Ardell Nails

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About Ardell Nails

With so many companies in the beauty industry offering false nails to customers, knowing which brand to choose can be tough. For a lot of people, there is no point in looking any further than Ardell. With Ardell, you have access to everything you could need to show off incredible nails. Not only does Ardell offer a wide range of false nail sets, but they also sell high-quality nail glue and nail tools. This means you can count on Ardell for everything you need to apply, wear and remove false nails. When you think of it like that, it’s easy to see why Ardell is one of the top false nail brands out there.

What Makes Ardell Press On Nails Different?

You only have to look at the difference between natural nails and false nails to see the impact false nails can have. False nails stand out, make a statement and they can be an impactful part of any look. However, there are specific benefits that set Ardell false nails apart from other brands. Below, we have listed four of the key reasons to wear Ardell false nails, highlighting why women - and let’s not forget, some men - choose the brand time and time again.

  • They Are Long Lasting - There are a lot of false nail brands out there, and a seemingly endless list of sets to choose from. However, they are not all as high quality as Ardell nails are. Ardell nails are long-lasting - as long as you prepare your nails, apply them correctly and use a high-quality nail glue - and are unlikely to come off prematurely. This means you can buy a set of Ardell false nails, knowing that they will have your nails looking their best for weeks at a time.
  • They Are Easy to Apply - As you will have read above, Ardell false nails are relatively easy to apply. Though you do need to take the time to prepare your natural nails beforehand, the actual application of Ardell false nails is quick and easy. Within a matter of minutes, your nails can be transformed into something special. Plus, you can apply Ardell false nails without any expensive equipment or technical tools. There is no need to factor in travelling to a nail salon or worry about a fiddly application process, it really is a case of applying false nail glue or adhesive tabs and applying pressure. When you think about how easy this is and how little time is involved, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to DIY false nails.
  • They Are Easy to Remove - Once you have finished wearing your Ardell false nails - whether that’s because they have grown out or you’re keen to try another design - you need to remove them, which is thankfully just as easy as applying them. You don’t need any professional knowledge or experience, just a rough idea of how to remove them correctly. This involves buffing the nails, soaking them in acetone and removing them using a cuticle pusher. It’s possible to remove Ardell nails quickly and without causing any damage to your natural nails.
  • There are Various Designs and Styles Available - Whereas some false nail brands focus on natural and classic designs, Ardell goes above and beyond what you might expect. This is a huge benefit, as you can continually use Ardell regardless of the mood you are in or the event you are going to. You will only have to spend a minute or two browsing the Ardell range to see that there really is something for everyone within the Ardell collection. There are bright and bold designs, designs that boast nail art and those that utilise glitter and patterns. There are also French manicure sets, natural-looking nails and solid colours.

As well as the reasons listed above, there are other things that make Ardell false nails different. For example, they create false nails using unique designs and nail art. Though you can certainly find natural options and those that use a solid colour, Ardell boasts a number of false nail designs that you won’t find other brands using. Ardell is a brand that prides itself on having stylish, trendy and ‘one of a kind’ designs in their false nail range.

How to Apply Ardell Nails in 4 Easy Steps

Many people are initially put off of buying false nails, assuming that applying them is a time consuming and complex task. With Ardell false nails, this is not the case at all and the entire process is relatively simple. There is a tonne of nail professionals out there, all of which are sure to offer false nail services. Though this does save you from doing the job yourself, there is no need to visit a nail salon. As long as you have the right information about applying Ardell nails, it’s definitely something you can do yourself at home. In fact, you won’t even need the help of a friend or family member.

Once you have bought your Ardell nails, you can apply them at home within a matter of minutes. There are no complex sections or fiddly tasks, and you certainly don’t need any specialist equipment or training. This is why false nails are so popular, as you can do everything yourself at home for a fraction of what is charged in a professional salon. Instead of assuming a nail salon to be the only option, approach false nails from a DIY perspective. Though applying Ardell false nails does get easier with practice, you are unlikely to struggle on your first attempt. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below, and you will have flawless nails applied in no time.

