Red Cherry Lashes

One of the best selling brands on, it's fair to say that Red Cherry Lashes are incredibly popular. And for good reason! The Red Cherry range features over 100 super strip lash styles - as well as a few flares and individual lashes for good measure. From demure and natural, through to dramatic and lengthening. There's something for everyone in our Red Cherry range, including great value multipacks. We're the exclusive UK stockist of Red Cherry Lashes, you won't find the full range anywhere else.

About Red Cherry Lashes

“Making a statement no longer just resonates with the most coveted wardrobe piece or latest hair trend, rather wearing flawless makeup is complementary to a fashion-chic entrance worth remembering. At Red Cherry Lashes, style starts by commanding a room with a confident gaze and drawing allure just by the flutter of perfected lashes.” Red Cherry

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! False eyelashes have become a permanent staple in the world of beauty. At, we are obsessed with finding exciting new lash brands to add to our unrivalled collection. We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in the industry; you won’t find a bigger or better selection of falsies anywhere else in the UK or Europe. We are beyond excited to be stocking Red Cherry Eyelashes’ amazing products, and are currently the exclusive distributor for Red Cherry Eyelashes in the UK.

Red Cherry Eyelashes – The Brand

Reigning from sunny California, the family running this booming enterprise are certainly no strangers to the beauty world. In fact, they’ve been in the business for over 30 years! Specialising in custom-made wigs, as well as false eyelashes, Red Cherry Eyelashes have an enormous following, with over 44k followers on Instagram alone.

Professional makeup artists, social media influencers and celebrities just can’t get enough of Red Cherry Eyelashes’ extensive collection, which features literally hundreds of styles. Each stunning pair of lashes are 100% hand-crafted from human hair, making them lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and most importantly… Cruelty-Free.

Quality has been a top priority for the company since day one, and their passion, dedication and consistency is what has helped to skyrocket the brand to the top of everyone’s wish-lists. Originating from the US, Red Cherry Eyelashes are widely recognised, and with their continued rise in popularity, the brand has gradually made a name for themselves here in the UK.

Loved by Celebrities

As well as being the go-to brand for countless makeup artists, beauty bloggers and social media influencers, this well-loved brand also has a cult celebrity following. American actress and model Sharon Stone is a huge fan of the range, claiming “If I’m going out, I like false eyelashes by Red Cherry. I learned to do them myself just this year!”

Khloe Kardashian has stated her makeup artist, Hrush, often uses Red Cherry Eyelashes to complete her look, whilst sister Kylie Jenner has also been spotted rocking a pair.

Cast members from hit British reality TV show TOWIE have also reportedly proclaimed their love for the brand, as well as supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid. With looks envied by many, these two couldn’t be better ambassadors for the brand, and what better way to echo their look than with the lashes they actually wear for their shoots?

Red Cherry Eyelashes – The Range

Lashes for all

Offering fantastic value and ‘on-trend’ styles, Red Cherry Eyelashes aim to provide a perfect lash style for absolutely anyone, regardless of budget, eye shape or occasion.

Whether you’re hoping to achieve natural and subtle look, or a bold, sultry and defined style, Red Cherry Eyelashes has it all. It’s time to make a fierce impression, and enter the #redcherryrevolution!

Amazing value

With hundreds of incredible styles on offer, we guarantee you will be spoiled for choice. Representing incredible value for money, lash styles start at just £3.99 per pair. You simply can't go wrong with Red Cherry Eyelashes!

Hundreds of designs

We offer something for everyone in our huge Red Cherry Eyelashes collection, from single, individual lashes available in a range of lengths, to knot-free cluster lashes for those that prefer a customised look, rather than a strip.

Check out a few of our hot picks and bestsellers below!

Stevi #43

These gorgeously wispy lashes bring length and versatility to the party. Whether you're looking for lashes for a big night out, a special occasion or just day-to-day wear, Stevi won’t let you down. Stevi is our top-selling lash style of all time, and is now available in a super convenient pack of four, because after you’ve tried these once, you’ll never want to run out!

Wispy #WSP

Another of our bestsellers, these Wispy lashes are perfect for achieving some added length and volume whilst maintaining a beautifully natural look. Also extremely popular with bloggers, makeup artists and celebrities around the world. If you're looking for a medium-length, wispy style lash that's ideal for day-to-day wear - or even for a special occasion - then look no further. Also available in packs of 4 or 5!

Chakra #102

If you want to add some drama to your eyes and transform your look in just a matter of minutes, then you can’t go wrong with this seriously impressive style. Their gradual volume from tip to base enhances the lash line, adding definition to the eye. The wispy layered ends and luscious length create a stunning, dramatic finish.

