W7 Lashes and Nails

We love W7 lashes and nails, and we know you will too! Famous for offering a huge selection of lash styles and false nails, W7 products are priced low - ensuring they never break the bank. With over 20 amazing lash styles to choose from, and over 50 false nails to choose from, you can be sure there's a W7 lash and nail for you.

About W7 Lashes and Nails

The story of W7 goes back to 2002 when two young men from West London were driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make high-quality cosmetics accessible to everyone.

Founders Sammy Bazini and Eoin Macleod noticed a gap in the market for truly affordable cosmetics that were actually good quality, and thanks to this foresight, they’ve made waves in the UK cosmetics industry in the best possible way.

Until W7 made its appearance, the UK market was very much divided into two categories when it came to cosmetics: high-end, quality, but expensive. The second was, low cost, but poor quality.

W7 wanted to create a movement where high-quality cosmetics were available to anyone, no matter their budget, at truly affordable prices - and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Nowadays, everyone is able to go to any shop in the UK and find a wide range of cosmetics at great prices, while also knowing that what they’re using is of great quality - all thanks to W7.

Since its initial launch, back in the days before social media was even really a thing, the brand has grown from strength to strength, and they now stock more than 500 different, cruelty-free products.

Among their vast range, you’ll find make-up, nail polish, false eyelashes and false nails, plus so much more. All at affordable prices, and at a quality standard you can trust.

No matter what occasion or look you’re going for, W7 has you covered. So, whether you want to rock the 3D faux mink lashes or you want to up your nail game with W7 glamourous nails, look no further

What Sets W7 Apart?

There’s no doubt about it, the cosmetics industry is hugely competitive. In the UK alone, the market alone is worth a whopping £27 billion and growing.

However, this has never really phased W7, as they’ve been very clear on what sets them apart from everyone else from day one. At the core of the brand lies a strong belief in creativity, individuality, and healthy self-expression, and this belief is also a huge driving force in their desire to keep prices low and quality high.

They believe everyone has the right to be who they are, and that cosmetics are just one of the ways people are able to do this.

The company’s tagline is “Who Will You Be Today?” which really highlights this message to their customers that they’re free to express themselves, and that W7 cosmetics will help them do just that.

Another thing that sets W7 is found within their products. Not only are none of their products tested on animals, but they offer an Ebony Collection of products, such as foundations for darker skin tones, and were one of the first brands to do this, as being inclusive is highly important to them.

Are W7 an Ethical Brand?

W7 is an ethical brand and has never tested any of its products on animals.

In addition to not testing on animals, W7 takes quite a passionate stance on this, and actively refuses to sell in regions where there is a requirement in place to test cosmetic products on animals.

They recently stated in their Animal Welfare Statement that they are keen for animal testing to be ceased globally and are hopeful for a more push towards cruelty-free alternatives in the testing of cosmetics.

The company has also founded the W7 Foundation, a financial assistance programme that provides support to charities that are working towards ending the cruelty to animals.

Another area where W7 focuses on being an ethical brand is in the ingredients used within their products.

As a company, they take quality and customer safety very seriously and don’t allow the use of heavy metals, toxins, or dangerous preservatives in their products.

They also ensure that all products they sell worldwide are adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards within those regions.

Taking their stance on animal cruelty even further, W7 has a large selection of products that are 100% vegan in their Very Vegan range.

These include everything from make-up brushes to eyeshadow palettes, blushers, lipstick, foundation, concealer, gift sets, and more.

Finding quality vegan cosmetics at affordable prices historically hasn’t been the easiest of tasks, but thanks to W7, there are more options than ever.

Product Range

As mentioned above, the product range at W7 is well over 500 and is set to continue growing as they identify more gaps in the market for different types of cosmetics.

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, you’ll find a huge variety of products from W7 on offer to suit your budget and your taste.

They stock a wide range of foundations, bronzers, pressed powders, and blushers for every skin type, and that will perfectly match your skin tone and help you look fresh-faced whether you’re heading back to the office or planning a night on the town with your girls.