  1. Get Your Natural Nails Ready - Before applying Ardell false nails to your own, you need to ensure they are ready. It’s important to not skip over the preparation process, as it could hinder how well the glue secures the false nails to your natural nails. In order to get your natural nails ready, remove any leftover nail polish and file them down to a short, rounded shape. You should also remove any dirt, dust, debris, oil and moisture. The cleaner your nails are, the more secure the false nail will be. You should also consider soaking your own nails in warm water, as this helps to soften the nail beds. It will then be possible for you to push the cuticles back, giving your natural nails a perfect border before the Ardell nail is applied.
  2. Select Your Ardell Nails of Choice - You only need to browse Ardell’s false nail collection for a moment or two to see just how many sets you have to choose from. Though this might mean that you are somewhat spoiled for choice, it also means you will be able to find your ideal set of false nails. You could opt for a quirky design or a solid colour, or you could choose for a glitter finish or French tips. There is certainly something for everyone, which means selecting your Ardell nails of choice won’t see you with a shortage of options. Once you have chosen your design, it’s time to pick out the right sizes. The majority of false nail sets come with a lot of different sized nails, so hold them up to each of your natural nails to see which one has the best fit. You want the nail to fit comfortably over your own nail, without any overhang and without your natural nail being visible underneath.
  3. Place Your False Nails on Your Own Nails - After you have selected your favourite Ardell false nails, you can begin to apply them onto your own nails. This is done by placing a small amount of false nail glue - around one or two drops, no more - onto the Ardell false nail, and the same amount onto your own natural nail. If you are using adhesive tabs, this is the time to apply the adhesive tab onto your nail. Once the nail has been prepared, place it on top of your natural nail and line it up. The glue will dry quickly, so try to have it in the perfect position as soon as possible. It’s important to avoid using too much glue, as this tends to make the nail move around a lot more, which could result in a wonkily applied false nail and glue that fails to dry.
  4. Hold Down Your False Nails for 30 Seconds - Once you have placed the false nail onto your natural nail, press and hold it in place for around 30 seconds. This will give the glue enough time to secure the nail into place without it moving around, which could result in it being secured into a slightly off centre or wonky position. If you don’t hold the nail down for long enough, it could move or become completely unstuck. If you want to give the glue the maximum amount of time to dry, apply Ardell false nails before going to bed. This way the glue can dry properly, without the risk of you doing anything to knock or move it.

By following the above instructions, you should be able to apply Ardell nails with ease. You don’t need any specialist equipment and you don’t need to be a nail expert. Though practice does make perfect, applying Ardell false nails is something that everyone can do, even as a complete novice. You don’t need to be a skilled nail artist or a nail professional to apply false nails, you don’t even need to be good at painting your nails.

How to Get False Nails Off

Though you are sure to enjoy wearing your Ardell false nails, you will have to remove them eventually. This could be once they start to grow out, once they start looking worse for wear or when you are in the mood for a new nail design. One of the main reasons to wear false nails is that you can swap and change them quickly, which is why knowing how to properly remove them is key. Luckily, the removal process is quick and easy.

You don’t need to go to a nail salon to have a professional remove them, nor do you need to spend money on expensive equipment or tools. All you need is acetone, a nail buffer, a cuticle pusher and something to cut the nails with. You don’t need to be a nail expert or even experienced with false nails, as the entire process is simple. By following the below instructions, you will be able to get your Ardell false nails off with ease.

