Lash Scissors

About Lash Scissors

To ensure a flawless application of your favourite falsies, it's super important to measure the lash band before applying it, to ensure that the eyelash fits comfortably against your natural lash line. More often than not, false lashes are made to cater to a variety of different eye shapes and sizes and can appear to be quite large, so they won't always offer a perfect fit for every individual. This is where a pair of lash scissors come in - ensuring the lashes are the perfect size for your eyes, with just a few snips!

Lash scissors are essential for carefully trimming the outer edges of your false eyelashes to achieve an impeccable fit once applied. Scaled down in size to provide an accurate trim, without damaging the lash or compromising their quality; lash scissors are definitely one of the most crucial tools required when it comes to applying your lashes like a pro. 

We stock a large range of lash scissors here at - the lash scissors that we stock, all boast sleek designs and are perfectly sized to pop in your makeup bag, so that you're always set for a speedy and effortless lash transformation. From rose gold Lilly Lashes scissors, to a full beginner's lash kit by Kiss including lash scissors, we have chic and affordable options available for all falsies fans to ensure every lash application is as easy as possible, whatever your level of expertise.

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