Nude False Nails

Nude false nails are ideal for day to day wear. Great for college, work and pretty much any occasion where being OTT isn't an option. We're confident you'll love the huge range of nude false nails we have in stock - from big brands like Ardell, Elegant Touch, Kiss and more.

About Nude False Nails

Do you think nude false nails are basic? Get prepared to change your mind.

Nude false nails are everywhere. They are literally as natural looking as it gets, they are what you are born with. However, if you want to stay nude but upgrade your overall appearance, then nude false nails are definitely for you.

What exactly is nude?

Until recent years, the colour nude was used to define shades of lighter skin, largely associated with the western world. Thankfully, as the world and society evolves, nude can be considered as a more diverse description, covering a much wider range of skin tones.

When forward-thinking companies realised they needed to become more inclusive, the trend reached out across makeup brands, haute couture and fast fashion alike. These days, when a cosmetic brand releases a new nude product, it ensures the range covers everything from pale pinks to rich browns and beyond. Progress indeed.

When you take the time to stop and think, the fact that the colour most commonly known as nude was oversimplified into one shade, seems pretty crazy. Thankfully, the fashion and beauty industry are getting much better at being inclusive, offering a greater range of products which reflect nude as a colour with many different shades.

Are nude clothes in fashion right now?

Whatever your specific nude shade might be, you can relax in the knowledge that nude clothing rarely goes out of favour. Here are a few tips for wearing nude in 2022.

  1. If you select the right shade of nude for your skin tone, the colour is incredibly forgiving and offers the opportunity to pair with other bolder colours, such as Hot Pink or Zesty Yellow.
  2. Think about how your skin may change in the summer months. Do you tan easily? If you are planning a holiday in the sun, it may be beneficial to invest in tan hues as part of your summer wardrobe. Paired with dazzling white, you are guaranteed to turn heads.
  3. Are you just too fond of colour? There are many beautiful shades on trend for 2022 so, you may feel like you are missing out by opting for a nude outfit. If this is the case, you could get on board with nude hair shades or even… opt for nude false nails.

What are the most popular nude nail trends for 2022?

Hands down, nude false nails are probably the most popular product on the market. And these latest trends prove it can be anything but boring.

Keep it simple

One of the key benefits of nude nails is the fact that the shade elongates your finger, creating a super elegant appearance. Opt for a classic nude finish for a look which is classic and continually in style. If you want your vibe to be fresh and young, match your skin and shade as closely as possible. For more drama, prepare to darken the finish combined with a high gloss.

50 shades of nude…

This might be an overused phrase, but it celebrates all the nude false nails shades which are currently on the market. Hurrah. So instead of playing it safe with a simple stone or delicate pink, why not have one nail of every shade you can find.

Nude Combined With A Graphic Detail

If you are a fan of graphic nails, nude colours can be the perfect base to allow you to do your thing. Choose a really subtle shade which will enable your chosen graphic to really stand out.

Choose your nude false nails

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Cocoa Crush

We are really crushing on this cocoa shade from Elegant Touch. It is a universal nail and due to a glossy finish combined with a shorter length, these nails can take you from lounge to lounge bar in no time at all. The product is applied with the included glue and contains 24 nails, which can be worn for up to ten days.

Nail HQ False Nails Long Coffin - Mixed Nudes

It can be really hard to decide just how nude you want your false nails to be. Are you simply looking for a classic finish to elongate your fingers, or do you intend to turn heads? If so, this product from Nail HQ will do just that. It is not just the large array of shades which will make you stand out from the crowd, it is the long coffin shape which grabs attention. Also, a vegan friendly product.

Kiss False Nails Salon Acrylic French Nails - Crush Hour

At first glance, these nude false nails from manufacturer Kiss, offer a basic French manicure type style, in short length. However, the stand-out feature of this product is the flex fit cutting edge technology.

Whilst the product can be fitted with traditional glue, which is included, customers can also choose to use the ultra adhesive tabs which ensure a completely flawless finish, without any bubbling. This makes these nude false nails an ideal product for those who are trying out false nails for the first time and want to ensure their look is completed to a professional standard.

Final Fact

The products in this article really highlight how much better society is becoming in recognising diversity and addressing inclusivity. And we finish with one final thought-provoking fact. Did you know that until very recently, flesh toned ballet shoes were only available in pink and light shades? How ridiculous does that seem? Thankfully, after an African-American ballet dancer highlighted the issue of finding flesh coloured ballet shoes, an Australian manufacturer came onboard to help him out. Well done to them.

Whatever our skin tone, there are nude false nails to suit your unique appearance. So shop nude false nails today.