  • Cut Your Ardell False Nails - The first thing you need to do when removing false nails is cut them down. You can do this using a nail file or a nail clipper, but a lot of people find nail scissors the easiest option. Aim to cut them down as short as possible, so they are a similar length to your natural nails. This will leave you with as little false nail to remove as possible.
  • Roughen Up the Top Layer - You will then need to remove the shine from the top layer of your Ardell false nails with a nail buffer, which should involve you roughening up the surface in the process. This is a key part of the false nail removal process and it’s not something to skip. By removing the top layer and making the surface uneven, the acetone has a better chance of lifting the false nails. If you leave the shine, it acts as a barrier for the acetone and the removal process will take longer.
  • Soak Your Nails in Acetone - In order to remove the false nail from your natural nail, you need to soak them in pure acetone for around five to ten minutes. This is another simple step and simply requires you to pure acetone into a suitable bowl. Eventually, the Ardell false nails should begin to soften and lift from your own nails. Pure acetone is easy to come by and you should be able to find it in most health and beauty shops.
  • Remove the False Nails From Your Natural Nails - As the acetone slowly softens the acrylic in the false nails, you should now be able to remove them from your natural nails. This can be done by pushing the acrylic off of your own nails using a cuticle pusher, encouraging it to peel away. If you find that the false nails are not coming off easily, consider soaking them in acetone for a further five minutes. Eventually, almost all of the Ardell false nails should be coming away from your nail without too much pressure.
  • Remove Any Remaining Bits of False Nail - Even after multiple rounds of acetone soaking, there might be a few remaining bits of false nail attached to your natural nail. If this is the case, you can buff everything away using a nail buffer. This only takes a minute or two and will ensure your natural nails are left with a smooth, even surface. Once you have completed this step, your nails are ready for whatever you plan to do next. This could be painting them, going ‘au natural’ for a while or applying another set of Ardell false nails.

By following the directions given above, you should be able to remove your Ardell false nails quickly and easily. Though there are electronic buffers and nail tools to make the process quicker, these are not necessary and you can remove false nails without them.

How Long Do Ardell Nails Last

A lot of people avoid wearing false nails, assuming that they are going to fall off within a day or two. However, that is unlikely to be the case for the majority of people. It’s impossible to give a set timeline for false nails, but they shouldn’t come off after a day or two of being applied. As long as you apply your Ardell nails correctly, they can last for up to three or four weeks if you use high-quality false nail glue. This makes them ideal for holidays or a month where you have a lot of plans.

Of course, this does require you to avoid certain tasks that could result in your Ardel false nails coming off sooner rather than later. Things such as hot water, hand creams and excessive hand washing can cause the glue to loosen. Catching a false nail on something as you walk by - or doing anything that could cause it to bend or ‘ping’ off - could also see you lose a nail sooner than you should. The key to making Ardell nails last for a long time is to apply them correctly and to be mindful of what you do whilst wearing them.

If you apply your Ardell nails using adhesive tabs, they won’t last for quite as long. You can expect false nails applied with adhesive tabs to last for around 24 to 48 hours. Obviously, this is not as long as when you use false nail glue, but it’s the ideal choice if you only want to wear Ardell nails for a specific event or a special weekend. You can apply them, show them off for a night or two, and then easily remove them.

How To Get Ardell Nails to Last Longer

When you have spent money to invest in false nails, you are sure to want them to last as long as possible. Though Ardell nails are designed to last for a few weeks at a time, this only happens if you apply them correctly. If you don’t apply Ardell nails correctly, you are likely to notice one or two falling off sooner rather than later. Not only can this be hugely annoying - after all, you will then need to go through the process of applying it all over again - but it can make you feel as though you’ve wasted money, especially if the nail breaks or chips in the process.

This is why finding out how to get Ardell nails to last as long as possible is key. You can benefit from making the most out of the false nail set that you have bought, whilst also enjoying having flawless nails for as long as possible. There are a handful of things you can do to make your false nails last longer, all of which are relatively quick and easy to do.

