5 Best Magnetic Lashes of 2023 for Easy Application

We love mascara, but even the best mascara can fall short on the WOW factor. Magnetic lashes are the answer for days when you want a more dramatic eye makeup look or other times when you just need a boost but don't want to spend hours creating it.

Some magnetic lash kits come with a magnetic liner and applicator, so you can quickly press the magnetic lash strip onto the magnetised eyeliner and over your natural lashes, without mess, instead of fumbling with finicky lash adhesive and liquid eyeliner.

Others have tiny magnets in the lash strip. But what if you don't have steel eyelids? Do they stay in place all day? These and other questions require more investigation, so we took up the challenge and researched, so you don’t have to.

Why not read our blog about best magnetic lashes for an indepth look at why they’re so good, otherwise let's start with some fascinating info about magnetic false lashes.

What are Magnetic Lashes?

They are a type of false eyelash that is attached to your natural lash with the help of magnets. Magnetic lashes usually come in two parts – top and bottom – connected by a small magnetic strip.

It sounds hi-tech, and actually, it is. You don't need a diploma in science or a degree to understand how magnetic lashes work, and they are a step up from the old-fashioned false eyelashes you would glue to your lash line. If science is your bag, you can read more here.

How do Magnetic False Lashes Work?

The magnetic strip on the base of the lashes contains tiny magnets. These magnets attract each other, and when they come into contact, they "click" together and adhere to your natural lash line.

The result is a fuller, longer-looking lash that stays put and doesn’t require any glue - magic or what?

Do Magnetic Lashes Stay on All Day?

Yes, magnetic lashes can stay on all day – if they are applied correctly. If you don't have much experience with false lashes, you may find it takes some practice to get them right.

There are so many great tutorials online. It's worth taking the time to watch a few and find one that works for you. Once you've mastered the application, magnetic lashes can last all day – even after a bit of a nappydo! Why not read our blog about sleeping in your lashes.

Check out @beautybybelinda Instagram. It's fun and informative. Belinda Chatterton appeared in the first series of the BBC/Netflix makeup show, Glow Up.

Belinda made it to the semi-finals, so she knows a thing or two about magnetic false lashes. Belinda loves @kissproducts. Buy her favourites here:

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Yes, magnetic lashes are safe. You wouldn't be able to buy them if they were a risk to your eyes, but with all things related to health, you must follow the instructions.

Do not be tempted to go off-piste and combine your magnetic lash with some old-fashioned glue action.

The magnets are small and will not cause any damage to your eyelids or natural lashes. Many people find magnetic lashes more comfortable than traditional false lashes because no glue is involved.

Look at this hilarious Tiktok by @chelseaortner - false lashes gone wrong.

Can Magnetic Lashes Enhance Your Features?

Absolutely! We’re in no doubt.

Magnetic lashes are a great option if you're looking for a way to enhance your eyes. They can help create the illusion of more enormous, defined eyes. They're also a great option if you have sparse lashes or if your lashes are short.

False magnetic lashes can also be a good choice if you have allergies to some of the ingredients in traditional false lashes or lash adhesives.

And, because they don't require adhesive, they're much easier to apply and remove than conventional false lashes.

We aren't the only people who love a falsie - celebs do too.

Which Celebrity Loves Magnetic Lashes and Why?

Many celebrities love magnetic lashes because they're easy to apply and look great on camera. Kim Kardashian is a big fan of magnetic lashes, and she often wears them on red carpets and at glamorous events.

Kylie Jenner is also a fan of magnetic lashes, wearing them whenever she is out in public (even at the gym). Lady Gaga, Madonna, and even some unlikely stars favour these fluttery eye enhancers.

Magnetic lashes are also a favourite of many YouTube beauty gurus and influencers. Many prefer magnetic lashes because they're quick, easy to apply and look great on camera no matter what.

Hello Magazine, Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly and prime-time TV host Amanda Holden love a rummage in the makeup artist’s fake lash box.

The Best Magnetic Eyelashes in 2023

Now that we've answered some common questions about magnetic lashes, let's look at some of the best magnetic eyelashes in 2023.


Belinda's choice and top of our list - here's why.

Kiss magnetic lashes are some of the best on the market. They're easy to apply, look natural, and stay in place all day. The Tantalize style is an excellent choice if you're looking for a natural-looking lash. They have wispy tapered ends, so they blend seamlessly with your lashes.

The magnetic strip sits better in the centre of the lash, so it's easy to apply. And the lashes come with a magnetic liner (sold separately) but need no glue - we repeat it, no glue required!


Kiss me up! The magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit has everything you need to start your false lash journey. These lashes make light work of almond, round and deep-set eye shapes.

Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit - Charm offers fluff mink effect lashes that stay put no matter what. Five mini magnets hold the lashes in place, and what’s more, they are infused with Biotin.

What’s Biotin, I hear you say? Well, lovely false lash wearer, it’s a protein that we make naturally that keeps our own lashes healthy.


The Eylure magnetic lashes in the Baroque Corner style are a great choice if you're looking for a kick-out-looking lash—perfect lashes to open up small eyes, vegan friendly and reusable if you look after them.

The easy-to-use magnetic strip is best placed on the outer edge of the lash, and the lashes come with a magnetic liner and not a spot of glue in sight.


Ardell magnetic lashes are some of the best on the market. They're easier than others to apply, look stunning, and stay in place all day.

The Ardell Accents 002 style is an excellent choice if your eyes are small or hooded. Ardell makes the lashes 100% cruelty-free fibres, designed to create a stir while remaining ethical.

The magnetic strip is located on the outer edge of the lash, delicately placed for maximum effect along each lash band.


Lola loves this kit, and so do we. Lola's Lashes in Rose Quartz for a maximum volume, with all you need to quickly transform your lash appearance from ordinary to breathtaking.

All Lola Lashes kits, eyelashes, and accessories are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, packaged in a delicious pink box. Spot on Barbiecore right there!

Check out the set if you have almond shape eyes; there’s no doubt that Lola is your go-to gal for kits that give more impact.

And one more for luck…


The clever people at KISS designed the Crowd Pleaser for round eyes. This style is a flirty magnetic lash, offering a wispy, full look. Layered clusters that are criss-crossed and have tapering ends provide drama and refinement.

You must use matching magnetic eyeliner, but the overall effect is stunning and, more importantly, no glue!

What to Look For in a Pair of Magnetic Lashes

When you're choosing magnetic lashes, the choice is vast, so here are some pointers, some things to watch out for, to help you choose the best magnetic lashes for you.

The length and thickness of magnetic lashes are the first things you'll probably notice but don't forget about the width, too, especially if you have monolid eyes. You want magnetic lashes that will open up your eyes and give them a fabulous flutter.

If you're looking for magnetic lashes that give a natural look, then go for ones that are shorter and less thick. If you want a more glamorous, dramatic look, choose magnetic lashes that are longer and thicker.

Consider the Shape of Your Magnetic Lashes

Another thing to consider is the shape of the magnetic lash strip. Some are straight, and some have a slight curve. The curved magnetic lashes will follow the shape of your eye more closely, and some people find them easier to apply.

The magnets on the magnetic lashes are essential too. There are usually three or four magnets along the strip. The more magnets there are, the better the hold will be. And if you wear your magnetic lashes all day or night, then you want them to stay in place.

Choose the Best Magnetic Liner

The thing that makes magnetic lashes so easy to apply is the magnetic liner. This is a liquid liner with magnetic particles in it. You use it like any other liquid liner, and then the magnetic lashes stick to it.

When you're choosing a magnetic liner, look for one that is long-wearing and waterproof. You don't want it to smudge or wear off during the day or night.


Choose Good Quality Magnetic Eyelashes

When choosing magnetic lashes, make sure they are made from high-quality materials. The lash strips should be flexible and lightweight so they are comfortable to wear all day or night. And the magnets should be solid and durable to hold the lashes in place.

With magnetic lashes, you can have the best of both worlds - natural-looking lashes or dramatic and glamorous lashes. It just depends on what style you're looking for. With so many different types and styles, you're sure to find the perfect magnetic lashes for you.

Know Your Eyeshape

It’s important to know your eyeshape. Once you’re confident that your eyes are the shape you think they are then whatever magnetic lashes you choose will be the perfect fit. If you're unsure, read our blog post about Various Eye Shapes,  and it will explain everything.

Lashes for Monolid Eyes

According to experts, an eyelid known as a monolid lacks a crease and can benefit from fake lashes - who knew?


The X Liberty lash kit has been made by experts using vegan silk threads and is carefully designed to create a contemporary fox-eye look. These false magnetic lashes lengthen as they approach the outer corner of the eye.

Brunchin’ to VIP is event dressing in a pretty pink package containing everything you need to make your entrance.

Click On - Easy Off Lashes

You can't go wrong with magnetic lashes if you're out to make an impression or need some enhancements should your natural lashes don’t make the grade. We've covered the best of the best to make your choice easier.

Finally, sooner than you think, party season is coming. That sexy cat makeup isn’t going to do itself, and festive celebrations wouldn’t be the same without your falsies - if you don't want to miss out, get your look sorted. See you on the other side, party people.