Individual Lashes

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About Individual Lashes

As well as having a wide range of strip lashes available here at, we also offer an impressive collection of individual lashes. Perfect for beauty professionals, or simply those that require a customised look, we have a range of lash extensions coming in different lengths, each from top and trusted lash brands

From Ardell to Salon System - the very biggest names in the false eyelash industry have created their professional individual lashes, to cater to every desired look. If you like natural lashes or want to go bolder with extra volumes individual lashes, you have come to the right place.

Whether you prefer knot free, flare individuals, or tapered lashes - our range of the best individual lashes available is unbeatable.

What Exactly Are Individual Lashes?

To break things down for you, we’ve got a little explaining to do to tell you why individual lash extensions are different to other lash styles. Put simply, individual lashes are usually made in groups of three. These synthetic lashes can be attached together, and are applied directly to your natural lash line with the use of adhesive.

There’s a reason why some people buy falsies and cut them into three – it’s the love of precision. Applying Individual eyelashes correctly can be a sure fire way for you to get noticed, and they look so darn cute too!

Individual lash extensions can, on occasion, last for up to 2 whole weeks (yes, really!) Now that’s a lot of fluttering and winks if you ask us! Sometimes clusters (collections of individuals) can be harmful. So it’s best not to apply your cluster(s) to more than one lash because your natural lashes often grow at different paces.

What’s The Difference Between Individual Lashes and Extensions?

Unlike regular individual eyelashes, individual eyelash extensions are applied one by one. So that means applying one lash extension to each natural eyelash (with permanent glue/adhesive). These extensions should only ever be applied to the natural eyelash. This is because natural eyelashes shed every 2 – 3 months.

When individual eyelash extensions are applied correctly, there shouldn’t be unwanted damage to the root of your natural lashes. Extensions (if they are semi-permanent) should always be conducted by a trained/qualified beautician or lash technician!

How To Apply Individual Lashes?

There are many different types of individual lashes, and each offers a slightly different effect depending on your personal preference. Individual lash products provide the most natural enhancement as you can customise your own look to suit your eyes and natural lashesIf you want to create your very own cutom lash look, individual lash extensions are for you!

Depending on the individual lashes you opt for, they each offer a seamless blend with your own lashes and are a soft, subtle way to add as much length and volume as you require.

So, no matter whether you’re going for a natural look with a soft sweep of bronze, or maybe a more intense and dramatic smokey-eye, individuals are a sure fire way to elevate your lash game.

You can learn here how to apply your Individuals (in less than 10 minutes) like a Lash Pro:

1. Apply Mascara (and more) In Advance

Take out your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Yes, you guessed it right, you’ll need to apply your makeup first – after all, nobody likes panda eyes! By choosing to pop on your mascara in advance, you’ll provide your individuals with a stronger base to stick on to.

2. Let Your Glue Go Tacky

Possibly the oldest trick in the book, let your glue go tacky! You’ve heard it from the professionals, and you’ve heard it from us! This is a sure fire way to guarantee that your individual lash extensions don’t go slipping and sliding all over your eyelid.

To achieve the best result, place a small amount of glue on the back of your hand. Now you’ll have to wait for up to 60 seconds (between 30 - 60 seconds as a guide). When the colour begins to change and starts to thicken, then you should be ready for the stick’ down!

3. Tilt and Apply From The Outside

You’ve applied your mascara, and your glue is super tacky. That’s great, now tilt your chin like you’re a superstar singer. This will not only expose your upper lash line and eyelid, but it’s easier than opening one of your eyes at a time. Take a nice pair of lash tweezers and tap gently on the lash cluster (at the base) placing it carefully in the glue.

Now, you can drop your individual eyelashes along the line of your natural lashes (starting from the outside) – it’s easier – trust us! If your glue is terrific and tacky (a good sign), then you should be able to place your cluster in a comfortable location.

Leave it for a couple of seconds to dry off, and hey presto! After this, all you need to do is repeat the process – take another cluster and place it next to the first one!

