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Browse and buy the very latest false lashes, lash glues, makeup accessories and false nails right here at! If you want the latest lashes and nails then we're your go-to. We're regularly adding new products across all of our categories and all of the brands that we stock. Be sure to check back regularly for the very latest in beauty and makeup.

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Here at, we stock a huge range of false eyelashes from the very biggest and best lash brands in the business! We frequently add new brands and new styles, so be sure to keep checking back to this page. Whether it’s a new style from a bestselling brand that we already carry or a completely new range from a brand we’ve never stocked before, you can find all of our amazing new additions right here. Updated weekly, often daily, our collection of the latest lashes is always expanding.

We are confident that we have an unbeatable and up to date selection of false eyelashes on offer. We proudly boast lashes from some of the top selling lash brands around. We regularly add new eyelashes from the likes of Ardell, Eylure, Kiss, Lilly Lashes and Unicorn Lashes Lashes to name just a few. Not only do we continue to add new lash styles on a regular basis, but we also continue to update our lash accessories and beauty tools to provide you with the most popular and stylish products available.

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Curating a huge selection of big brands hasn't been easy, but we've done it anyway! We stock the biggest names in the lash business, including Ardell, Baddie B, Doll Beauty, Eylure, House of Lashes, KoKo Lashes, Lilly Lashes, and Red Cherry Lashes, and many more! There's no need to look anywhere else for false eyelashes - we're your one-stop shop. If a brand can't be found here at, it's not worth bothering with. We only stock the best brands and the most popular styles.

We don't just stock eyelashes, we also sell lash glues and remover too. From strip lashes to individual lashes - we've got them all, and for every style of lash, we also stock the correct glue. We're confident you'll be spoilt for choice when you browse our fantastic range. In addition to offering one-time purchases for our customers, we've also rolled out subscriptions on most products found here on our website. To find out more about our eyelash subscriptions, be sure to read our Subscription FAQ page.

How To Apply – A Step By Step Guide On False Eyelashes

1. Clean and Measure

Be sure to cleanse your own luscious lashes with a gentle cleanser before applying falsies. Micellar water, or at times, baby shampoo can be much more gentle on the regions around the eyes. It's also highly important to avoid sharing any of your makeup with friends or family; to avoid cross-contamination.

Using your eyelid to guide you, carefully measure your false eyelash(s) against it. Now you’ll need to trim any excess (cut away from your eye), but we’ll explain this in more detail in the next step. If you want to, you can always use the excess later. This is a great trick if you’re searching for an unusual look or a little flamboyance and flair!

2. Trim To Perfection

Okay, so you’re going to want to make sure that you get this step right! In order to create a pristine and perfect trim, so that you’re not left short, just follow our tips below.

To trim, you can start by cutting in from the outside edge. You can be conservative with your cuts, a good tip is to cut a little at a time – because over-trimming isn’t going to give you the desired effect. As you cut, keep testing the fit (of the lashes) by placing them over the tops of your natural lashes. Once you’re confident that you have created the perfect cut, you can begin to move onto the next step – Gluing!

3. Glorious Glue

To apply the glue in the best manner possible, hold the semi-circular lash between your fingers (thumb and index) gently facing upwards. You can then take the glue and neatly apply one line in a slow, semi-circular motion.

Now it’s time to get these luxurious lashes on. With confidence but no smiles, place your eyelash (using the included applicator tweezers) on the centre of your eyelid and press down firmly. You’ll want to stick your lashes on as closely as possible to your eye-line as well as your natural lashes; for the best effect. Once you have pressed down firmly, you can use your applicator to pull and shape the eyelash, so that it rests in the most desired position.

4. Uplift and Style

Once you are certain that your lashes are in place, and the glue is tacky and settling, then you can do a few extra tricks for a more uplifted looked. Gently push against your lashes by pressing into the lashes that sit at the edge of the inner lash line. Do so softly, gently, and carefully. This trick will raise your lashes somewhat and provide you with a bright-eyed look!

Our Top 5 Best ‘New In’ Products and Packages – Hand Picked For You!

Browse the Newest Products to Hit Our Online Store Below:

1. Eylure Enchanted Lashes - Tropic Like It's Hot only £3.99

Eylure Enchanted Lashes in style Tropic Like It's Hot are wild, wispy, and ready for a tropical vaycay! Boasting length, volume, and just the right amount of density, this limited edition lash is easy to apply and ultra-lightweight.

