How to Apply False Eyelashes

Flatlay of lashes and glue

As one of the world's biggest false eyelash sites, we offer an unrivalled range of lashes from the most daring Doll Beauty lashes to the more natural Eylure day to day lash styles. No matter what your style is, we definitely have you covered. And, here at, we know how hard it is to apply and care for your new false eyelashes, whether that be strip lashes or cluster/flared individuals. We have put together the ultimate guide on exactly how to apply false eyelashes, and how to get it right first time. Read on for all of the tips and tricks of the trade, we're spilling the secrets from the lash professionals themselves. So, let's get down to lash business:

What you will need

Flatlay of lash accessories

This section applies to both strip lashes and individual lashes alike, but you will need to follow our step by step guides separately for the correct use and application of the following products.

  1. Your favourite pair of strip lashes or individual clusters/flares
  2. A strip lash glue or an individual lash glue of your choice 
  3. A lash applicator tool or pair of tweezers
  4. A lash curler 
  5. Mascara (this can be applied before with individual lashes and before and after with strips, just to help blend seamlessly with your natural lashes)

Strip lashes 

Flatlay of range of false eyelashes

Starting off with the original false eyelashes, the strip lash has been a firm favourite since 1911 when Anna Taylor set off the lash craze with her fabulous new invention (and trust us when we say, we're forever grateful!) Strip lashes today have moved on somewhat, they now come in thousands of shapes and sizes, so you're bound to find your perfect pair. If you are finding it difficult to apply your new favourite false lashes then we have a handy step by step guide which can help you go from zero to lash hero. 

The lash application process:

  1. Ensuring you have the right style lash for your eye shape is key to finding the perfect fit. If you are a little unsure there's no need to worry, we have the best way to find your eye shape blog post that'll give you the helping hand you need. 
  2. Once you have the right shape lashes and you are ready to apply them, you will need to ensure you have the right lash glue. You must carry out a patch test on any lash glue before use, just to be on the safe side. We also have a blog post on how to patch test safely so we recommend checking this one out. 
  3. You want to make sure you are taking care of your new favourite falsies. Removing your false lashes from the tray with a pair of tweezers or a lash applicator can help stop any tearing or unwanted fraying of the hairs.
  4. Once ready for application and your patch test is out of the way, take your favourite lash glue and apply a thin layer to the lash band.
  5. You will now need to wait approximately 20-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  6. Using either your tweezers or lash applicator, apply the lash to your natural lash line starting with the centre first. Once you have the correct placement for the centre of your lash, gently press your outer and inner corner into place until no visible gaps can be seen.
  7. Now you're catwalk ready and red carpet worthy!

Hacks and hints 

We have managed to rustle up some of our favourite hacks from our lash loving gurus here at and now we are handing the knowledge over to you, below are some of our most trusted tips on how to get the perfect lash look.

  1. Bend it! Just like Ell Woods once said, you need to bend these babies to get them to loosen up. Take your lashes into both hands and gently wiggle the lash .This will make your lash so much easier to apply and will prevent the lash band from popping up and straight into the inner corner of your eye - trust us, it's not fun.
  2. Pre-cut and pop on, this is possibly one of the best pieces of advice that we ever received and we know you'll find this one useful. Once you have measured your lashes and trimmed then down (if needed), we like to cut the lash into three sections, the inner, centre and outer corner, then place each section of lash on separately. This creates a more natural lash line and it's so much easier to apply the lashes in three than as a whole. Give this one a go and you will never look back, we promise!
  3. Pinch and curl, the famous hack of pinching your lashes together once they have been applied is a classic and for good reason. Try using Q lash applicator to make this easy as 1-2-3.
  4. Our final holy grail has got to be applying your lashes UNDERNEATH your natural lashes! We know this one sounds a tad scary, but this will have people asking if your lashes have been done by a professional. This is done best when the previous step is also performed. So try cutting your false lash into the 3 sections, and then placing on the lower side of your lashes close to your waterline.

How to apply individual lashes

Flatlay of individual lashes

We won't even try to lie to you on this one, applying individual lashes can be fiddly and time consuming, but pull it off and you'll be questioning why you have never tried them sooner. They're cheap and an effective alternative to having your lash technician apply your Russian lashes in two hours. These cluster and flare style lashes can give you a similar lash look, but done by you from the comfort of your own home - and in much less time. Once nailed down, these lashes can give you a more natural appearance and last much longer than traditional strip lashes, making them handy for a girls weekend away or a romantic getaway. You choose the time and place, and we’ll provide the lash goods!