Top Tip 1: For a subtle yet fabulously flirty look, pop 2/3 clusters on the corners (outside) of your eye.

Top Tip 2: For a more dramatic and fun, fuller look, build along the lash line/band towards your inner corner.

Top Tip 3: Just remember, if you mess up a little and you’re not keen on the position of your clusters - don’t worry, just pluck them off carefully with your fingers. You can always try again with another dip of glue/adhesive.

4. Dry & Clamp Down

So, now you’re ready to go. You’ve chosen where you want your individual false lashes, and you’re feeling pretty confident. That’s great news. Before rushing out the door, it’s always best to let your lashes settle for around 10 minutes. Once they’re dry you can head out and do whatever you want, but don’t skip this step (trust us).

For a final pointer, go ahead and grab a lash curler (if you have one). If not, you can take a look in our online store, we have plenty of falsie goodies on offer. Use the curler here, to clamp on to your falsies – pushing them on and into your natural lashes.

This will help you to blend them in, for a seamless and precise finish. You’re welcome!

For more tips on applying individual lashes like a pro, read our step-by-step guide.

To find out more about how to choose individual eyelashes that suit your eye shape, read this detailed guide on Selecting and Applying All Types of Individual Lashes.

Each brand will provide you with a set of instructions for applying their lashes, so whether you prefer Eylure individual lashes, Ardell lashes or Kiss lashes, you should have all the information you need for easy lash application.

How to Get Individual Eyelashes Off

If you know how to apply your lashes, all you need to know now is how to remove them properly to avoid damaging your natural lashes. 

How to Remove Individual Eyelashes at Home

To remove your individual eyelashes at home, we recommend using the individual eyelash remover for best results. Soak two cotton pads in coconut oil and press onto your closed eyes for 20 seconds.

Remove the cotton pads by swiping outwards. Some clusters will probably have become loose now but you should now use the individual eyelash remover to dissolve the adhesive, using a tissue under the eye to wipe lashes as they become loose. Read the full instructions for individual lash removal here.

Your Individual Lashes & Free Delivery

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Can you do individual eyelash extensions on yourself?

Most people will find it difficult to isolate their natural lashes to apply professional lash extensions while looking in the mirror, therefore it is usually better to have a professional lash technician apply individual eyelash extensions.

However, many people love to apply their own individual flare or cluster lashes over paying for professional lash extensions. By opting for individual lashes that have a 'bulb' head or 2 to 3 clusters to make the application process a lot easier. This allows for a complete custom lash look, creating your own fresh lashes without having to step into a salon.

Are individual lashes reusable?

Individual lashes are not usually reusable, as the base of the individual lashes is more delicate than strip lashes, so you may find it difficult to clean and reuse your individual lashes without damaging them. Some individual lashes may be reused if they are of good quality, although it will also depend on the type of lash and glue used.

How do you clean individual lashes?

Avoid using any products that contain oil, alcohol or fragrance on the eye area as this can cause the glue to break down and eye irritation.

Use a gentle cleanser or oil-free eye makeup remover and gently massage the lash line with your finger or a saturating cotton bud - be careful not to rub to hard or pull on the lashes. Rinse your lashes with lukewarm water and gently pat dry with a towel.

Can you sleep in individual lashes?

Yes you can sleep in individual lashes. Try to avoid sleeping face down to reduce the risk of damaging the lashes.

Are individual lashes bad for your lashes?

When applied and removed correctly, individual lashes will not damage your natural lashes. You may experience some lash fall out with individual lashes but this is normal as our lashes naturally shed anyway.

Are individual lashes safe?

Yes, individual lashes are safe to use. Always make sure to apply and remove them correctly.

Can you wash your face while wearing individual lashes?

Always remember to avoiding getting you individual lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours.

Yes, you can still wash your face when wearing individual lashes, however we would recommend you avoid the eye area and avoid getting the lashes wet to reduce lash fallout and to extend the longevity of your individual lashes.