Nail Tools

If keeping your nails looking great is a priority, you'll be glad to know we stock a fantastic range of nail tools to help you in your quest. From nail clippers to nail files, cuticle pushers to nail scissors, we stock all of the very best nail tools right here on our website.

About Nail Tools

Whilst you would never consider neglecting your facial care regime and are meticulous about cleaning your teeth, can the same be said about your hands and nails? Hands are nails can say a lot about a person, so it is important your hands send out the right messages. Whilst salon manicures are a great way to keep your hands looking tip-top, they can be expensive. So get tooled up with the right products and create a DIY manicure with a salon standard finish.

What Nail Tools Do I Need?

There are a massive range of nail tools in the market, from the functional to the frivolous. Check out our guide below.

Nail Cutter

A pretty basic and important nail tool. Trimming your nails is important for overall health, ensuring you eliminate bacteria and prevent infections. Take care not to be over zealous, little and often is the key.

Cuticle Push and Nip

A cuticle pusher and nipper are two different products. A cuticle pusher is of course used to push the cuticle away from the nail bed. However, contrary to popular perception, the cuticle nipper should not be used to cut away the cuticle. It should only remove unsightly skin tags which may surround the nails.

Looking Buff

If you want your nails to look their best without the need for polishes, a nail buffer will smooth your nail bed and create natural shine. A nail buffer is also a great tool to prep your nails before the addition of nail polish or nail art. Be gentle in your buffing motion, as otherwise you may thin your nails.

Nail File

As nail tools go, this is a pretty standard buy. Shape your nail into a desired shape and off you go.


On trend, nails shaped and styled to a high standard can be very eye catching. Therefore, you need to ensure the skin on your hands is in equally good condition. Hands can be very telling in terms of age, possibly due to neglect. We spend years sourcing anti-ageing serums for our face, but don’t pay the same attention to our hands. Exfoliation will scrub away dead skin and leave your hands more supple, moisturised and generally looking younger.

Which Are The Best Products To Buy?

Before purchasing your nail tools, consider the following factors.

How long will it last?

Investing in a quality manicure set will ensure a durable and long-lasting purchase. Cheap brands may initially look appealing, but they may soon break and won’t leave you with a professional looking manicure. You don’t have to invest in designer manicure kits, just stick to reputable industry brands.

Can I Take It With Me?

Many of the products mentioned above can be bought as single items, however buying a kit with everything you need makes your manicure station portable. This is particularly important when you head off on holiday and want to create pretty nails for the beach or bar.

Are you ready to purchase some nail tools today? Check out our recommended products.

Nail HQ Nail Pamper Set

A manicure set is a wonderful gift, encouraging others to invest in themselves and enjoy a little self-care. This beautiful product from Nail HQ offers high quality nail tools including clippers, cuticle cutters and nail buffer. The presentation box is completed with a cute bow, making it an ideal gift for birthdays or as a Christmas stocking filler.

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads x 20

This product is perfect for people who are always on the move. Whilst you may have a dressing table equipped with a wide range of beauty products, are you usually updating your appearance in between boardroom and ballroom? These pads can allow you to freshen up your nail game whilst on the move. They are free of acetone, won’t leak in your hot new handbag and have a wonderfully fruity smell.

Slightly off-topic…

Nail HQ Pedicure Foot File

Whilst this item may not be exactly a nail tool, it is important for any pedicure treatment you may want to do at home. Hard skin on the feet, particularly on the heels, can become broken and feel uncomfortable when not treated properly. This foot file from nail HQ will effectively remove any dead skin or calluses. Finish with a moisturising foot lotion for maximum benefit.

Elegant Touch Professional False Nail Cutter

In recent years, press on false nails have really had a moment, becoming available in a massive range of colours and styles. There should be shapes and sizes in shades to suit your requirement, however sometimes… you may need to cheat to get your desired aesthetic.

These false nail cutters from Elegant Touch will enable you to trim false nails easily, helping you to create a bespoke look. Elegant Touch makes quality nail tools and these clippers will cleanly cut false nails, no breaking and no splitting.

Elegant Touch Six Way Shape and Shine Buffer

Keeping your nails looking great on a day-to-day basis takes hard work and dedication. You also need to set aside a little time. Having a product which can shape and shine your nails whilst on the go is a massive winner.

Elegant Touch created the Six Way Shape and Shine Buffer to be used discretely, maybe whilst commuting or even in the office. The item is small enough to be carried in your handbag and will ensure your nails are glossy and in premium condition.

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