Best Lashes for Upturned Eyes

Struggling to find the best lashes for upturned eyes? Take a deep breath, because your search is over. With more than 100 amazing upturned lash styles to choose from here at, our experts have hand-picked a large selection of the very best lashes for your eye shape. Look no further for the best lashes for upturned eyes - start scrolling now. You'll thank us later!

About Best Lashes for Upturned Eyes

The right pair of false eyelashes does wonders to transform your eyes and can totally add a whole new look to your style, and fabulously - there are so many choices available, that they can suit pretty much everyone!

We Stock the Best Lashes for Upturned Eyes

Your eyes are actually pretty unique - shape, colour, alignment, depth, and size - these factors are different for everyone, and to find the very best false eyelash accessory, you need to know what eye shape fits yours best.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to finding the right eyelashes, but you can still find the perfect pair to accentuate your features, express a whole new persona, and highlight your own personal sense of style by determining your best fit.

You might be wondering, where do you even start? Especially if you’re unsure if your eyes are one shape or another, which is why we’ve put together handy descriptions, style guides, and suggestions - so you can look your very best without hassle and fuss!

We’re talking about Upturned Eyes right now, and we’re going to help you determine whether this is your eye shape, and give you all the deets to make informed shopping choices - so whether you’re going out to lunch, want to look supernatural, nail a professional meeting, or go glam on a night out - you know everything you need.

For all the best false eyelashes for Upturned Eyes, you’ve come to the right place. With literally hundreds of styles in stock here at, you’re sure to find a suitable lash for your unique eye shape, and a style for every occasion.

What Are Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are actually a common eye shape, and similar to Almond Eyes, they are quite easy to identify.

Upturned Eyes, as the name suggests, have raised outer corners (that are turned upwards and higher than the inner corner).

This eye shape is also known as a ‘cat eye’ and is considered to be an exotic look.

How to Tell if You Have Upturned Eyes

If you think your eye shape might be Upturned then there's a super quick way to check! Grab a mirror and see if the outer corners of your eyes turn upward.

If they do, have a look and see whether the outer corners of your eyes are higher than the inner corner. If the answer to both questions is YES, then congrats, you've got Upturned Eyes.

If you’re still not sure whether you’re getting this right, have a look at some pics of:

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Sophia Loren
  • Rihanna

All these gorgeous celebs share Upturned Eyes in common, so if yours are upturned as well - you’re certainly in stunning company!

Now you can use this page to determine the best lashes for your eye shape.

Best Eyelashes for Upturned Eyes

Generally we recommend styles that offer extra volume in the outer corners, we think this kind of lash styles complement perfectly.

On this page you'll find a selection of the eyelashes that we think are the best for Upturned Eyes, but if you don't quite find what you're looking for, then not to worry!

Please email or call us, and we'll be glad to work with you until we find the exact lashes you're looking for. With over 1500 different styles in stock, it's fair to say that the chances are high that we'll have exactly what you're looking for.

Read our roundup blog post of our favourite lashes for upturned eyes here.

Here are a few examples of some of the lux lashes that work best with Upturned Eyes:

So whether you’re looking to offset your style with a more natural look, go for drama and volume, or create a professional image that stuns - you’re certain to find the exact lashes you need to make it happen!

Cosmetic Choices for Upturned Eyes

You probably hear a lot about people using cosmetic to create a ‘cat eye’ and well, having one naturally is pretty lucky. But that’s not the only look that you can create with the right techniques and the most appropriate cosmetics.

We know that not everyone needs or wants to wear makeup, but if you do, and you really want to make your upturned eyes a stunning feature that makes people go “WOW!” then we’ve got the advice for you, on how to handle your eyeliner and your eyeshadow.

Of course, you can always style your eyebrows as well, and shape them to best suit your eye shape, the best advice here is to work with your features - not against them!

Applying Eyeliner to Upturned Eyes

When it comes to eyeliner on Upturned Eyes, you’re generally going to be looking for balance - especially if you’re going to accentuate the natural ‘cat eye’ shape that you’ve got going.

Use light colours, such as whites, nudes, or soft brown tones to open up the look of your eyes, this, when paired with a thin line of darker colour (liquid eyeliner tends to be easier to apply here) can even change up the shape, or make the eyes appear slightly wider than before.

To fully embrace your natural shape, start by putting a thinner liner on the upper and lower lash lines (to outline and connect the lids) - then apply a wider line on the outer corners and carefully smudge this to diffuse the edges - this will provide additional shadowing and emphasis on the natural upturn that you have.

Of course, you’re not limited to just a cat eye, you can apply winged liner, or ticked styles - just take care that you balance out the thickness with lashes that suit and don’t overwhelm your eye by making it look smaller or strangely proportioned.

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Tricks for Upturned Eyes

A top tip to style your Upturned Eyes with is to start with a natural base colour, then adding a darker colour and deepening this in your crease.

Blend evenly, and then add a bit of dimension by using a glittery or shimmery shade in the inner corner of your eyes and blend outwards.

Basically, you want to emphasise the upper lift, but still keep the rounded shape to the eye. You could imagine a vertical line across your eye and use this as the blending point, where you will diffuse the colours out from (light in the middle to dark at the edges) to create your new look - this technique works great with fierce colours or natural nudes, so you can turn it up and down depending on your mood and what you’re going out to do.

The right colour combination of eyeshadows can provide a stunning backdrop to your new falsies, and really make your eyes the main focus of your face!

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