Everything you need to know about Pre Glued Lashes


If you’re considering trying false lashes for the first time, or you simply want a quicker alternative to standard strip lashes, then pre glued lashes are a great option to try. Quick, convenient and available in a wide variety of styles; pre glued lashes are completely fool proof! Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we offer an impressive selection of pre glued strip lashes from bestselling brands such as Eylure, Salon System and Ardell. There is a style to suit everyone and they are all extremely affordable. Here is everything you need to know about pre glued falsies, from selecting a suitable style to applying and removing them.

What are Pre Glued lashes?

Pre glued lashes are strip lashes that have been designed for a quick and easy application. They require no lash adhesive as the lash band is pre glued meaning you simply need to measure them, trim them down if necessary and pop them on! They are a great alternative to standard strip lashes if you tend to wear lashes every day, or if you are an inexperienced lash wearer that wants an easy, effortless enhancement. Pre glued lashes can’t be reused, they are intended for one use per pair. Whatever lash style you are looking for, there is bound to be a pre glued pair for you.

Why choose Pre Glued lashes?

  • Pre Glued lashes are quick and easy to apply
  • They require no lash adhesive
  • They are ideal for everyday wear
  • There is a selection of styles to choose from


If you like a soft, natural look from your lashes, then the Eylure Pre Glued Naturals lashes are a top pick. This collection has been exclusively designed to provide a delicately enhanced finish that is subtle enough for everyday wear, and is perfect for those that require just a little length, volume and definition from their falsies. Style 031 is extremely popular and features flared lash clusters that are formed together to create an effortless, eye opening curl. If you’d like something a bit more textured or full, then the bestselling Ardell Demi Wispies are also available in a self-adhesive style. This style offers slightly more volume, and boasts a graduated length for an elongated effect.


If the convenience of Pre Glued lashes appeals to you, but you’re after a bold, dramatic style then we also offer a selection of designs to suit you here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk. Ardell self-adhesive lashes in style 101 provide heavy density and a medium length, making them the perfect pair for instantly taking your look from day to night. These lashes are ultra-lightweight, easy to apply and comfortable to wear. We also stock the amazing Press On Wispies which saw a huge increase in popularity after appearing on ITV’s This Morning. This iconic style is well-loved for it’s versatility as it offers more length than the Demi Wispies, but still consists of a textured, wispy appearance that is soft enough for day to day, but is also full enough for night time occasions.

What you need to apply Pre Glued lashes:

  • Tweezers or a lash applicator
  • A mirror
  • Scissors

How to apply:

Applying Pre Glued lashes is super straightforward, which is what makes them an ideal option for beginners or those that want to speed up their morning beauty routine. There is no need to apply lash adhesive which means less fuss, mess and waiting around for the glue to go tacky. We recommend setting up a good sized mirror on a surface in front of you that is level with your face.

Before you apply any form of strip lashes, we recommend curling your natural lashes and applying one coat of mascara. This helps the false lashes to blend in with your natural lashes, and it also provides a better base for the falsies to stick to. 

After applying your choice of mascara, be sure to wait for this to dry before applying the lashes on top. This will prevent any smudging. When your mascara has dried, simply begin by peeling the pre glued lash from the tray using a lash applicator or tweezers. Be careful when removing the lash and ensure you are gentle so that it doesn’t break or misshape.

Once you have successfully removed the lash from the tray, roughly measure the lash against your lash line without letting the band actually touch your eyelid. If you feel that the lash could do with trimming for a more secure and comfortable fit, then use lash scissors to cut a small section of lash strands from the outer edge of the lash. Measure the lash again once trimmed, and if you’re happy with the fit then you can continue to apply the lash.

Using a lash applicator or tweezers, position the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Gently press the lash down into place, and continue to adjust the two outer edges accordingly, until the entire lash is secured. You can then use the lash applicator to carefully ‘sqeueeze’ the false lash to your natural lashes to ensure they are blended together for an discreet finish. 

What you need to remove Pre Glued lashes:

  • A mirror
  • Tweezers
  • Baby oil or an oil-based cleanser
  • A gentle eye makeup remover

How to remove:

Removing Pre Glued lashes is also very easy, however there are a few things that differ slightly from removing standard strip lashes. The adhesive used on Pre Glued lashes is slightly stronger and stickier than normal lash adhesive, as it is designed to remain sticky in the packaging before you apply it. You will need to apply an oil-based cleanser or some baby oil to a cotton bud, and gently swipe it along the lash line and band to break up the adhesive. This will allow for the lash to effortlessly slide off your eye without causing any damage to your natural lashes or pain. Use your tweezers or applicator to carefully peel the lash off after you have dissolved the adhesive.

Once both lashes are removed, you can then dispose of them as pre glued lashes cannot be reused. You can also then use the cotton bud and cleanser to remove any further traces of adhesive from your eyes and lash line and use an eye makeup remover to remove all of your eye makeup.