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We're incredibly proud to be official House of Lashes stockists. We stock the largest range of House of Lashes products anywhere in the UK. Here at you can shop best selling styles including Iconic and Boudoir Lite, along with House of Lashes lash glue in clear and dark, lash accessories, and so much more. It's not just strip lashes we stock, we also carry the full range of House of Lashes flares and individual lashes. If you're looking for your House of Lashes fix then look no further, because you won't find a bigger or better range anywhere else!

About House of Lashes

House of Lashes is a company born from the need to empower individuals, to inspire, and one that chooses to dismiss any prior concepts of race, age, or gender. According to House of Lashes, everyone should feel fabulous – and this is clearly reflected throughout their product range!

What House of Lashes has set out to do, is to make people feel gorgeous, feel beautiful, and more than anything, let them shine – because that’s exactly what everyone deserves! They have created an extraordinary range of phenomenal falsies, and confidently provided luscious lashes that work well to compliment a variety of eye shapes, as well as the unique personalities that accompany them.

As seen in top women's magazines including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and even featured in The New York Times, California based brand House of Lashes have certainly made their mark on the beauty world. Jenn Chiba, the founder of House of Lashes, has designed these fluttery fantasies with you in mind. Just take a look at all the features you will discover when you choose to buy a pair of House of Lashes false eyelashes:

  • Multi-layered lashes (x3) forming just one style
  • Naturally blending fibres with tapering ends
  • Crafted with care, and forever Cruelty-Free
  • Use for up to 15 occasions
  • Best for comfort, durability, with a perfected, yet flexible band

The Founder’s Story

Founded by an incredibly experienced fashion and beauty expert, Jenn Chiba, House of Lashes has undertaken immense lash-based research across the world, to create a false eyelash line that not only caters to all eye shapes and sizes but flatters them to the fullest extent.

They originally chose their favourite styles, which range from the bestselling Iconic to a classic wispy style, then added them with their Flirty, Glam, and Au Naturale collections, as well as their Premium Luxe Collection. Here at, we stock their most popular styles, with over 15 to choose from, as well as a range of individual lashes, and most recently, their Mini Collection and Precious Gem Lash Cases.

The Founder herself, Jenn, has remarked upon why she created the now world-renowned company:

"I was disappointed with the industry's selection of lashes, on top of the huge price difference between drugstore and department store lashes. Where were the quality lashes at a reasonable price?!"

She then proceeded to spend the next 5 years conducting an extensive amount of market research, when finally, House of Lashes was conceived! Primarily beginning with only ten signature styles, the very first-ever multi-layered (3-in-1) lash was born. Since the companies conception, they have successfully developed over twenty popular lash styles and accessories to date. With a range that cruises from the deeply organic and natural, to super sparkly and glamorous.

House of Lashes is one of very few companies to design their eyelashes to suit a plethora of eye shapes; upturned, downturned, round, almond, monolid, hooded and mature, to name a few. House of Lashes continually work hard to challenge the stereotypes that are all too commonly found within the beauty industry. With thousands of House of Lashes fans across the globe, their products have become some of the very best on the market – and we can totally see why!

How To Apply - House of Lashes, The Specifics

It goes without saying that depending on which type of falsies you are planning to pop on, from individuals to magnetics - the methods of false eyelash application will often vary.

Luckily for you, we’ve provided a general guide to give you the best idea of how to apply House Of Lashes false eyelashes. In this example, we’ve decided to choose the highly popular – House of Lashes Iconic Lashes, which are our very bestseller from the House of Lashes ranges. Just take a look below:

1. Measure, Measure, Measure

This has got to be the first rule for applying falsies successfully. To help you complete this stage effectively, there are a variety of Lash Rulers that you can purchase. Browse over our online store, and choose the one that works best for you. If you’re not keen on getting a Lash Ruler, then that’s fine. Just hold the lash against your eye, you can easily measure it this way, but for the very best results, we would suggest using a ruler!

Top Tip: If you have chosen to opt for a lash ruler, you can make a dot/point with a pen on it, thus saving you from measuring your eye line once again!

2. Time to Trim

Now that you have successfully measured the length/width of your eye, hold your falsie up towards the ruler, and trim to shape. If any part of the lash extends further than the very corner of your eye it could make you look a little droopy.

As lash experts, we know this is not what most beauty enthusiasts are looking for. In order to get the best results, you’ll need to match your House of Lashes false eyelashes to your exact eye size.

3. Get Gluing

For the best results, use one of the House of Lashes adhesive products. Not too much, not too little. By using a brush applicator, you can apply a generous amount of glue along the length of the lash band. If you can, try to use more on the inner and outer ends of the false lash. Now you’ll have to wait for around 30 seconds once the glue is a little tacky, as this state provides for the best application.

