Chrome False Nails

About Chrome False Nails

Are you ready for Chrome False Nails?

If you were around in the 80s, this trend may make a well manicured toenail to instinctively curl. The 80s has been having a resurgence in 2023, evident in neon shades and the odd puff sleeve here and there.

If you have been there and done that, you may not be ready to fully give in to the chrome fake nails trend, but whatever age you are, chrome false nails will show that you recognise that metallics are having a moment.

If your head is now buzzing with shiny chrome sequins and glittery trousers, fear not. We have literally come a long way since the 80s and in 2023, you need to wear the style differently.

It’s all about the accent with shoes or handbags, it’s not about looking like a contender for the glitter ball. However, as the micro metallic mini is trending, opting for a Kylie inspired hot pant could be the way forward, yet take care to freshen with a chrome finish, Kylie likes to be the only golden girl.

What exactly is chrome?

Apologies for the science here, but we are all becoming increasingly inquisitive as to what we are wearing for both health and social reasons, so here is a very quick lowdown on what chrome actually is. And remember, when it comes to fashion, you are mostly wearing an item which gives an impression of chrome or metallic finishes.

Chrome, also known as chromium, is a natural occurring element. To be utilised effectively it is often layered onto other material such as aluminium, copper or brass, creating a product which is high in shine and reflective, almost mirror like. And that is the inspiration you need to take forward into your chrome false nail finish, high shine and reflection.

How do I style my chrome false nails?

Black is always in fashion…

When we think of chrome, silvery hues tend to come to mind. In reality, chrome can be in many colours, it just means the finish is shiny and reflective. And black chrome nails just look ever so sophisticated. Black nails with a chrome finish can soften the overall appearance of the nail and make it an easy transitional style, working for both the daytime and evening wear.

Because you are worth it…

This description needs to be on a par with the M and S adverts, because these nails are not just nails… these are matte block finished nails with chrome accents. Oh my, does it get any better? This look is ridiculously luxe and if Coco Chanel was about today, she would certainly get onboard. Opt for a deep navy block matte polish and then choose gold or silver chrome tips.

Electric Blue…

The suns out… reach for the pastel! And whilst everybody has a favourite shade of pastel, there can be more to summer manicures than a candy floss finish. And here it is, an iridescent electric blue and purple, chrome nail finish. It totally works as a summer nail, pairing well with whites and adding spice to fresh spring shades.

Also guaranteed to grab attention at festivals. Wear it and work it. And if it feels a little in your face, simply add in one or two iridescent nails to your standard manicure. NB. Fake it with Ardell Nails Matte Blue, which also includes a chromed style finish.

It is important to remember that a flawless chrome finish can be hard to achieve, possibly needing the assistance of a professional. However, if you just don’t have salon money right now and are eager to get on board with the latest nail art trend, just go fake it. That’s right, there are a number of chrome false nail products on the market, and we have listed the best of breed in different nail sizes below. You are welcome…

Product focus: Types of chrome fake nails

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails Green Glitter Chrome

The green nail trend started in 2020 and whilst other nail trends have emerged, we don’t want to shake off this style. However, we could shake it up with a chrome false nail twist.

The key to this look is the elegant almond shaping, it keeps the manicure versatile. A mash-up of glitter, green and chrome fake nails in a longer length could be just too much… but these false nails turn heads in the way you want.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails Champagne Ice

Ice Queen Vibes right here. This is a Christmas party classic, blending the best of all the season has to offer. The statistics of this product are just dazzling, frosted matte finish, chrome finish and crystals… get your hands on this product and start styling these chrome false nails in your own unique way. Long-lasting wear.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails Chrome Pink Foil

It’s your disco… As mentioned earlier, hot pinks and chromes are for some, a blend best left in the 80s. Yet let’s not forget what a crazy good decade that was, and younger generations should definitely be allowed a slice of that fun.

There is no doubt that these chrome false nails from Ardell Nails are full on. You may not be dancing under mirrored ceilings with a head full of curls, but these false nails work really well for holidays and even as festival wear.

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How long do chrome false nails last?

Chrome false nails will usually last 2-3 weeks but this will depend on how well you take care of them and the speed of your nail growth.

Final tip

The chrome look is trending and will definitely be with us into the autumn and winter season. Admittedly, this is a divisive style, but working with accessories such as handbags, scarves and chrome false nails can gently ease you in to the 2022 style.