Four Eye Shapes, Best False Eyelashes


Falling in love with a lash that you love is easy, but finding one that sits on your lids flawlessly without having to trim the ends is a miracle. Just like choosing a hairstyle, your hairstylist will suggest you get a particular style to suit your face frame, and just like when you go to the salon to get your lash fix, your lash technician will advise you what lash extensions to go for, so they’re not too heavy for your eyes.

In this post, we have picked out false eyelashes that will enhance your natural eye shape.

Hooded Eyes

If you have a lack of visible eyelids, and can’t see the crease in your eye when your eyes are open, it means you have hooded eyes. Lashes that have an increased length in the centre of the lash works well with this eye shape.

Here’s the best false eyelashes for hooded eyes:

Lilly Lashes – Hollywood

This super glam lashes will definitely give you a superstar finish. Who says you need to be a celebrity to achieve a Hollywood glam?

House of Lashes – Boudoir

Set hearts racing with these House of Lashes 'Boudoir’. The spikey criss-cross hair mimics the growth of your natural lash hairs and with the lashes in the centre being longer, it offers a more natural finish. This lash style will definitely create the illusion of bigger eyes.

Eylure - Bauble

Made 100% Cruelty-Free, you will not be disappointed with Eylure false eyelashes in style Bauble. A full lash suitable for any occasion. They are perfect lashes for small hooded eyes as the length of these lashes are not too long.

Monolid Eyes

If you don’t have a crease above your upper lash line, it means you have monolid eyes. There is no visible crease when your eyes are open. If you have monolid eyes, here’s a lash guide for monolid shaped eyes.

Here’s the best false eyelashes for monolid eyes:

House of Lashes - Mini Wing It

Multi layered lashes with dense volume, they’re sure not to be missed. This style of lash elongates towards the outer lash to give you the appearance of a soft cats eyes. Add winged eyeliner for a super sultry look.

Eylure Dramatic Lashes - 126

Eylure ‘Dramatic’ collection is their most dramatic range yet. Lash style 126 provides great fullness and instantly adds drama and volume to your eyes. These lashes are great paired with a heavy makeup look. This collection comes with latex free lash adhesive.

Look how gorgeous @ling.kt looks in this style:

Eylure Dramatic Lashes

Kiss - Organza

Kiss has always created false eyelashes that are natural but glam. This style of Organza is perfect for those who have small but monolid eyes. They are subtly textured with criss-cross lash hairs and tapered length. Ideal for a night out or date night with your bae.

Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes, then you’re super lucky, as this eye shape is very versatile and can adapt to most false eyelashes. Having almond eyes means you have a wide centre with slight pointed outer edge on the eyes, and a visible crease when your eyes are open.

Here’s our favourite lash for almond eyes:

Boldface lashes – Good Vibes Only

Bring Good Vibes Only in these fantastic Boldface false eyelashes. These lashes are of soft volume, offering a natural finish, making them perfect for day to day wear.

Round Eyes

Again, if you have round eyes, this eye shape is very versatile when it comes to choosing false eyelashes. Those with round eyes can see the white around the top and bottom of your iris. Falsies that have a graduated length and curl works well with this eye shape.

Here are THE best false lashes for round eyes.

Unicorn Cosmetics – Lemon Meringue

Style Lemon Meringue from Unicorn Cosmetics is a multi-layered wispy lash perfect for any occasion. The mix of short and long length of lash hairs allows for your own natural lashes to blend in effortlessly.

Ardell - Wispies

Everyone’s go-to lash. Ardell Wispies have a full yet natural appearance, and that’s why they’re everyone’s favourite lash. Perfect for day wear as they’re not too long or dramatic.

Doll Beauty – Stephanie

Silky soft lashes that are criss-crossed and finely textured. They are slightly elongated for a slightly winged out effect. If you've not tried this lash before, you're missing out!