Why We Love Half Lashes


Half lashes are the perfect way to introduce falsies into your makeup bag, or perfect to add effortless glamour to your makeup look. These lashes are worn on the outer corner of your eye, adding a subtle finish compared to a full strip lash. These lashes suit all eye shapes, are easy to apply, and still add something special to your look, we just can’t get enough!

Half Lashes - Product Focus

Ardell Lashes

Ardell has many different styles of half lashes to choose from. The most popular are the Ardell 318 half lashes. They add subtle volume and length as they start short and then fade to longer tips. The perfect option if you are a false eyelashes newbie, as the lash band is invisible, making them comfortable and undetectable on the lash line.

The 301 style is more of a 3/4 length lash, with more emphasis in the outer corner but covering more of the lash line compared to half lashes. These lashes are made up of lash hairs that are all different in length, creating volume and subtle length.

Red Cherry Lashes

Red Cherry offers a wide range of half styles with something to suit everyone. The DS04 style is wispy and graduated, making them blend with your natural lashes seamlessly. Another option are the DS03 lashes, this style will add extra length to the outer corner of your eyes, elongating their appearance giving you that gorgeous cat eye effect. 

If you like something that adds a little more volume then the DS02 lashes will be perfect for you, with almost a spiky looking finish these lashes add more drama and definition to the outer corners - similar to the previous styles mentioned they are also graduated, helping them blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

TOP TIP: If you have a pair of falsies that you already love, you can have those and wear them as an accent lash (this works best if the lashes are tapered in the outer corner to create a gradient effect, helping your natural lashes to blend in). This way you can achieve a more natural looking finish with a lash style you feel comfortable with.

So next time you want to achieve a more subtle look, or you want to introduce yourself to new falsies, why not give half lashes / corner lashes a go?