Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes are amongst the most popular strip lashes we stock. There are a few staple wispy lashes out there, including Ardell Wispies and of course Red Cherry #WSP lashes too. But, truth to be told, there are hundreds of wispy false eyelashes to choose from nowadays, from a number of brands, in a number of styles all to suits any budget. It all depends just how wispy you want them to be. Scroll down now to browse and buy the best wispy lashes from Ardell, Eylure, Lilly Lashes, Red Cherry and more.

About Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes are extremely popular with our customers. From bloggers to makeup artists and celebrities around the globe, everyone loves a wispy lash, right?

We offer a variety of wispy lashes including: Wispy individuals, wispy strip lashes and wispy magnetic lashes. With over 40 big false lashes brands and 1500 styles, you’re sure to find a natural lash you love right here on our website.

Here’s a list of our wispy bestsellers:

  1. Ardell Lashes Demi Wispies Multipack
  2. Kiss Falscara Natural Wispy Wisp Multipack
  3. Kiss Falscara Lengthening Wisp Multipack

Wispy lashes to suit your eye shape

Struggling to decide which falsies to buy? Read our guide on lashes to suit your eye shape, and you'll soon discover which lash styles are best suited to your unique eyes. From wispy hybrid lashes and wispy Russian lashes to wispy classic lashes, you'll find your perfect lashes here.

Just like our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, it’s the same for our eyes. What may suit your bestie might not suit you.

If you are a total beginner with false eyelashes, wispy lashes are a game changer and everyone will notice your beautiful long wispy lashes. It can be difficult when choosing the first time round, but once you know, you know!

If you are going for the natural look - choose lashes that are the same length as your natural lashes to enhance them further. That way, most people won’t notice you’re wearing them – perfect for an Instagram selfie or snap to your crush.

Ardell Wispy lashes have a lightweight band that connect the hair strands for added definition, Wispies lashes are the top choice for ensuring you look great while enjoying absolute comfort.

How to apply wispy lashes

By following the correct application method carefully, you can achieve salon-style full wispy lashes for a fraction of the salon prices. At home strip lashes have been designed to be as easy as possible to apply:

Firstly, you will need to decide which lashes style you want to wear. You can choose from natural wispy lashes or for a more dramatic look, maybe you will prefer full wispy lashes.

Once you've chosen your favourite wispy lashes style, here are the next steps:

  1. Prepare your natural lashes — start by removing any makeup, curling your natural lashes and it is also a good idea to apply a primer.
  2. Apply the base lash glue — apply a thin glue line along the base of the false eyelashes and wait until it becomes tacky.
  3. Set the lash in position — Put the wispy lashes in place by placing them on your eyelid as near to your eyelash line as possible. Avoid putting too much pressure on the lashes, you need to be as gentle as you can be.
  4. Secure the inner corner — use tweezers or a lash applicator tool to secure the inner corner of the false eyelash in place. A good, strong connection for the inner corner of the lash will help the lashes stay in place for longer.
  5. Seal the bond — press down along the lash length with your fingers or a cotton swab to ensure your lashes have bonded securely in place.

Applying wispy individual lashes takes longer and is very difficult to do on your own lashes, so if you want to apply your own wispy lashes, the strip style wispy lash extensions are the best option.

How long do wispy lashes last? I hear you ask, well here’s your answer…

How long do Wispy lashes last?

Wispy lash extensions last 6 to 8 weeks because they fall out with your natural lashes and follow their natural development cycle.

To keep your delicate lash extensions looking excellent for as long as possible, you will require an infill after three to four weeks, when half of your natural lashes start to fall out.

Keeping your wispy eyelashes in tip-top condition is key. Here is how to keep your natural Wispy lash extensions looking fabulous.

How to keep your Wispy Eyelashes in good condition

  • Keep them dry - no makeup remover for 48 hours, and avoid getting your eyelashes moist.
  • Sleep on your back at night or while napping to avoid damaging your false lashes.
  • Don’t rub or pull or touch your lashes.
  • Skip the mascara. Your wispy lashes don’t need it.
  • Avoid oil-based cosmetics.
  • Frequently brush your eyelashes with a fresh, clean spoolie or comb to remove lash adhesive or any other debris.

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Wispy lashes are perfect for anyone, no matter what your eye shape happens to be. With FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more and international delivery available, it’d be a shame to miss out.

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What are wispy lashes?

Wispy lashes look fluffy and feathery, providing length and volume, with a more noticeable lash look than classic lashes. They are created using a combination of lash fans and single strands to create fluffy wispy lashes.

What makes wispy lashes different from other types of false lashes?

The combination of wispy lash clusters and single strands ensure that your lashes stand out with spikes that really draw attention to your eyes. Wispy lashes make eyes look wider and brighter.

Can I wear wispy lashes if I wear glasses or contact lenses?

Yes, wispy lashes are completely safe to use if you wear glasses or contact lenses. In fact, wispy lashes can be more comfortable than wearing mascara for contact lens wearers.

Can I reuse my wispy lashes?

Yes, lashes that are made from synthetic material can be reused up to five times.

How do I care for my wispy lashes to keep them looking their best?

To keep your wispy lashes in the best condition, try to avoid getting them wet and sleep on your back if you are wearing them overnight. Use a lash cleanser to clean your wispy lashes.

Are wispy lashes suitable for all eye shapes and sizes?

Yes, the wispy lash style suits all eye shapes and you can choose short wispy lashes if you are worried about the lashes looking too big for your eyes.