Elegant Touch False Nails

Get great looking nails without a visit to the salon, thanks to Elegant Touch false nails! These high quality glue-on nails are the ideal way to get that freshly manicured look, without leaving the house (or paying a fortune.) We stock a great range of Elegant Touch false nails and nail accessories, so why shop anywhere else?

About Elegant Touch False Nails

The world of false nails is constantly evolving, with more and more brands joining the market, and more false nail options being available than ever before. Amongst this change, Elegant Touch has remained to be a brand that false nail lovers know and love.

This is because Elegant Touch understands the importance of providing high quality, long-lasting and professional-looking false nails to customers. This is why it’s one of the ‘one-stop shop’ brands for false nails. From short nails to long nails, to classic nails to trendy nails, Elegant Touch does it all.

Applying, wearing and removing Elegant Touch nails is simple and straightforward. They can be applied using false nail glue or adhesive tabs, and they can be removed without any specialist equipment.

Nail salon look, without the expense

This is why Elegant Touch is a brand that’s popular among people who enjoy doing their own false nails at home, avoiding the expense of going to a nail salon.

There is a range of Elegant Touch nail options, and the collection is constantly growing. This means Elegant Touch is a brand you can use time and time again, knowing that you are unlikely to run out of false nail designs and colours.

If you are looking for long false nails, the Elegant Touch long false nails range includes the Stiletto Long Length style. Don’t worry if you’re looking for something more practical, as we also have stunning Elegant Touch short false nail styles like Square Short length style.

If you want to know how to put on Elegant Touch false nails and the options available to you, keep reading.

How to Put on False Nails

It doesn’t matter if you have applied false nails multiple times before or you are doing it for the first time, it’s not something you should rush. Taking the time to properly prepare your nails and apply the Elegant Touch false nails is key to ensuring they last as long as possible.

Plus, the correct application helps the nail to look natural and impressive. Putting on false nails isn’t difficult, but there are a handful of steps that you need to follow. Once you have a good understanding of how to put on false nails, you should find it to be a quick and easy task.

  • Prepare Your Natural Nails - A lot of people skip this step, assuming it to be something you can overlook, but it’s actually a key part of putting on false nails. You need to prepare your natural nails before you apply false nails, as this will help them to stay on for as long as possible. This means removing any polish that is already on your nails and ensuring the surface is smooth, even and free from any dirt. It’s also a good idea to file your nails into a rounded shape, as this ensures none of your natural nails will be on show once the false nail has been applied.
  • Soak Your Nails in Warm Water - Next, you should soak your natural nails in warm water for around five minutes. This essential cuticle care helps to soften your nail beds, which you can then easily push back using a cuticle pusher to make space for the false nail. It also helps to remove dirt, debris and dust from the surface of the nail.
  • Choose Your Elegant Touch False Nails - There are a lot of Elegant Touch nails to choose from, and choosing the right ones is very important. You need to look at the different shapes and sizes and choose nails that fit your natural nails perfectly. This doesn’t simply mean choosing whether you want oval or square nails, it means holding them against your own nail and choosing the correct size. Elegant Touch false nails are available in a range of sizes and lengths, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect match for each of your fingers.
  • Put On Your False Nails - You can apply the false nails using nail glue or adhesive tabs, both of which do a good job of securing the nail in place. The majority of people tend to opt for nail glue, as this provides a stronger and longer-lasting bond. You only need to apply a few drops of nail glue to the base of the false nails, and a small amount to your own nail. Using too much could actually work against you and the nail might just slide around, rather than stay in place.
  • Hold Your False Nails in Place - Once the false nail is in place, press down and hold for around 30 seconds. This will give the glue enough time to bond the false nail and natural nail together securely. If you only press down for a minute or two, the glue might not have adequate time to secure itself into place.

If you follow the steps above, there is no reason why you can’t put on false nails with ease. It might take a little bit longer the first time you do it, but practise really does make perfect. It’s important to remember that you don’t need any specialist equipment to apply false nails, just some high-quality nail glue and a cuticle pusher. Everything else, such as a bowl and warm water, you should have access to wherever you are.

How to Apply Elegant Touch False Nails

Applying Elegant Touch false nails is simple and gets faster each time you apply them. There are two options for applying Elegant Touch false nails: with adhesive tabs or with false nail glue.

Both options will help you to achieve stunning false nails. In the next two sections, we cover the full process of applying Elegant Touch nails with adhesive tabs and the process for using nail glue. Once you have read what each application method involves, you will be able to decide which nail application method is right for you.

