False Toe Nails

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About False Toe Nails

If you have not yet come across the trend for false toe nails, we are here to get you up to speed. Instinctively, false toe nails can seem a little icky! Do they not hurt? Are they practical? Of course these are all good questions and day to day, false toe nails are probably not very wearable. Yet for holidays and lazy days spent on the beach, false toe nails can really upgrade your appearance.

On social media platforms, the false toe nail look has been taken to the extreme. There are a plethora of posts with superbly long toe nails, which frankly look a little weird. However, if you have neglected your feet over the winter and are looking to give them a quick makeover, shorter false toe nails could work for you. False nails for toes are the perfect addition in summer months where your sandals become your favourite footwear.

Where Do I Start?

If you are going to put your best foot forward this summer and try false toe nails, you need to ensure that the rest of your feet are also looking tip-top. So here are a few quick tips to give yourself a DIY pedicure.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail…

Feet work hard. We expect a lot of them and sometimes, it is time to give something back. Remove any nail polish with nail polish remover to get started. Prepare a warm basin or bathtub, add in a few drops of your favourite essential oils and give them a long lovely soak. As the nails soften, this is also a good time to push back any cuticles and trim your own nails.

Scrub Up Well

Use your favourite exfoliating cream to remove dead and dry skin, paying particular attention to the heels. Have a towel warming, ready to wrap and dry your fresh feet.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise…

We would never forget to moisturise our face, but our feet often get neglected. Adding moisture to your feet should be part of your daily beauty routine. And if you have time, treat yourself to a little foot massage.

Get ready to nail it…

False toe nails can be applied as both an acrylic nail or a press on toe nail, fixed with glue. There are benefits and drawbacks for both options, and the choice really depends on personal preference. Press on toe nails are the faster and easier option.

What are the benefits of acrylic false toe nails?

Acrylic nails have been a beauty staple for quite some time. The fake toe nails are a mixture of plastic and liquid monomer which are applied to your own nails and then shaped into your chosen style.

Whilst acrylic nails can be done at home, it is usually preferable to pay an expert to ensure your manicure is finished to a high standard. And the same applies when it comes to your toe nails.

However, with so many options for easy to apply false toe nails, like press on toe nails and glue on toe nails, it has never been easier to achieve the salon toe nail look at home. Why not try try Kiss Fantasy Toe Nails with 24 nails and nail glue included?

Here are the benefits of acrylic false toe nails!

Durability - Did you know that your toe nails grow much slower than your fingernails? Therefore, acrylic false toe nails can last a very long time without the need for salon top-ups. They are very strong and won’t easily break.

Flexibility - Your false toe nails can be finished with any gloss or design you desire.

Creativity - A key benefit of false toe nails is the base it gives you to work with for creative designs. Natural nails are generally uneven with ridges, which can spoil a budding masterpiece.

NB: It is important to keep the false nail short, if it is too long it will become uncomfortable. False toe nails should still look natural.

What are the benefits of press on false toe nails?

Press on false toe nails have the same benefits as acrylic toe nails in that they are strong, durable, and available in many different shades, designs or styles.

Additionally, press on false toe nails are also cost-effective, meaning you can indulge a false toe nail trend one day and remove it the next. Stick on toe nails reduce commitment to a particular style and can easily be applied at home.

Design Inspiration For False Toe Nails

If you are heading off on a well-earned summer holiday, we have some perfect inspiration for pretty feet using stick on toe nails.

Blue Sky Thinking

A classic summer holiday hopefully involves blue skies and blue seas. Reflect these colours in your chosen toe nail designs. The reverse French manicure works equally well for the toe nails as it does on the fingers. Find your perfect shade of blue and pair with glittery silver polish layered over the cuticle. This style works best on nails with a square shaped tip.

Flower Power

Are you heading to a festival this summer? Hopefully the weather will be kind, and you can ditch the wellingtons for wedges, open toe naturally. Paint your toes in a classic pink colour, opting for freestyle flower designs on your big toe. A fun girlish vibe, pretty and ready to party.

Coral and Gold

Coral is a great summer colour which beautifully complements floaty white dresses. For extra power, opt for a nail accent in a shimmery gold polish. This works particularly well on the second toe. Alternatively, swap the polish for gold decals.

Evening Sparkle

If you are heading to a fabulous red carpet event this summer, you need to ensure you are turning heads for all the right reasons. Opt for your favourite LBD, paired with super strappy sandals. Select a glossy black nail polish and finish with silver decals trailed across the top of the foot. This look is intentionally lavish, and false toe nails will ensure your feet look the best they can be.

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