Professional Tweezers

We stock a great selection of tweezers for professional use, by Eyelash Emporium, Marvelash and other top brands. We stock different types of tweezers including pointed tip tweezers, X-type tweezers, angled tweezers and more. A great pair of tweezers is a must when you're a lash tech, so be sure to treat yourself to a robust, long-lasting pair of professional lash tweezers right here at

About Professional Tweezers

Lash techs need professional tools, especially tweezers; anyone who uses false lashes needs a good kit. With slant tweezers, you can easily apply, separate and remove your lashes.

But what makes the best tweezers? They need a good grip that won't slip off the hair. Tweezerman tweezers are great for those who want precision regarding facial hair removal. Plus, they're rust-resistant and will last you a long time.

Bikini Line Tweezers

When it comes to bikini line tweezing, slant tweezers are the way to go. These slanted tips make removing unwanted hair easier without tugging or breaking the skin. Tweezerman slant tweezers are slanted at the perfect angle to grab onto each hair. Plus, they're durable and rust-resistant, so you don't have to worry about replacing them every few months.

When it comes to choosing tweezers, remember that quality is critical. You want a pair with a good grip and slant that won't break or slip off the hair. Tweezerman tweezers are slanted, rust-resistant and durable, making them an excellent choice for any false lash or hair removal enthusiast.

Here are some how-tos and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Safe Removal of Unwanted Facial Hair

Facial hair is a tricky subject; no one wants red blotchy skin. You must be extra careful when removing it. Tweezers are the best tool for this job as they allow a precise grab on each hair without tugging or pulling at your skin. Tweezerman slanted tweezers make the process easier; place the slant tip directly onto the hair before gently pulling upward.


Which type of tweezers is best?

Slant tweezers are best for false lash application and facial hair removal, providing a better grip without tugging or pulling at the skin. Tweezerman tweezers or Eyelash Emporium are slanted and made from rust-resistant materials, making them an excellent choice.

Why won't my tweezers grab hair?

Likely, your tweezers need to be slanted or have a safe bevelled edge, the material needs to be stronger, and the tweezer has no textured grip. Either Eyelash Emporium or Tweezerman make tweezers that will grab the hairs, and that's what you need.

How do you pick good tweezers?

Look for slanted tips, rust-resistant materials and textured grips. We love Tweezerman, but we also love Eyelash Emporium, which makes equally good tweezers for home or professional use.

What tweezers do professionals use?

Professional lash techs often use straight, curved and slanted tweezers (three different tools for different jobs) as they provide what you need, whether you're removing facial hair, ongoing hairs after a bikini wax or plucking your eyebrows.

To ensure you've got all the tools for whatever you're doing, it's a good idea to buy a few different designs and brands to have all eventualities covered.