How to Apply Elegant Touch Nails With Adhesive Tabs

When most people think about applying false nails, they think about nail glue, but there is another option. Adhesive tabs, though not quite as popular as false nail glue, are an effective and alternative way of securing Elegant Touch nails.

You might have heard of ‘press on’ nails and that’s exactly what adhesive tabs do; they allow you to quickly press on and stick false nails to your own nails. So, how do they work?

Before you apply Elegant Touch nails with adhesive tabs, you need to prepare your nails properly. Otherwise, the adhesive will stick to any dirt or debris left on the nail, rather the nail itself. You should clean the nail, remove any oil and dirt, file them down and ensure they are completely dry. Once you have done this, it’s time to prepare the false nail.

Easy-to-use adhesive tabs

Whereas false nail glue can be messy, adhesive tabs are the complete opposite. They are simply double-sided stickers; one side sticks to the false nail, and the other side sticks to your nail.

The first thing you should do is select the correct size adhesive tab, as there are a number of different options. Choose the tab that matches the size of the nail, as this will ensure there is no overhang.

You can then peel it from the pack and stick it to your natural nail bed. It’s important to make sure it’s centred and stuck correctly, otherwise, you might find that the false nail is not completely secure.

Easier than nail glue

Once the adhesive tab is stuck to your nail, remove the top lining. This will reveal another sticky side, which is what the false nail sticks to. Line the false nail up and press down for around 20 or 30 seconds, giving the adhesive tab the time and pressure needed to stick properly. Once you have done this to all of your nails, you are good to go.

There is no denying that applying Elegant Touch nails with adhesive tabs is easier than using nail glue, and it's certainly not as messy. However, false nails applied using adhesive tabs do not last as long. You can expect them to last for up to 48 hours, which is ideal if you want false nails for a specific event or a special weekend.

How to Apply Elegant Touch Nails With False Nail Glue

The most popular way to Elegant Touch nails is with false nail glue. This is a secure, strong and long-lasting way to bond false nails to your own nails. However, knowing how to apply Elegant Touch nails with false nail glue is key. Otherwise, you run the risk of them falling off within a day or two.

When you are in the market for false nail glue, make sure to buy a high-quality and well-reviewed product. There are a lot of glue options out there, and some do perform better than others.

This is why it’s a good idea to read reviews and ask for recommendations, as this will highlight how well others have found it to work. If you opt for a ‘cheap and cheerful’ false nail glue, you might find that it doesn’t work as well as you would like.

How long does it take to apply nails with nail glue?

Applying Elegant Touch nails with false nail glue only takes a minute or two, so it’s far from being a time consuming or inconvenient task. Once you have prepared your natural nail, put a few drops of nail glue onto the false nail and a few drops onto your own nail.

Then place the false nail in the intended position and press down, holding for around 30 seconds. One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying Elegant Touch nails is not pressing and holding for 30 seconds, assuming a second or two to be long enough. This isn’t the case and holding it for longer actually gives the glue a better chance to bond securely.

Importance of using the right amount of nail glue

It’s a common misconception that it's a case of ‘more the merrier’ with nail glue but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Though the false nail won’t stick properly if you don’t use enough glue, too much glue could also prevent it from staying in place. If you use too much glue, the false nail is likely to move around and this makes bonding together difficult.

Knowing how much glue to use is one of the only tricky bits of applying false nails, and it’s a case of trial and error. Once you have applied a few false nails, you will get a feel for how much glue is required.

How Long Do Elegant Touch Nails Last?

There is no right or wrong answer in regards to how long Elegant Touch false nails last, as it can vary from person to person. If you apply Elegant Touch false nails correctly and follow the proper steps, they can last anywhere from one week to four weeks. However, if you rush the application process or you use a subpar adhesive, it’s unlikely that they will last this long.

There are also a lot of things that can cause Elegant Touch false to come off before you would ideally like them to. For example, washing up and using a lot of hand creams can loosen the glue.

This could lead to one or two of the nails coming loose or falling off. Pulling and picking at the nails can also cause them to fall off early, as can soaking them in a hot bath or catching them on something.

How to Make Elegant Touch False Nails Last Longer

Once you have found your ideal Elegant Touch false nails and you have spent money buying them, it’s time to think about how you can make them last as long as possible. There are a few tips and tricks which will help to make Elegant Touch false nails last longer, some of which are detailed below.