  • Choose Ardell Nails - There are a lot of false nail options out there, from dozens of brands. Some of these brands are well known and trusted, others fly under the radar or are new to the market. To ensure your false nails last a long time, it’s important to choose a reputable brand such as Ardell. By choosing Ardell, you are choosing a brand that people know and love. They have proven themselves to be a high-quality and expert false nail brand, shown by how many people continue to choose their products. If you choose a lesser-known or ‘cheap and cheerful’ brand, it’s unlikely that your false nails will last as long as you want them to.
  • Prepare Your Natural Nails Before Applying False Nails - There is no denying that applying Ardell nails is quick and easy, but you do need to take the time to properly prepare your natural nails before doing so. A lot of people skip this step - even though it’s one of the main causes for false nails to come off too early - as a way to save time, but this won’t help your nails to last longer. Preparing your natural nails should involve cleaning away any dirt or dust, removing any existing nail polish and filing your nails down. You need to have a smooth surface if you want the glue to securely bond the two nails together.
  • Buy a Highly Recommended Nail Glue - You can choose to apply Ardell nails using nail glue or adhesive tabs and whilst both work well, false nail glue will help your Ardell nails to stay on for longer. However, this doesn’t mean simply buying the first nail glue you come across. Though there are many different types of nail glue available, some do work better than others. This is why it’s a good idea to buy glue that comes recommended by others. After all, if it works for them, it’s likely to work for you too. It’s also a good idea to open a new tube of nail glue before applying a new set, as an already open tube might have lost some of its adhesion and dried over time.
  • Get to Grips With False Nail Glue - A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that they know how to use nail glue, even if they haven’t used it before. Though there is nothing difficult about using false nail glue, getting to grips with it can help your Ardell nails to last longer. One of the mistakes a lot of people make is using too much glue, assuming that more glue is equal to a stronger hold. However, that is not the case. You should aim to use one or two drops of glue on the false nail, and a further one or two drops on your natural nail. This should be enough to bond the two nails together.
  • Don’t Apply Ardell Nails in the Middle of the Day - There is nothing to say you can’t apply Ardell nails in the middle of the day, but applying them before bed could actually help them to last longer. This is because the glue will have adequate time to set, without you using your hands or doing anything that could cause the nail to remove. The key is to give the nail glue enough time to securely bond your natural nail and false nail together.
  • Be Mindful of Your Nails at All Times - Once you have applied your Ardell nails, try to be as mindful as possible of them. This doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding certain tasks or thinking about your nails at all times, but it does mean being careful about knocking them off of surfaces and catching them on other things. Though you don’t need to avoid swimming and washing up, remember that hot water and a lot of moisture could cause the glue to loosen eventually. If you are not careful with your Ardell nails, you might find that one or two fall off before you would like them to.

Of course, false nails only last for so long and even taking the utmost care will only extend their lifespan for so long. However, by applying Ardell nails correctly and preparing your natural nails thoroughly, there is no reason why your false nails shouldn’t last for a number of weeks.

The Benefits of Wearing Ardell False Nails

A lot of people assume the only benefits of wearing false nails are aesthetic, assuming false nails to solely be a way of having ‘out there’ and stylish nails without the effort of learning nail art. Though this is certainly one of the main reasons people wear false nails, there are many other advantages that come with doing so.

  • Ardell False Nails Can Hide a Damaged Nail - If you are someone who regularly damages a nail, you might consider wearing Ardell false nails as a way to hide the problem. This could include a split nail, a chipped nail or a nail that’s broken altogether. It takes a while for a damaged nail to grow out and not be noticeable, but wearing false nails conceals the problem instantly. Plus, this gives the nail a chance to recover without further damage being done.
  • Wearing Ardell False Nails is Easier Than Growing Your Natural Nails - Everyone knows how hard it can be to grow long nails, especially long nails that are strong enough to survive day to day life. More often than not, one will break or another will split. When you wear Ardell nails, you don’t need to worry about growing your nails. Instead of waiting weeks - potentially even months, depending on how quickly your nails grow - for long nails, you can apply Ardell false nails and have the appearance of long nails in minutes.
  • Ardell False Nails Are Stronger Than Natural Nails - A lot of people struggle with weak nails, nails that often bend and nails that break without too much force. This can be hugely annoying, especially if you want to be someone who has beautiful nails to showcase. By applying Ardell false nails, you can showcase strong and impressive nails without having to put the hard work in.
  • Wearing Ardell False Nails Can Deter Nail Biting - Nail biting is a habit that a lot of people suffer from and it’s certainly one of the harder habits to break, usually requiring you to go ‘cold turkey’ to completely stop. However, this is difficult when your nails are there tempting you into biting them. Once you have applied Ardell false nails, nail-biting becomes almost impossible. False nails are hard, strong and resistant to most nail-biting. Not only does this help you to get out of the habit of biting your nails, but it gives your nails a chance to grow in the meantime.

As you can see, there is no shortage of reasons to choose Ardell nails. Though there are many brands and nail companies on the market, Ardell is one of the major players within the industry. This is because Ardell makes nails and other products such as lashes that are high quality, long-lasting and on-trend. Whether you are looking for a natural and simple look, or you want something bright and old, you are unlikely to be disappointed by what the Ardell collection has to offer.