When it comes to lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye make-up, once again, there’s a huge selection, so whether you’re going for bold and brave, want to create the perfect smoky eye, or just want something that will help accentuate your natural features, W7 definitely has something for you.

At FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we stock a range of false nails and eyelashes from W7, and we’re going to cover some of the best-selling products below:


When it comes to false eyelashes, W7 has truly perfected their lashes range. No matter what kind of look you’re going for, you’ll always find something to suit your style and the occasion at unbeatable prices. From natural to bold, and totally out there, there’s truly something for everyone.

  • Royal Lashes - Available in a range of thicknesses and styles, the 6D Royal lashes are some of the best on the market. Although the Royal lashes are slightly more pricey than the other ranges, you know you’re getting the absolute best when it comes to quality, and it’s still nowhere near what you’d pay at a salon.

    The Royal lashes collection from W7 are made of toxic-free materials and are 100%, and as well as being available in different styles, they can be re-applied up to 10 times, saving you even more time and money.

    The W7 Royal 6D Lashes - Duchess are bold, yet elegant. When you pair these with some dramatic eye make-up, you’ll instantly add some real depth and definition to your eyes.

    You can even wear these daily since they’re bold enough to stand out on their own, giving the appearance of naturally longer lashes without all the hassle.

  • Wispy Lashes - With Wispy Lashes, you can have longer lashes in minutes that look completely natural and don’t ruin your own lashes.

    Wispy lashes are designed to be used for pretty much any occasion, so whether you just want the appearance of longer lashes for daily wear, or need something to give a bit more depth and definition during your next night out, you’ll find something within this range to suit your style and your budget.

    The W7 Wispy Lashes - Mesmerise are a great choice if what you’re looking for is something that gives the impression of naturally longer lashes without the cost and hassle of individual extensions.

    These are perfect for those occasions when you want to create a bold look, and can be re-applied up to 10 times, so they’re ready to wear whenever.

  • 3D Faux Mink Lashes - Within the range of 3D Faux Mink Lashes, there’s everything you need for a full-on dramatic look.

    These lashes are made using the best quality materials, and with their low prices, you can have brand new luscious lashes in minutes.

    3D Faux Mink Lashes - Safe Word are among the bestselling products within this range, and for good reason. They’ll take your lashes from barely there to bold and beautiful within minutes.

    If you’re looking to create a truly striking look for your next night out, these lashes are just the thing to help you.

  • Faux Silk Lashes - When it comes to the Faux Silk Lashes range on offer from W7, you have a lot of choices, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve.

    You’ll find lashes within this range that are perfect for daily wear and look just like your own lashes after a trip to the salon, and you’ll find some that will allow you to create a truly bold and dramatic look that won’t fail to get you noticed.

    W7†Faux Silk Lashes - Aphrodite is a popular choice for many people when it comes to false lashes, and it’s not difficult to see why.

    The dramatic shape and intense black colour of the lashes really bring out your outfit and contrasting eye makeup, while the varying lengths of the lashes themselves add a unique depth and definition to your eyes.

  • Individual Lashes - For those who love to tailor their lashes and create their own unique look, the Individual Lashes range from W7 offers you plenty of opportunities to do just that.

    The W7 Individual Lashes Knot Free are a great choice for anyone looking for a way to create a unique look.

    The different size individual lashes give you the chance to experiment and play around with them to see what suits you and give you plenty of options for different occasions.

How to Apply Your W7 False Lashes

Step 1: Trim to Size

If this is your first time applying W7 false eyelashes, then the first thing to know before you apply them is that they need to be trimmed down to size first.

Getting this step right is crucial because you don’t want them too short so that they’re not completely flush with your natural lashes, nor do you want them so long that they look unnatural.

To cut your W7 lashes correctly, you should begin slowly trimming from the outer edges of the lash, and as you go, stop to measure the lashes against your own so you can see how much still needs to come off.

