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Individual Lashes

Individual Lashes

As well as having a wide range of strip lashes available here at, we also offer an impressive collection of individual lashes. Perfect for beauty professionals, or simply those that require a customised look; we have a brand, length and style to suit you. From Ardell, to Salon System and House of Lashes - even the best names in the false eyelash industry have created their own individual lashes, in order to cater to every desired look. Whether you prefer knot free, flare individuals, or tapered lashes; our variety of lashes available is unbeatable.

Our styles range from single lashes (best for creating an ultra-natural, realistic effect), to short, medium or long lengths, and even doubled up or trio lashes – for an extra dramatic, voluminous look. Whatever your preference, we have the lashes for you. The choices don’t end there, we also stock specific coloured individual lashes, rather than just your average black lashes, we sell brown, and even blue, green and purple – courtesy of Katy Perry’s ‘Color Pop’ set created by Eylure.

With a number of lashes available, we also sell eyelash adhesives of all kinds, to ensure you can apply your individual lashes with ease, using high quality products. Hollywood makeup artists have shown themselves to be huge fans of individual lashes, as they allow you to tailor a lash look to each client, resulting in a unique and flawless finish. What are you waiting for? Shop our individual lash collection today! All orders come with FREE 1st Class Delivery in the UK - don’t miss out!