  • Apply Them at Night - One of the best things you can do when applying Elegant Touch false nails is to apply them at night. This will give the glue adequate time to dry, and there’s no risk of you doing anything that will cause the nail to move. Giving the glue enough time to properly bond with your natural nail is vital.
  • Prepare Your Nails Beforehand - Before applying Elegant Touch false nails, make sure you prepare your nails properly beforehand. This means cleaning and filing your nails, and ensuring there is no oil or moisture on them. If there is, the glue will struggle to seal the false nail to yours, which could lead to it coming off soon after application.
  • Choose the Right False Nails - There are different types of false nails and choosing a high-quality set is key, which is why a lot of people opt for Elegant Touch. If you want your false nails to last as long as possible, you need to choose a brand that designs its nails with longevity in mind.
  • Buy a High-Quality Nail Glue - With a lot of different nail glue options out there, knowing which one to buy can be difficult. The key is to buy nail glue with high-quality ingredients, one that is proven to last. It’s also a good idea to open a new nail glue when you are applying a new set of Elegant Touch false nails, as this has the best chance of bonding securely. If you use older nail glue, it could have lost some of its adhesive properties.
  • Apply False Nail Glue Correctly - The best way to apply false nail glue to Elegant Touch nails is to put a few drops on the back of each nail. Then add more glue to your nail beds. You need to find the balance between having too much glue and not enough, but this is something that comes with trial and error. Once you have placed the false nail on your own nail, press down and hold it in place for 30 seconds. A lot of people only hold it in place for a moment or two, which is rarely enough time for the glue to bond the two together.

The key to making Elegant Touch false nails last as long as possible is to be careful with them. This doesn’t mean avoiding daily tasks and not using your hands properly, but it does mean taking care and avoiding anything that could lead to a broken nail.

One of the great things about Elegant Touch false nails is how easy they are to apply. This means, should one of your nails come loose or fall off, you can simply reapply it using nail glue or an adhesive tab.

Why Are Elegant Touch Nails So Popular?

If you know anything about false nails and the beauty industry, you will know that some brands are more popular than others. There are some that come and go relatively quickly, and others that solidify themselves as a key player in the market. This is the case with Elegant Touch. For many years, Elegant Touch has proven itself to be a popular and memorable brand, but what makes it stand out from its competitors?

  • Elegant Touch is a Trusted Brand - There are a number of false nail brands out there, but few are as well known and recognisable as Elegant Touch. Over the years, Elegant Touch has built itself up to be a recognisable and well-known brand. If you ask a lot of people to name a false nail brand, it’s Elegant Touch that they think of. It is a brand that’s known for providing high quality, long-lasting and fashionable false nails in a variety of styles. A lot of Elegant Touch’s popularity comes from the fact that people know they can trust the products, meaning they are likely to continue to return to Elegant Touch false nails when they need them. Though there is a range of false nail brands out there, Elegant Touch does a good job of retaining customers and this boosts its popularity.
  • Various Designs and Colours Available - Whereas some false nail brands focus on a very specific look or ‘vibe’, Elegant Touch offers a variety of designs and colours, including Elegant Touch Acrylic nails styles such as Rose Hibiscus. This means there is something for everyone, for every occasion and for every mood. Whether you are heading to a wedding or a nightclub, on holiday or to work, Elegant Touch has a range of false nails for you to choose from. It’s because of this that Elegant Touch false nails appeal to the masses, from teenagers right through to mature women.
  • There’s Something for Everyone - One of the main reasons why Elegant Touch is such a popular false nail brand is that there is something for everyone. There are false nails for those who like short and subtle nails, as well as long nails that make a statement. Regardless of the mood you are in or the type of nails you want, you shouldn’t struggle to find something that ticks the box at Elegant Touch. Instead of focusing on traditional and classic nails, or trendy and bold nails, Elegant Touch offers a little bit of everything.
  • Elegant Touch False Nails Are Easy to Apply and Remove - A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that Elegant Touch false nails are difficult to apply and a pain to remove, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As is the case with a lot of false nails, Elegant Touch false nails are actually a lot simpler to put on and take off than many people realise. This means they can be used by false nail novices, as well as wearers with a lot of experience. They can also be removed with minimal damage to your natural nail, which is ideal if you only plan to wear false nails some of the time. Whether you are planning to wear false nails for a few days or a few weeks, Elegant Touch is a popular option because of how easy they are to use.
  • Elegant Touch Offers a Full Range of Accessories - Many people like to stick with a beauty brand once they have found one that they like and, seeing as Elegant Touch has a whole accessory range available, this is doable. Instead of having to go elsewhere to buy nail glue, nail adhesive, nail polish remover and nail files, you can get everything from Elegant Touch. Not only does this make it a lot easier to shop for products you can rely on, but it ensures everything works well together. For example, you can buy Elegant Touch false nails knowing they are going to work well with Elegant Touch nail glue.

