Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyelashes

Great news: Magnetic eyelashes have now arrived here at We've had hundreds of requests from our customers, and we've been looking for a range of high quality magnetic lashes from a reputable brand, in order to fulfil that demand.

We're pleased to announce that we've found the perfect range - and that range is the Ardell Magnetic Lashes range. We're proud to be the first company to launch them worldwide - you can pick from the five fab styles that we have in stock, right here at We offer the iconic Wispies and Demi Wispies along with three other top selling Ardell styles.

Magnetic eyelashes have many benefits - the biggest, perhaps, being the cost advantage. If handled delicately and cared for properly, magnetic lashes can be worn many more times than traditional, glued or pre-glued false eyelashes. Also, you don’t need to purchase any lash adhesive, saving you even more money.

If you've stayed away from false eyelashes up until now because you don't like the idea of fiddling with glue, or struggle to apply standard strip lashes, then you're going to love magnetic lashes. They’re perfect for beginners and are a great alternative if you want a quick and easy enhancement. There is no mess or fuss and they take just a few seconds to apply - with a little practice you'll be able to apply them in no time at all.

To apply them you simply pop the upper lash on top of your natural lash line and position it into place. You then get the lower lash and place it underneath the upper lash, this is where the two magnets will form together with your natural lashes in between.

They're super simple and safe to use. Magnetic eyelashes are also ideal for people with allergies to lash adhesive as they don't contain any chemicals, just hair and magnets.

We'll be keeping a look out for magnetic lashes from other brands too, but for now, the range of Ardell Magnetic Lashes that we stock offers a style for everyone. From natural to accent lashes, Ardell's magnetic selection is outstanding. You can enjoy those staple Ardell lash styles, without having to worry about adhesive ever again.

Every single item here at comes with completely FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £10 or more - that includes our full range of magnetic eyelashes. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with us now, we know you won't be disappointed!