Step 2: Carefully Apply the Glue

In order for your W7 lashes to remain attached to your own, the adhesive needs to be applied correctly.

The adhesive supplied with your lashes is strong, so you don’t need much. You should apply carefully along the false lash line while holding the base of the lashes with your fingers to give you control.

Apply sparingly and wipe off any excess before placing it onto your skin.

Step 3: Apply Your Lashes

Now that you have the right amount of adhesive applied to your W7 false eyelashes, it’s time to place them over your own lashes.

This step requires concentration and a steady hand, though the best way to apply these is by holding the false eyelashes in the middle using tweezers.

Once you have a firm grip of the lashes using the tweezers, carefully move them towards your eyes and gently place them as close to your natural lash line as possible.

Once in place and matching the length of your own lashes, use your fingers to press down the lash against your natural lash line gently, but firmly.

Step 4: Finish Off Your Look

You now have your fabulous new false lashes in place and are ready to finish off your desired look by adding dramatic eye make-up or a deep contrasting lipstick.


W7 offers an extensive range of false nail products, covering every look, style and tase you could possibly imagine. So, whether you’re looking for a classic daily look, such as a French manicure or something wild and vibrant for your next festival, W7 has you covered.

Glamorous Nails - No matter what kind of false nail look you’re after, you’d be hard-pressed not to find it within the Glamorous range of W7 false nails.

There’s everything from bold shades of red, deep teals, baby pink, and multi-coloured tips, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every taste.

Naturally Nude Nails - The Naturally Nude range of W7 false nails are perfect for those who need something for daily wear.

These come in a variety of shades, shapes, and lengths, and you can customise these exactly to your needs at home - so, no matter what you need, your nails will always look amazing.

Pre-Glued Nails - If you’re short on time or just need a touch-up while on the go, then the range of Pre-Glued Nails from W7 will make your life so much easier.

Choose from a huge range of colours, styles, shapes, and sizes for any occasion you can imagine.

Acrylic Tips - If you’re someone who loves to give yourself a French manicure at home and come up with your own styles, then the Acrylic Tips from W7 are everything you need to do just that.

You can choose from tips, such as French and natural, depending on what you need.

Full Cover Nails - The Full Cover Nails from W7 is another hugely popular range that allows you to create your own custom look at home.

These nails cover your own nails perfectly, so you look and feel completely natural while giving you that freshly-manicured feeling.

How to Apply Your W7 False Nail Products

Step 1: Prepare Your Natural Nails

When it comes to wearing false nails, preparation is the key to success. Before you even think of applying your W7 false nails, you should make sure that your natural nails are trimmed and cleaned.

This means, making sure that any remaining nail polish is removed (yes, even if it’s only little flecks) and then giving your hands and nails a good clean.

Once they’re dry and clean, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Carefully Place Your New Nails Over Your Own

Once you’ve done the correct preparation for your new W7 false nails, you should now take your chosen nails without any adhesive and carefully place them over the top of your natural nails to ensure they fit correctly.

After measuring them up against your natural nails, use the adhesive as instructed in your package and apply it to the nails.

Place the false nails back over your natural nails and hold them in place for 30 seconds.

Your false nail should now be correctly bonded to your natural nails. Just repeat this process until all your nails are done.

Why people love W7

Since they made their way onto the scene back in 2002, W7 has truly gone from strength to strength.

Even with great marketing, this level of success wouldn’t be possible if their customers didn’t keep coming back.

People love W7, not only because of their wide selection of high-quality cosmetics and accessories but because they simply love everything the company stands for.

In the time since they started, they’ve always remained true to their mission of bringing high-quality cosmetics to everyone at affordable prices.

When people shop at W7, they feel like they get a consistent experience, and that the company do truly put people (and animals) above profit.

Try W7 for Yourself

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W7 is definitely one that ticks all of those boxes, so why not give our collection of W7 false nails and eyelashes a try?

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