Finding the right Ardell lashes for your eye shape

Finding the right shade of foundation is just as important as finding the best false eyelashes to suit your eye shape. You don’t want dramatic lashes that drown your eyes, you want the right length and volume to accentuate. Once you have figured out your eye shape, you will find it much easier to work out what makeup suits your face.

Ardell recently launched an Extension FX range, designed to fit certain eye shapes, and look and feel like lash extensions. If you prefer strip lashes over extensions but prefer the look of extensions, then these products are made to replicate just that. This new range allows you to achieve an amplified look in just 2 minutes.

Ardell Professional Extensions FX range you can select from:

  • B Curl lashes for an eye-opening effect
  • C Curl lashes to elongate and widen your eyes
  • D Curl lashes for an eye-widening effect
  • L Curl lashes to lift and define

Even better, they boast of an invisible lash band, making them lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. They are re-usable if looked after, and at £6.99 what more could you ask for? Read further to find the right Ardell lashes for your eye shape.

Flatlay of Ardell B Curl lashes

The most dramatic lash out of the collection is the B Curl. The style is long, curled and will open up your eyes instantly. This lash is a mix of fluttery and fluffy, with long lashes directly in the centre of the lash line for an eye-opening effect.

Makeup: Team with matte grey and brown smokey eye and nude lip

Best eye shape: Deep Set or Almond

Flatlay of Ardell C Curl lashes

This C Curl false lash elongates and widen your eyes, and would work well with an evening look. The criss-cross hairs creates a textured look that fans outwards. For a more dramatic look, add winged eyeliner for a sultry appearance - suitable for any occasion!

Makeup: This lash style would perfectly compliment shimmery eyeshadow

Best eye shape: Round or Close Set

Flatlay of Ardell D Curl lashes

Another dramatic lash from this collection is the Ardell Extensions FX collection is the D Curl. This lash style offers an eye widening effect. The V-shaped out clusters elongate towards the outer lash created a winged effect. Perfect for any occasion as they’re not too intense or natural.

Makeup: This lash style has the perfect length and thickness for cut crease makeup and bold lip look

Best eye shape: Almond or Close Set

Flatlay of Ardell L Curl lashes

If you are new to false eyelashes, the Ardell Extension L Curl would be the perfect lash and style for you. This lash is full and fluffy with hair tapered on both ends. Define and open up your eyes without being too dramatic.

Makeup: Team with light eyeshadow and small flick of eyeliner

Best eye shape: Monolid or Hooded