Finding False Eyelashes to Suit Small Eyes


Do you struggle to find a pair of falsies to suit and fit your small eyes? Or maybe you are interested in eyelash extensions for small eyes? We can definitely help you with this! Here at we cater to all eye shapes and sizes, so we are sure to have a lash style that catches your eye (and compliments it too).

For girls with smaller eyes, excess lash trimming and extra effort is often obligatory in order to achieve a comfortable fit and flawless application.

This however, doesn’t have to be the case. More and more false eyelash brands are now creating lashes that are specifically designed for smaller eyes, providing a shorter lash band, and therefore a much more accurate and flattering fit. Corner lashes are also becoming a lot more popular, which don't require trimming and are perfect for smaller eyes.

This post will focus on some of the best false eyelashes for small eyes, helping you easily pick a style you are guaranteed to love! 

House of Lashes

The House of Lashes Mini Collection consists of not just one style, but four stunning lash styles all dedicated completely to those of you that require a smaller pair of falsies, and a slightly more natural finish. Some of House of Lashes’ most popular styles have been scaled down to ensure no eye shape or size is left out, and there is also a design to suit every occasion!

Iconic Mini

The hugely popular and signature House of Lashes style Iconic is now available in a miniature size with a shorter lash band and length, creating a more comfortable fit for those with smaller eyes.  The Iconic Mini still features the same, striking criss-crossed pattern, with the C-shaped clusters adding definition and texture for a stunning, unique lash look.


  • Band Length: 30 mm
  • Lash Length: 5 mm (Inner), 13 mm (Centre), 12 mm (Outer)

Siren Mini

Suitable for everyday wear, the Siren Mini lash style offers less density in comparison to the other House of Lashes Mini styles, and instead adds a soft, wispy texture and medium length. Formed into delicately spaced out lash clusters, this style flares outwards for a full, yet fluttery finish.


  • Band Length: 30 mm
  • Lash Length: 8 mm (Inner), 16 mm (Centre), 9 mm (Outer)

Wispy Mini

If you have small eyes and love a wispy lash style, then the Wispy Mini is set to impress! Offering a medium volume and gorgeous graduated length, this style is great for achieving texture and definition, without being too bold or dramatic. Perfectly sized to compliment small eyes, this miniature-sized style looks amazing once applied.


  • Band Length: 31 mm
  • Lash Length: 8 mm (Inner), 13.5 mm (Centre), 13 mm (Outer)

Boudoir Mini

Arguably one of the most popular styles from the Mini Collection, Boudoir Mini boasts a unique lash look that is lovely for both small and hooded eyes. The longer, thicker lash strands positioned in the centre of the band work to open and accentuate the eye beautifully, whilst the criss-crossed, flared clusters add a flawless, textured finish.


  • Band Length: 30 mm
  • Lash Length: 5 mm (Inner), 11 mm (Centre), 11 mm (Outer)


Eylure offer an unbeatable selection of false eyelashes, with a style to suit every eye shape. Many of their lash styles have been designed to fit smaller eyes, such as the Petite Lash Collection. The collection of Eylure 3/4 length lashes are also perfect for smaller eyes!

Petite 100

Style Petite 100 is perfect if you’re looking for a chic, staple lash style to add to your collection. It’s classic and tasteful design adds a full, fluttery length and volume that is extremely wearable and versatile for an array of occasions. The band length is 27 mm, making these ideal for smaller eyes, as they provide a much more comfortable fit against a shorter lash line.

Petite 107

If you have small eyes but still love a little extra drama, then style Petite 107 is a top pick. Boasting a more graduated length in comparison to the petite 100, this style adds impressive volume that flares outwards for an effortless, eye-enhancing curl whilst still featuring a 27 mm lash band.


Whatever your eye shape or size, Ardell are always a fabulous choice when it comes to selecting a pair of falsies. Their lashes range from brown, to black, long, short, medium, wispy, straight, and curled – you name it, and Ardell is sure to have it! Small eyes are best enhanced with a shorter length and lash band.

Ardell’s most famed style has been redesigned in a much smaller size! The Baby Demi Wispies consist of the same, bestselling design as the original Demi Wispies, but they offer much less length for a better fit on smaller eyes. There are also Baby Wispies available to purchase on our website, which again boast the same design as the classic Wispies, but in a miniature size. If you love a wispy, texture and natural enhancement but have small eyes, then these two styles are great options that aren’t too overpowering!

Now you have an idea of what lashes suit small eyes, check out our handy guide here on how to apply false eyelashes. There are lots of tips in there for the perfect lash look!

Do you have small eyes? Which lashes have you tried and love?