Squoval False Nails

We love squoval false nails - who doesn't? Effortlessly glam and super stylish, these amazing nails are available to order in a whole host of different colours and sizes. Buy squoval false nails right here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk

About Squoval False Nails

Squoval nails, what a fabulous word mash up! The blend of square and oval nails. When one cannot decide which shape of nail to have, why not have both? One of the the great things about squoval nails is that they suit both long nails and short nails.

What are squoval nails?

Squoval nails are exactly as they sound, part square and part oval. Oval nails are very elegant, but some find them a little dull. Square nails always seem on trend, but can be a little edgy. So combining the two creates a hybrid shaped nail which offers the best of both nail shapes and they are one of the most low maintenance options for false nails.

When did the squoval nail become so popular?

Manicures and a desire for perfect nails is no new thing. Looking as far back as the Egyptians and Chinese, both men and women were indulging in nail care and even nail art, often as a symbol of wealth or status.

As we move into more modern times, chic nail inspiration comes from movie stars, singers and most recently, social media. Whilst you may presume that nail art is a hot new craze, the women of the 1930s would most definitely tell you otherwise. 

In the 1930s, nail polish had been around for about ten years and ladies had already started experimenting with half moon styles and nail swirls. It was during the 1950s and swinging 60s that the squoval nail really came into everyday wear. And it has stood the test of time, with many people still selecting this nail shape for a day-to-day look.

What shape of hands best suit squoval nails?

Long and Slim Fingers: If you are blessed with long and slim fingers, then any type of nail shape is very flattering. However, when compared with a basic oval shape or almond, squoval nails will give your hands the appearance of extra width, which can make for a more eye-catching finish.

Short and Slim Fingers: This is all about elongating the finger whilst adding a little width. It can make the hands look more elegant, perhaps more grown up.

How do I file squoval nails?

  1. How long are your nails? If your nails are fairly long, you probably want to start with cutting off some of the length. Take your nail clippers and cut into a square shape. If you already have shorter nails, this makes the process a little easier.
  2. The trick is all about the filing. Start by filing a straight edge on the tip of the nail. Continue to file until you have your desired length.
  3. To soften your look, you now need to take the file and start to round the corners of each nail. Take care to do this in a slow manner which will reduce the risks of over filing.

Repeat the above steps on every finger.

How can I style my new squoval nails?

The key to making your squoval nail current with the latest nail trends, is to opt for nail art and finish which scream 2023. Find your latest inspiration below.

Less is more!

If you have spent all your time filing your nails into a perfect squoval shape, you may want to ensure that the shape is what people notice, not an over powering polish. Play it down with nude nail beds and pretty flower stickers. Take care not to over do it. Dainty and delightful squoval nails.


What a great word! If you don’t know your squiggle from your swirls, where have you been? The squiggle pattern is all over Instagram for 2023 and works best with bright primary colours.

Hot Pink Squoval Nails

Every year there is an official on trend colour! And this year it just so happens to be Hot Pink. Invest in a quality polish which will ensure a good coverage. By subscribing to the colour of the year, your nail shape is guaranteed to be on point.

Which are the best artificial squoval nails on the market? See our recommendations below.

Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails Squoval Short Length - Birthday Suit

Whilst the Hot Pink shade craze might still be raging, there is no obligation to join in. These squoval nails from Elegant Touch are finished with a pink hue which will ensure you are noticed, without being too loud. If you are attending a wedding, these nails will pair well with a wide range of contrasting colours. The product contains 24 nails in assorted sizes, ensuring a natural looking fit.

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Matcha Latte

Are you going to a special event or party in 2023? Is the credit crunch pulling on the purse strings? If you cannot splash the cash on a whole new outfit, then remember that nails take any old outfit and make it new! These beautiful pastel coloured nails will bring a fresh aesthetic to many recycled outfits. And remember, if Princess Kate wears a dress more than once… so can you!

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length French 114

Are you searching for artificial squoval nails and suffering visual overload? There are many beautiful nails on the market which create professional and salon standard manicures.

However, sometimes the choice can just be overwhelming. So let's take things right back to basics with a classic squoval French manicure to suit your skin tone. This is not a reverse French manicure or a French manicure with a squiggly twist, this is authentic and classic. These nails create a professional, natural looking and flawless finish.

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Think Pink

Do you think your significant other is about to pop the question? How exciting. If you are in this situation, you need to ensure your nails are looking tip-top, these Elegant Touch squoval nails in baby pink are perfect for pending proposals.

The colour is pure, simple and won’t detract from any additional sparkle you are about to receive. Squoval nails will complement a range of ring shapes, from pear to princess cuts, so let’s just hope he chose the right one.

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