Claudia Kilsby

About Claudia Kilsby

If you’ve never heard of Claudia Kilsby don't worry; you're not alone — but things are about to change as Claudia Louise Kilsby is a British beauty expert and TikTok sensation that has created her range of false eyelashes and cosmetics about to go mainstream.

Claudia has always been passionate about beauty. She knew that one day she would take the beauty world by storm. In 2020, Claudia finally made her dream come true and launched her lash line — Claudia Kilsby Beauty Products and Lashes.

The turning point for Claudia came when Consett model Becky Field became the face of Claudia Kilsby's liquid blush. Thanks to a massive billboard in Manchester city centre in 2020, Claudia Kilsby shot from social media queen to beauty and false lash royalty.

Claudia Kilsby's false lashes are the highest quality, with a super soft and flexible lash band that perfectly fits most eye shapes and sizes. The wispy length of her lashes will surely give you that Love Island glam look we all want, even if we can't make it to Ibiza.

Claudia Kilsby Lashes have something for everyone, from the classic look to something a little more daring. The trick is finding what works with your personal style and taste. Claudia's focus is fashion-forward; her lashes are premium quality and available at an accessible price point.

What Makes Claudia Kilsby Lashes So Special?

Claudia has used her extensive knowledge of the beauty industry to produce false strip and individual lashes that people want to wear and feel proud of. Her range of lashes focuses on natural glamour and comes in black and brown.

With names like Vegas Volume, Winged Russians and Fluffy Faux Mink Lashes — Claudia's range is suitable for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a natural, subtle, everyday look or something more special for a night out, she has something to suit everyone.

There's an extensive selection of half lashes for all eye shapes; most are vegan and cruelty-free.

Are Claudia Kilsby's Individual Lashes Any Good?

Yes, they're excellent; the Claudia Kilsby Lash Lock Individual Lashes IL2 in black have stunning D curls, while the IL3 boast flared-out full lash V clusters ranging from 8 to 14 mm. Lash Lock Individual Lashes in IL1 are natural extensions and can be worn over or under your real lashes.

Each box contains 40 clusters, giving at least 4–8 new sets depending on how many lashes are applied.

How to Apply Claudia Kilsby Strip Lashes, Half Lashes and Hybrids

  1. Measure each lash along the lash line and cut them to fit as needed.
  2. Apply adhesive to the lash band and hold for 30 to 40 seconds until tacky.
  3. Apply the inner and outer corners after sticking the centre to the lash line.

The adhesive is not provided, but this is not a problem — click the link for lash adhesive.

Claudia Kilsby Beauty Products and Lashes is a luxury brand with an impressive range of products to suit all eye shapes and sizes. Claudia's passion for the beauty industry shines through in her creations, which are designed to be perfect for special occasions or everyday glamour.

Whether you're looking for strip, half, or individual lashes, Claudia Kilsby has something for everyone; after all, her 105k TikTok fans can’t all be wrong. Shop the range now and get ready to look fabulous.