Pre-Glued Lashes

Pre-Glued Lashes

If you want to enhance your eyes without the fuss of fiddling with eyelash glue, or are an inexperienced false eyelash wearer, our range of self-adhesive (pre glued) lashes are the perfect alternative to standard strip lashes.

Whether you are a beginner and need applications to be straightforward, or you simply want to speed up the process to save time in your beauty routine; pre glued lashes are an incredibly convenient way to accentuate your natural lashes. There’s no need for lash adhesive, or waiting around for the glue to go tacky, you simply position the pre-glued lashes as close to your lash line as possible, and pop them into place using tweezers or a lash applicator, depending on your preference.

We stock a range of different designs and brands that are available in pre glued versions, for a super easy application that offers amazing results. Whether you require a soft, subtle style for everyday wear, or a more dramatic design that adds intense length and volume; Eylure, Revlon and Salon System offer their own pre glued lash styles, in order to accommodate everyone.

Bestselling Eylure style 117 is available in pre glued form and we also stock the super popular Ardell Press on Lashes – as seen on ITV’s This Morning. Featuring bestselling styles such as ‘Wispies’ - these false lashes are fool proof, and look truly stunning once applied. Apply to your eyes in a matter of minutes, and transform your look with ease.

Shop our impressive pre glued lash collection now, and find a fuss free false eyelash style to suit you. Don’t forget – all orders also come with FREE 1st Class Delivery in the UK when you spend £10 or more at Don’t wait any longer, update your falsies collection and give pre glued lashes a go!