The application process 

  1. Individual lashes can be tricky to start with so we recommend a lash that has a bulb (or sometimes referred to as a knot) at the base. This provides you with additional support when adhering to your natural lash. On the other hand, if you are wanting to give a more natural look a shot, we suggest a bulb-free individual lash.
  2. Once you have decided on a style and length of lash, you will need to select the right glue. Just like your strip lash glue, you will need to also patch test your individual lash glue. 
  3. If you have not suffered from a reaction, you can begin to cleanse your natural lashes to ensure there is no oil present. The oil can create a barrier between the lash glue and your lash, and stop the glue from adhering properly. 
  4. Pour a couple drops of your glue onto a jade stone or similar surface, a piece of tin foil can work, and make sure not to use too much, you will only need a penny sized amount.
  5. Using your tweezers, you will need to gently pull a single individual lash off the lash tray from the base of the lash to prevent any fraying or damage to your new falsies.
  6. Begin to dip the base of the lash into the glue and ensure only a small amount of glue is present. Too much glue can stop the lash from adhering quick enough.
  7. Position your lash on top of one of your natural lashes and begin to place the base of the lash as close to the lid as possible without touching and hold in place for approximately 15 seconds.
  8. Continue step seven on each of your natural lashes or until you get the desired look and volume you want. 
  9. Once you have completed your new lash look, dry your lashes with a handheld fan and then begin to brush through your lashes to ensure none are stuck together and they are blended seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Top tips for the perfect individual lash look:

  1. We recommend trying a range of lengths when applying your individual lashes. Try placing longer length lashes towards the outer corners of your eyes to give a cat-eye effect, this can make the look more dramatic and help have all eyes on you.
  2. Once you have applied the lashes, wait for the glue to dry slightly then clamp your lashes down in between your finger and thumb to really make for a seamless blend.
  3. If you are trying to achieve a slightly more natural lash look, you can try just adding shorter individual lashes to the outer corners of your natural lashes to achieve a cat-eye effect. This will have you waking up ready to take on the day.
  4. If you have fair lashes and are trying to apply a black individual lash, sometimes your natural lash can be spotted underneath. We suggest investing in an eyelash dye kit or adding a touch of your favourite mascara before application. 

Which glue is best for you?

Flatlay of strip and individual lash glue

When you buy your new falsies, you need to make sure you purchase the right glue for you. Whether it be for strip lashes or individual flares, we have mustered up some of our favourites and we know you'll love these too.

Strip lash glue

  1. DUO Quick Set Strip Lash Adhesive Clear Tone (7g), one of our best sellers and for good reason. This formula offers a strong hold and ensures you won't be losing your lashes in the first gust of wind.
  2. House of Lashes - Lash Adhesive Clear (4ml), this super popular lash glue has a long lasting hold and two different tones for your perfect match.
  3. Eylure 18 Hour Lash Glue Clear Finish (4.5ml), this high quality and cruelty free glue offers a quick drying and a firm hold every time.

Individual lash glue

  1. Ardell Lash Tite Dark Individual Lash Adhesive (3.7ml), known for being the best on the market, this individual lash glue is a must have.
  2. DUO Individual Lash Adhesive Clear Tone (7g), the dropper bottle for an easy application and the strong hold gives you the very best of both worlds.
  3. Eylure Superfix Individual False Lash Adhesive Black (6ml), if you want to keep flare lashes or individual lash extensions in place for the weekend, this is the glue that you should use.

Helpful tips to get you through

  1. One of our favourite glue hacks is to apply a dark brush on strip lash glue straight onto your lid instead of the lash band, this can make the glue look like eyeliner to give you the best of both worlds.
  2. Always (and we mean always) apply a little bit more lash glue to the inner and outer corner of the lash band to ensure your lashes will stay in place all day. This gives your lashes an extra helping hand.
  3. To avoid squeezing too much glue onto your lash band, try applying your adhesive with a bobby pin or similar to make sure you get the right amount, a steady hand is needed!

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to applying your new false eyelashes and individual lashes from the experts here at You now have all of the lash knowledge you could possibly wish for when it comes to applying your strips or individuals with ease, don’t say we never do anything for you!