Under Lashes

Under lashes, sometimes referred to as lower lashes, are the cherry on top of any lash look! If you want to take your lash and makeup game to the next level, a pair of under lashes is the perfect way to finish your look. We stock an unrivalled selection of under lashes by big brands such as Ardell, Eylure and Salon System. Scroll down now to start shopping the largest collection of under lashes in the UK!

About Under Lashes

Under lashes, sometimes referred to as lower lashes, are the cherry on top of any lash look! If you want to take your lash and makeup game to the next level, a pair of under lashes is the perfect way to finish your look.

We stock an unrivalled selection of under lashes by big brands such as Cherry Red, Koko Lashes, House of Lashes and SOSU. We are not forgetting the gorgeous SWEED.

But before we dive in, we want to answer some questions you frequently ask. Starting with ”What's the difference between false under lashes and under lash extensions?”.

What's the difference between false under lashes and lash extensions?

It's fashionable to add under lash extensions to the bottom lashes. But individual lower lash extensions can be costly and time-consuming. The answer lies in false under lashes, and here’s the difference, false under lashes come already attached to a strip, ready for easy and super-fast application.

You'll be astounded at how drastically changing adding false under lashes to each eye makes the eye look. Without looking odd, false under lashes can give the appearance of more enormous, dramatic eyes.

If you're looking for all the bits and bobs you need to apply under lashes in a jiffy, then we sell a great value underlash starter kit that's well worth considering.  

More About Under Lashes

Adding extra length and definition to your natural lashes has never been easier. We stock almost every single type of false lash you can think of, including a variety of under lashes to complete any eyelash look effortlessly.

Lower lashes can often be forgotten about, but enhancing their appearance can seriously make an impact. They are the perfect way to intensify your eyes and can be paired with your favourite pair of false under lashes for an impressive, stand out look.

Simply add them to your eyes alongside mascara if your under-lashes require extra length and volume.

The ideal way for ultimate lash lovers to take their look to the next level; under lashes can be used to create countless different effects. We boast many original designs if you’re looking for a soft, subtle style.

What about Peaches and Cream No 38 Bottom Lashes? Not designed for your bottom but your under lash - although if you want peachy lashes on your behind, who’s going to stop you? Not us. That’s an IG post that might not make the grid.

Individual Under Lashes for a Natural but Bold Look

If you want a more dramatic, bold pair, we have a selection of striking styles you’re sure to love. We also have individual under lashes if you prefer to customise your eyes, allowing you to add as much or as little volume as you like. These are our top picks for achieving a natural finish.

Choose from Lola, Penny or York from the Red Cherry collection, but our all-time favourite has to be Audrey. All the best Audrey’s from Audrey Hepburn to the actor Audrey Tatou love a fake lash. Give Audrey from Red Cherry Under Lashes your money.

You wouldn’t go out without your makeup, so why would you neglect something as important as your under lash extensions? Did you know there are a few tricks that can help to up your under lash game?

If you want a wide-eyed look, try applying more individual, longer under lashes to the centre of your lower lash line. Long centre lashes draw the eye of the person looking at you to the middle of your eye, making your eyes appear bigger.

When applying your false under lash, put a little mascara on your natural lashes first; mascara gives the under lashes something to hold on to, and in turn, means your look has been created quickly, and you can use less glue and individual lashes.

We know we’ve said this before, but we say it again because it’s true - false under lashes are great for those that don’t have real lower lashes or have very few natural hairs. They are extremely realistic, lightweight and comfortable to wear – they also look totally realistic and full-on amazing once applied.

Applying false eyelashes under lash line can be a difficult skill to master at first - but once you've done it a few times, you'll master it with ease.

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If you haven’t already tried a pair of under lashes, browse our impressive collection now, we’re confident you’ll love them. All orders placed here on our website also come with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK, when you spend £15 or more. If you've never applied false eyelashes under lash line, now's the time to buy the right products to give it a go - you can thank us later!


What are under lashes?

Under lashes are the lashes underneath your eye and are sometimes known as lower lashes or bottom lashes.

People who have no or few under lashes can apply fake under lashes to provide more definition to the eyes. Check out our range of options for stunning false under lashes.

How long do under lashes last?

Under lashes will usually last between 2-3 weeks, depending on how well you care for them. With a good application technique and aftercare, your lashes can last for up to 6 weeks.
Avoiding getting them wet and avoiding pressing your face into your pillow when sleeping will help to prolong the life of your under lashes.

What is the best lash glue for under lashes?

There are lots of high-quality lash glues for under lashes, including the Duo Brush-on Lash Adhesive and Ardell Brush-on Striplash Adhesive.