Our Top 10 Ardell Styles


One of our biggest and bestselling brands here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk is of course the well-loved Ardell.

Known for their iconic Demi Wispies, this company has fast become one of the best false eyelash brands in the business, and is a hugely popular choice for falsies fans on a budget.

We thought we would provide a look into our top ten favourite Ardell styles that are available to purchase directly through our website.

Our top 10 Ardell Lashes (in no particular order!)

Demi Wispies

Their signature style and most popular choice from their entire collection - the classic Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies offer a subtle, textured lash enhancement that is versatile enough for both everyday and special occasion wear.

Available to purchase in a multipack, these lightweight lashes are a must-have for your falsies collection.


Offering a little more length in comparison to the Demi Wispies, the standard Ardell Wispies are simply stunning. The layered, wispy lash strands form together to achieve a medium, wearable volume and defining, textured finish.

The slightly increased length in the centre of each lash works to open the eye and accentuate it effortlessly. You can now buy an Ardell Wispies 113 Multipack (5 pairs) to help you stock up and save money!

Cluster Wispies 600

Another member of the Wispies family is style 600. This ultra-chic, striking design is formed into softly spaced out lash clusters that are thick and wispy for a full, fluttery appearance.

The longer clusters in the centre draw emphasis to your eyes and add a little drama to your look without being too over the top.

Studio Effects Wispies

Designed for professional use and adored by makeup artists, the Ardell Studio Effects Lashes offer a multi-layered, double stacked appearance for maximum definition and increased volume.

The classic wispy style has been given an even more textured appearance and is the perfect pair for making a tasteful statement.

Ardell professional wispies are ideal for a glamorous occasion where you want to make a good impression, and will help you feel like a star. 

Mega Volume 250

If you love an ultra-long, full and fluffy lash look then this style is set to be your new go-to.

Doubled up for maximum impact, these bold, beautiful lashes offer the most intense volume and dimension.

Double Up Demi Wispies

The original Demi Wispies just got even better! The Ardell Double Up Lashes boast the same appearance of the classic Demi Wispies, but have been double-layered for added volume and density.

Full yet fluttery, these lovely lashes are gorgeous for achieving night-time glam, without extreme length and too much thickness.

Chocolate 886

Looking for a softer alternative to black lashes? Then the Ardell Chocolate range will be right up your street.

Consisting of a handful of stunning styles, this collection offers lashes that are a blend of black and brown strands, delicately combined to achieve a more subtle finish.

Style 886 features a fanned out appearance and super fine, lightweight lash strands layered together for a medium volume. The increased length in the centre works to open the eye beautifully.

Studio Effects 110

Another style from the Studio Effects range – number 110 is a top choice for achieving a natural, subtle look.

Offering just a little length, flawless definition and slight volume, these understated yet effective falsies are suitable for day to day wear.

Demi Pixies

For impeccable definition, choose the amazing Demi Pixies. This design has spaced out lash clusters, softly scattered along a lightweight, invisible lash band.

Their subtle, graduated length elongates the eye and the realistic volume offers a natural and believable lash look.

Faux Mink 811

One of the latest Ardell additions is the Faux Mink lashes. Specially designed to mimic the look, feel, and quality of mink lashes, without the use of mink hair, this collection is expected to be a huge hit.

Style 811 offers a distinctive design that is criss-crossed in the inner corner, fading out into a thicker layer of lashes and gradually increasing in length towards each outer edge.

Ideal for a delicate, feminine enhancement, these gorgeous lashes offer luxury for less.

Hopefully now you feel confident in choosing the right Ardell Lashes for you, whatever the occasion. 

What’s your go-to style from our Ardell lash collection?