As you can see, there are a number of things that make Elegant Touch a popular false nail brand. Whether you choose Elegant Touch due to its range of products or the fact that it’s a brand you know the name of, you are unlikely to be disappointed by what the company has to offer. Compared to many other false nail brands, Elegant Touch is certainly one that many people consider their ‘go to’ option.

Popular Elegant Touch False Nails - Popular Designs and Colours

You only need to spend a moment or two browsing the Elegant Touch false nails collection, to see just how many options there are. Regardless of the look, you are going for or the occasion, you are sure to find the ideal Elegant Touch false nails.

  • Colourful and Bold - Sometimes, it’s nice to grab attention and showcase your individual style with your nails. For this, Elegant Touch false nails with colourful and bold designs are ideal. There are a number of different options, ranging from bright blues to striking purples. There are also ombre, patterned and multicoloured designs. Once these are applied, your nails are sure to stand out and make a statement.
  • French and Classic - If you are someone who likes to keep their nails looking traditional and chic, Elegant Touch’s French and classic designs are likely to be exactly what you are looking for. There is a tonne of options, both long and short in length, that create a vintage and sophisticated look. These are perfect if you want to keep your nails looking their best and you want the benefits of false nails, whilst keeping everything subtle and understated.
  • One Simple Colour - For a lot of people, one nail colour is enough and there’s no shortage of choices with Elegant Touch. There’s everything from light pinks and yellows, to dark reds and black. This means you should always be able to find the ideal nail colour for you, regardless of your mood and outfit. These nails are ideal if you want to add length and colour to your natural nails, without anything that’s over the top or too ‘out there‘.
  • Completely Bare and Plain - If you are someone who enjoys changing their nail colour a lot or you consider yourself to be good at nail art, you might want the freedom to create nails that are completely unique. For this, the Elegant Touch bare false nails come in handy. There are a range of options - Totally Bare Oval, Totally Bare Coffin and Totally Bare Stiletto - and all of these can be painted by you. Despite all of the Elegant Touch false nail options, you might not be able to find the exact colour or design that you are looking for. If this is the case, bare false nails give you a canvas to work on.

With so many different designs and colours to choose from, picking your favourite Elegant Touch false nails can be tricky. Luckily, you can swap them as often as you like.

One of the benefits of false nails is how quickly and easily you can put them on, remove them and swap them for another set. This gives you the chance to experiment with Elegant Touch’s nail designs and colours, without getting bored of one specific set.

Are Elegant Touch False Nails Easy to Remove?

If you haven’t used Elegant Touch false nails before, you are probably wondering how easy they are to remove. After all, one of the main benefits of using Elegant Touch is being able to spruce up your nails quickly and easily.

If you are already wearing Elegant Touch false nails and you want to swap them for something else, you will need to remove them. If you are already wearing Elegant Touch false nails and you want a break, or if they have grown out too much, knowing how to remove them is key. Luckily, removing Elegant Touch false nails is relatively simple and it doesn’t take much time.

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that removing Elegant Touch false nails is time-consuming and difficult, but it really isn’t. As long as you know what you are doing - and you don’t simply try to pick them off, as this can be painful and damage your nails - you can have your natural nails back in no time at all.

  1. Cut Down The False Nails - The first thing to do when removing Elegant Touch is to cut down the false nail using a nail file, nail scissors or a nail clipper. If your false nails are long, using nail scissors or clippers is usually the quickest option.
  2. Remove the Top False Nail Layer - Next, remove the top layer of the false nails using a buffer. Do this until you have created a rough surface and removed the shine. This is done to ensure the acetone can properly soak into the false nails.
  3. Soak Nails in Acetone - Once you have buffed away the top layer, soak your nails in acetone. You can do this by pouring pure acetone into a bowl and soaking them for around five minutes. Eventually, the false nails will begin to soften and removing them becomes a lot easier.
  4. Remove Elegant Touch False Nails - Once the acetone has softened the false nails, they should begin to come away from your own nail. You can help this stage along by pushing the acrylic away from your nails using a cuticle pusher. If this is a struggle, you might need to soak the false nails in acetone again and repeat this step. Eventually, the majority of the false nail should disintegrate and come away from your natural nail.
  5. Remove Any Remaining False Nail - You might find that there are small pieces of false nail remaining after you have removed it using a cuticle pusher. If this is the case, you can buff any remaining pieces off using a nail buffer. This should be relatively easy as the acetone will have softened the acrylic.

Though it might seem as though a lot of steps go into removing Elegant Touch false nails, it’s definitely a process that gets easier the more times you do it. It’s not a process that takes a long time or a process that’s difficult, but it does require you to have the correct equipment and a good understanding of each step.

Elegant Touch regularly has brand offers, including discounted multipacks, so you can always get great looking false nails at great value.