you can cut them down to the exact size you need to fit the width of your eyes.

The strip lashes are easy to cut, all you need to do is hold the lashes strip along your lash line, with the inner corner lined up at the start of your natural lashes and use a pair of tweezers to mark a slight indent in the place that you need to cut them to.

Then you simply cut the excess section of the lashes away and you have the perfect size to suit the exact length of your lash line.

The length of Russian strip lashes is varied depending on the brand and style, ranging from 10-18mm long.

What lash glue do I use for my Russian lashes?

If you're applying Russian strip lashes then you do not use a professional glue, or an individual lash glue. Instead, you use the same old lash glue you'd use for any strip lashes. We stock a fab range of strip lash glues by Ardell, DUO, Eylure and many more top brands. 

Word of warning! Never, ever be tempted to use a professional lash glue or an individual lash adhesive when applying Russian style lashes. You will end up hurting yourself, and probably pulling your natural lashes out at the same time.

How many Russian styles do you stock?

We stock over 50 amazing Russian strip lash styles by top brands including Claudia Kilsby, Dose of Lashes, Eylure, Lola's Lashes, Unicorn Lashes - and more. You'll find a better selection of Russian strip eyelashes here at than you would on the local high street, or in your local store. So why shop anywhere else for your Russian fake eyelashes? Place your order with us now!

What are Russian strip lashes?

Russian strip lashes are strip lashes that have been designed to mimic the look of professional Russian lash extensions. Russian strip lashes are great for those who love the look of professional lash extensions, without the expensive upkeep.

What is the difference between Classic and Russian lashes?

Classic and Russian strip lashes both mimic the look of professional lash extensions. Classic lashes offer a more natural and light lash extension look, whereas Russian lashes offer a more dramatic, full volume lash extension look.

How long do Russian lashes last?

With proper removal and care, your Russian strip lashes can be reused 10-20 times.

What's the difference between Hybrid and Russian lashes?

Hybrid strip lashes are a combination of Classic and Russian strip lashes. They offer more volume than Classic lashes, but not as much drama as Russian lashes. Russian strip lashes offer maximum volume for a full lash extension look.

How can you maintain Russian strip lashes?

You can keep your Russian strip lashes in tip-top condition with careful removal, gently cleaning them after each use, regularly brushing them with a clean, dry mascara wand and storing them in a lash case or the original box they came in.