Guide to Russian Lashes

Are you considering having Russian lashes applied? These lashes have seen a rise in popularity in recent years as these ultra-fine lashes can give your natural lashes a more voluminous yet lightweight appearance. We’ve got a variety of Russian lash extension products on our website including Kiss and Salon System.

In this article, we take a look at Russian lashes, explaining what they’re made from, how long they last and how they should be applied amongst other topics.

Table of Contents:

What are Russian Lashes?

Let’s look at what exactly Russian Lashes are. They are ultra-fine and generally synthetic. Due to the fact that they are so thin, multiple lashes can be added to every natural lash; ranging from two to eight. Generally, you won’t find Russian individual lashes, however, unlike ordinary strip lashes, it is safe to add several Russian lashes to the lash due to how light they are. 

Russian eyelashes are applied in a fan-like configuration to add more volume. They not only have a thinner look in comparison to ordinary false lashes but they are also more lightweight. Russian lashes are generally suitable for everyone, as long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. However, every person’s eyes are entirely unique in terms of their depth, shape, size and colour. As a result, there is no guarantee that Russian false lashes will suit everyone.

What Are Russian Lashes Made From?

We’ll now discuss the materials used to make Russian lashes. These lashes are lightweight, thin, fluffy and natural looking and tend to be made of synthetic mink. Although Russian mink lashes do exist, most Russian lashes are a synthetic alternative nowadays. Many prefer to avoid using real mink lashes and you can do so by looking out for a cruelty free logo or by simply checking what the product is made of via the product description. Some Russian lashes are handmade while others are pre-made. Both of these options have their pros and cons. It’s best to check out each type and consider which one is most suited to your preferences before making a purchase.

How Long Do Russian Lashes Last?

Once applied and if properly managed, Russian lashes should last around 4-6 weeks which is about the same lifespan that your natural lashes have. Obviously it’ll depend on the person but this is an average for most people. If you want to prevent your lashes gaining a patchy look, you should apply an infill 2-3 weeks after having your lashes applied. 

How Much Do Russian Lashes Cost?

So, you’ve decided that Russian lashes are for you. Now, you might be wondering, how much you’ll need to pay for them. We have a range of different Russian Lashes on our site to choose from ranging from £9.99 to £52.99. At the lower end of the cost scale, you can get the Kiss Lash Couture Luxtensions Collection for £9.99. We also sell the full range of Marvelash lash extensions and products including the Marvelash Russian Volume Lashes 6D Fans and 3D Fans products, for £16.49 each. Then, there is the Double Layer Russian Volume Lashes, which comes with a price tag of £19.99. For a more extensive option, you can buy the Marvelash Russian Lash Kit for £52.99. You’ll also benefit from free delivery if you spend more than £15 on our site! If you’d like to have Russian lashes removed at any point, it’ll cost you about £30 if done by a professional.

How Do You Apply Russian Lashes?

Russian lashes can be applied yourself or with the help of a professional. It will take around two and a half hours for a full Russian volume lashes application. Let’s take a look at the broad steps needed in Russian lash application. The exact requirements can vary, depending on the product.

To apply Russian lashes;

  1. Add a fast-setting adhesive.
  2. Place the lashes onto a lash wand release (you could also use a tweezers).
  3. Start from the inner corner of the eye and apply a slight amount of pressure in order to wrap onto your real lashes.
  4. Apply fans across the eyelash line evenly.
  5. Lightly fluff the extensions to achieve the best look.

You can purchase lash glue separately for any of the products on our site that do not include it as part of the purchase. See the product review section later in the article for more information. Often Russian lashes are applied by a professional. They may have a qualification but it’s not necessary. Legally, a person doesn’t need a specific license to apply Russian individual lashes. However, many will. It’s not recommended to do it yourself as the application of Russian lashes is a complex and time consuming job. A patch test is recommended to ensure that you are not allergic to the glue used to apply the lashes.

Maintaining Russian Lashes

Let’s now discuss how you can best look after Russian lashes! 

Here’s some ways to maintain your lashes within the first 24-48 hours after application:

  • Avoid picking at them. Use a quick brush if they appear not to be in place.
  • They should be treated gently and with care.
  • Avoid watching any tear-jerkers!
  • You should sleep on your back within the first 24 hours to make sure that the glue isn’t affected.
  • Avoid chlorinated pools as well as heat treatments like sunbeds, saunas or steam rooms for a minimum of 24 hours. This is because the first day is the time that the lashes must be allowed to properly bond.
  • Stay away from oil makeup and oil-based makeup remover. Oil can break the glue down as this is needed to keep the lashes securely in place.
  • Avoid at least 48 hours before water/moisture makes contact with your eye lashes.

