Lash Guide for Monolid shaped eyes

Posted on by Jenny Ho

The monolid eye shape is very common amongst Asians, but not exclusive to. It is when there is a lack of visible crease above your upper lash line. It can make applying false eyelashes and eye make-up quite difficult. However, when you have mastered the technique and lash shape, it’ll come to you as a breeze. Ardell and Red Cherry are amongst the most popular best lash brand for small monolidded eyes.

Did you know that many people who have monolid eyes wear double eyelid tape? Well now you do! For those unfamiliar with what eyelid tape is, it’s a sticker you place where you want your crease to be. So for example, if you want to make your eyes look fuller and dramatic, place the tape a little higher. If you want a more natural look then place the sticker lower, for a hooded eye effect.

Who needs surgery when you have eyelid tape to make a double eyelid look?

Monolid eyes with eye tape
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People with monolid eyes, share a common trait. Their eyelashes can be very straight, short and stubborn. So when it comes to picking the best lashes for single lidded eyes, we recommend focusing on three aspects:

  1. Length - Create an illusion with elongated lashes that lengthen out towards the outer edge of the eye

  2. Curl - Volume of lashes to make a full flutter. For extra curl check out this hack that went viral, from make-up artist Paloma Garcia -

  3. Shape - For an eye opening effect and to make those eyes really pop, choose a pair of lashes that are ‘fanned’ out

The lashes we recommend for Mono lidded eyes are the following:

Ardell - Demi Black 120

Red Cherry - Ivy #415

Velour - I Got it From My Momma!

Peaches & Cream - Style No.1

Pinky Goat - Dunia

For a dramatic look, we’d recommend House of Lashes - Dollface and Velour - Whispie Sweet Nothings to really accentuate those eyes. stock a variety of lashes to suit every unique eye shape. Take a look at our comprehensive guide in finding the perfect lash for your eye shape -

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