Top Tip: If you are using House of Lashes – Clear Lash Adhesive, you’ll know it's ready for application when it turns to an iridescent colour. This is a sign that the House of Lashes glue is drying somewhat and becoming tacky. Tacky glue works better as it creates a better grip, and your lash is less likely to slip around your eyelid.

4. Perfected Placement

Now you should be almost ready to perfect your lash placement. For the very best results, look downwards into the mirror before applying, not upwards. There are several applicators that you can use to help you, just have a look in our online store. For House of Lashes, we would recommend using their Flawless Precision Applicator, which of course you can buy it from us right here!

5. The Final Fixes

By setting the false lash band in the middle of your eye, you can then move on to secure the outer ends of the band. Take your time to get everything in the right place with this step. Being careful and calculated can ensure that your lashes are looking as good as can be!

Feel More – The House of Lashes Collection & Products

House of Lashes styles not only look great, but are individually handmade using only the highest quality, sterilised human hair - whereas the Premium Luxe Collection is made from synthetic fibres, and all lashes are completely Cruelty-Free. They have also ensured all their products are eco-friendly, with recyclable lash boxes. So not only are your falsies hand-crafted with care, their packaging and all materials used are eco and animal-friendly.

House of Lashes currently offers over 20 stunning styles of lashes, with a range of different designs, such as super long lashes as seen in style Hollywood Glam, or full, fanned out falsies like style Tigress for extreme drama!

We have also recently stocked their new Mini Collection which is perfect for those with smaller eyes or who simply want a natural look from their lashes. They are the same signature styles, yet feature a smaller, and shorter lash band, meaning everyone can wear their popular designs, with increased comfort and fit.

To top the House of Lashes collection off, we also stock the gorgeous new Precious Gem Lash Cases, in the stunning shade of Rose Quartz. These cases are ideal for those wanting to store their favourite pairs of falsies, with room for up to three sets as well as other eyelash accessories; look no further for the ultimate place to stash your lashes. Also perfect as a gift, these cases are great for those on the move and are a stunning way to carefully preserve your lashes.

If you prefer to create a customised look, House of Lashes has various individual eyelashes, so whether it's a double or triple lash design you're after, or if you generally opt for the subtle effect of a single lash, we have them all here at

House of Lashes – The Reviews

With dedicated House of Lashes fans hailing from all over the globe, it’s no wonder that there are thousands of beauty fanatics raving about this company. From East to West, this is a brand that crosses borders, and works hard to break stereotypes along the way!

Whilst their mission has always been to empower their customers, they are a strong female-founded brand, who wishes to lead by example. It’s certainly not just about the products when it comes to House of Lashes - It’s about the message behind them!

Just take a look at some of House Of Lashes lash lovers and their experiences below!

I discovered the style Iconic about 5 years ago and it’s changed my life. I have yet to find lashes that fit my eye shape so well while also being able to see my eye shadow behind them. Also, truly a lifesaver as someone who doesn’t always have lashes because of trichotillomania. HOL always gives me a huge confidence boost! My experience with trichotillomania isn't always consistent, but in the past year or so I've been able to channel my trichotillomania on one eye (where I'll have my full or nearly full lashes on one eye and barely any lashes on the other). What's great is that a lot of the House of Lashes styles come in a full (or original) option and a light pair! There's been a few times where I've worn the light pair on the eye with full lashes and the original pair on the side where I have barely any lashes - and they end up looking like they have the same amount of fullness! So I feel like I can really customize the lash look based on my needs. Kenzie

A friend of mine was feeling down about her recent breakup. We told her that wearing lashes would boost her mood! She never used false lashes before, but we convinced her that she would not be disappointed! I gave her a pair to use and that night she applied them herself (no small feat) AND she ended up meeting a nice guy at the party! I know because she was feeling good she exuded confidence and her aura was very attractive. WIN! Maddy

I wear HOL when I just want to feel fabulous on a day off. Kristy

It has been very difficult for me to find eyelashes that fit my eyes due to the fact that I have very small eyes. Before I knew about House of Lashes, I would buy lashes that were either too big or didn’t last! The eyelashes that I have bought from House of Lashes have made me feel so confident and beautiful. Jasmine

According to House of Lashes, their vision lives within the stories found in their fantastic community. These are exactly the kind of experiences that the company wishes to inspire. Stemming from empowerment to courage, and vulnerability to strength. This is a brand that seeks to make its customers radiate happiness! Which is exactly what they are doing.

Shop our impressive collection now, and see for yourself why House of Lashes is a top choice when it comes to false eyelashes.

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