As discussed, you could go for an infill within 2-3 weeks and every 2-3 weeks after that. Infills are designed to keep lashes looking full and so a few lashes are re-applied. This will fill in the gaps that have appeared from lashes falling out rather than applying the lashes in full. While you can wear eye makeup after two days following the application, you cannot apply mascara or any type of gel or liquid eyeliner to the upper eyelid. This is because such products will cause the lash glue to break down and this can result in damage to the lashes.

You can use oil-free makeup remover if you’d like as this won’t break down the glue used to keep the lashes in position. It’s also best to avoid rubbing your eyes as much as you can. The friction from rubbing your eyes could cause the lashes to twist out of position or even fall off entirely.

Best Russian Lashes Products

Let’s have a look at some of the top of Russian lashes products that are available on our website. Depending on what sort of product you’re going for, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Kiss Lash Couture Luxtensions Collection – Russian Volume

You can buy these Russian eyelashes extensions for only £9.99 on our site. They’re made to replicate the look of professional Russian lash extensions. This is a low-cost and easy to apply approach for achieving a professional look! This collection comes with a mixture of D, C and J curls to provide you with a full and layered finish. The tapered, wispy ends also leave an appearance that is more natural. Lash glue is included with this product. To benefit from free delivery, shop around and add a second product to the cart when buying this collection!

Marvelash Russian Lashes 0.07 Double Layer

These double layer Russian volume lashes come with lengths of 8 to 12mm. These mink style lashes are lightweight with C and D curls. They are ideal if you’d like express Russian volume layering. They’re also perfect for feathering techniques. They have an extra fine thickness of 0.07 and can create a great multi-dimensional look! They’re available on our site for £19.99.

Marvelash Russian Lashes 0.07 3D Fans

These pre-made 3D fan lashes can provide an immediate voluminous look. You can use these lashes on their own or by mixing them with a collection of 0.05 and 0.07 false lashes. This is a way to achieve feathering effects and unlimited layering. These lashes are B curl styled with a thickness of 0.07 and assorted lengths ranging from 8mm to 12mm. This product costs £16.49. Lash adhesive does not come with this product but you can buy it separately on our site!

Marvelash Russian Lashes 0.07 6D Fans

For the same price as the above mentioned product, you can get the Marvelash 6D fans lashes. Once again, these lashes can be used independently or with the addition of 0.05 and 0.07 lashes. Unlike the 3D fans product, these lashes have a C curl style. They do however, also have a thickness of 0.07 and a range of assorted lengths of 8-12mm. Lash extensions glue does not come with this product but once more, this can be purchased via our online store.

Marvelash Russian Lash Kit

You can create multi-dimensional and unlimited lash effects using the Marvelash Russian lash kit. With a full range of ultra-fine, extra fine and pre-made Russian volume lashes to achieve a high quality and very soft finish. All of the lashes included in this kit come in black and with assorted lengths.

Here’s what the kit includes;

  • B curl extensions 0.07 extra fine
  • B curl extensions 0.05 ultra fine
  • 07 Russian volume 3D fans
  • 10 x glue rings
  • Angle tweezers

How to Remove Russian Lashes

You may decide that you’d like to try out different lashes at a certain point in time.

  1. Initially, you need to remove any makeup on your eyes. You should take a gentle approach since roughly doing so could damage your false and real lashes. Gentle micellar water can be used for this and applied with a cotton pad to gently rub over your eyes.
  2. After removing the makeup, you should add steam to your face in order to loosen your extensions. This can be achieved by filling a bowl up with hot water and placing your head over it, while a towel hangs over your head. Steaming will not only help to loosen your lashes, it also has benefits for your skin. This is due to the fact it can flush out pores and help prevent blackheads.
  3. Then, a cotton ball can be used to gently wipe onto your eyelashes with oil added to the cotton. It’s important to avoid getting the oil in your eyes. Wipe the lashes continuously until your extensions begin to fall off.
  4. Rinse your eyes with water once the lashes have fallen off in order to remove any residue.

As you can see, removing eyelash extensions, whether Russian lashes or otherwise is relatively straightforward. You can pay for a professional to do this or perform this yourself at home. It’s important to take your time in the case of the latter and if you do so, you can save on money by removing your extensions yourself. The issue is that if you rush it or miss a part, you might pull out natural lashes by mistake. Because your extensions are attached strand by strand making a mistake when removing lashes could even result in bald spots where lashes might never come back. So be sure that you’re comfortable taking on the task at hand. If not, it’s better to see a professional.


We hope you enjoyed our review of Russian lashes! This guide has looked at what they are, how they can be applied and other relevant subjects such as how to maintain Russian lash extensions. Make sure to have a look around our site and consider the various Russian lash extension products we have to offer, before finding the perfect option(s) for you!