  • Easy to apply
  • Reusable
  • Lash glue included

Each box contains one pair of Eylure Enchanted Lashes in the style Tropic Like It's Hot. One small lash glue is included in the pack (1g).

2. House of Lashes - Lash Story Visionary only £16.00

The House of Lashes Lash Story Visionary lash case is the ideal way to store or transport your treasured lash stash! This chic Lash Story Visionary holds 10 pairs of strip lashes and also boasts two special spots for a full-size House of Lashes Lash Adhesive and a Flawless Precision Applicator.

  • Stores up to 10 pairs of strip lashes
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for travel

Please note this case is supplied empty. Lashes, lash glue, and accessories are sold separately.

3. Ardell TexturEyes Lashes – 578 only £6.99

Ardell TexturEyes Lashes in style 578 offer graduated length, starting shorter in the inner corner of the eye. With dense clusters of wispy lash hairs spaced delicately along the clear band, these falsies offer a perfectly imperfect look. Handmade using 100% natural hair, Ardell TexturEyes Lashes are Cruelty-Free.

  • Easy to apply
  • Perfectly imperfect
  • 100% natural hair
  • Cruelty-Free

Each box contains one pair of Ardell TexturEyes Lashes in style 578. Lash glue is sold separately.

4. Lilly Lashes Full Blown Flare Up Individual Lashes only £12.00

Lilly Lashes Full Blown Flare Up Individual Lashes will take your look from barely flare to full blown in just a matter of minutes. Ultra-glamorous, double-layered, and knot-free, these faux mink lashes offer full volume and lots of length in an instant. Creating a completely custom look with your lashes has never been easier. These flares are suitable for all eye shapes.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Contains 14mm and 17mm flares

Each box contains 32 flares, 16x14mm flares, and 16x17mm flares. Lash glue is sold separately.

5. Eylure X Jordyn Woods False Lashes - LA Baby (BUNDLE OF 5 PAIRS) only £19.99

Eylure X Jordyn Woods False Lashes in style LA Baby are textured beauties, that's for sure! If you want to create the coveted cat-eye look without breaking the bank (or breaking a sweat!) then these falsies are for you. Designed by Jordyn Woods herself to offer extra curl and replicate the look of lash extensions.

  • Easy to apply
  • Cruelty free
  • Lash glue included

Each bundle contains five boxes of lashes, and each box contains one pair of Eylure X Jordyn Woods False Lashes in style LA Baby. One small lash glue is also included in each box.

Our Top 3 Tips: Looking After Your Fabulous Falsies

Top Tip No.1 – Avoid Mascara… If Possible

There are a lot of contradictory tips fluttering around in the world of false lashes. Should I apply mascara, or maybe I shouldn’t. The final answer will most likely be down to you. However, it’s always good to stay informed if you need to make a decision. If you have spent your hard-earned cash on some glamorous lashes, then you’ll need to take care of them. No one likes to throw their money away right?

If you regularly used mascara on your falsies, you could be making them a lot dirtier, which will give them a shorter life span. If you can’t leave the house without mascara, lashes, or no lashes, just do your best to select one that isn’t waterproof. Even the very best mascaras make lashes and falsies clumpy, which isn’t great for your natural lash health.

Top Tip No.2 – Clean and Comb Your Natural Lashes

This tip is a highly important one. You should make sure to always clean your natural lashes, to keep them free from dirt and other nasty microbes. Sometimes glue will build up, and this will also make your falsies look a little bit clumpy. What you can do is gently soak them in lukewarm water. Then you can go ahead and clean them with a cotton bud or swab. Just make sure to rinse your lashes and then softly comb, before patting them dry.

Please note: It’s a great idea to clean both your natural lashes and your falsies! The only difference is that you will have to store your falsies in a tray, and your natural lashes stay on.

Top Tip No.3 – Remove Your Lashes Properly

You can use a few different solutions to remove your false lashes properly. Some of these might include, makeup remover, micellar water, or a branded eyelash remover solution. We have tonnes of superb solutions on sale here at Just have a browse and pick your favourite, we promise your falsies are going to last for longer.

It might be faster and tempting to pull out your falsies, but this can lead to severe damage, and could potentially rip out your natural lash line. We would recommend choosing a remover that is oil-free. Instead of using tweezers to remove your lashes, just use your fingertips gently (preventing damage to your falsies).

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