Sophie #202

If your vibe is that gorgeously fluffy, Russian Volume look, then these lashes won’t disappoint. Offering over-the-top glam, this style means business! The stunning, chic design adds drama and fullness to your natural lashes, whilst still looking stylish. Team with bold eyeliner for an unbeatable look.

Sage #523

This subtle style offers gorgeous, graduated length and boosts the natural volume of your lashes. Featuring clusters of flared, fluffy lashes delicately layered for a stunning, textured look. These fab, full falsies provide a lovely, fanned-out appearance for a natural effect.

As well as a wide variety of strip lashes by Red Cherry, we also stock an accent wispy lash; perfect for those that simply want to accentuate the ends of their eyes, without wearing a full set of falsies. We also offer a range of under-lashes, such as styles Kitty (#502) and Penny (#501). If you want to intensify your look then these are perfect to wear alongside your favourite pair of Red Cherry Eyelashes. Simply choose your style, and team them with a striking pair of falsies to get that gorgeous, Kardashian-inspired lash look.

Extreme comfort

These high-quality lashes are handmade using 100% human hair. All styles are extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to apply, due to the flexible band. Also super durable; these eyelashes can be reused up to 15 times if taken care of correctly.


We are proud to feature Red Cherry Eyelashes under our ‘Cruelty-Free’ section of our website. None of their products are made from mink fur, and no animals are tested on or harmed in the process. Each pair of lashes is ethically sourced, and beautifully handcrafted from 100% human hair.

Red Cherry Eyelashes do not include glue, but you don’t need to worry, has got you covered. With an enormous range of lash glues and 2-in-1 lash liners, we guarantee you will find applying your lashes a breeze.

Why not try one of our customer favourites: DUO? Offering super fast-drying lash adhesive in black, brown or clear, you will achieve an effortless, professional look in minutes.

The latex-free and water-resistant formula delivers a firm, long-lasting hold of your favourite falsies, and sets in seconds allowing for a flawless application. It’s also water-resistant!

New to the DUO range is their Line It Lash It 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Lash Adhesive. This innovative product is an absolute must-have for your makeup bag! Lash adhesive when wet, eyeliner when dry, this revolutionary new Line It Lash It boasts a fine tip applicator for precision application of your favourite lashes every time. This eyeliner glides smoothly over the lash line, and is designed to hold your favourite strip lashes in place, while blending in seamlessly with your natural lashes.

I really do love this lash glue, as it dries quicker than other company lash glues which is good for when you are in a rush. Also has lasted over 12 hours without peeling off. Alima

Fun Facts about False Eyelashes

If you weren’t a fan already, you will be after reading these!

  1. They won’t rain on your parade.

    Unlike mascara, a few tears won’t leave you with watery black streaks pouring down your face. Falsies are a fab way to enhance your eyes without piling on the makeup, meaning you can have a little sob at that sad movie and forget about panda-eyes.

  2. They can actually help to strengthen your real lashes.

    Yes, that’s right! Over time, mascara can weaken your natural eyelashes and make them brittle. Switching to falsies can help to keep your lashes strong and healthy, and you may notice your lashes begin to look healthier and thicker.

  3. False lashes can help to keep your eyes healthy.

    All that scrubbing to remove your eye makeup is actually damaging the delicate skin around your eye area, as well as pulling out your natural lashes. Mascara can damage your lashes over time, particularly the waterproof variety which is very drying. Using old mascara is also a no-no, and something many wearers do not think about. Old mascara tubes provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which can infect the lash follicle.

  4. Fake it ‘til you make it.

    Not everyone is blessed with beautiful, long, natural lashes, so falsies are an easy way to fake it. Coming in a wide variety of materials, lengths and styles, there are thousands of lash styles designed to accentuate your natural beauty and achieve a gorgeous, subtle look. Many celebrities reach for false lashes everyday; they no longer need to be reserved for special occasions! And with application becoming easier than ever thanks to innovative lash adhesives, why not add a pair of falsies to your daily makeup routine?

  5. False lashes were made mainstream by Max Factor.

    Beauty and makeup legend Max Factor started off what would years later become a worldwide trend, by gifting a pair of false eyelashes to silver-screen actress Phyllis Haver. Not having the resources of today at his disposal, he achieved this by sewing real hair into Phyllis’ own lashes. Yikes!

  6. The False Eyelash trend was sparked by Twiggy.

    The false lash hype quietened down in the 30s and 40s, but came roaring back in the 60s after being worn by British supermodel Twiggy. All of a sudden, women were desperately trying to recreate her iconic look.

  7. Madonna once wore a pair worth $10,000.

    The Queen of Pop once wore a custom-made pair of mink lashes adorned with 0.75 carat diamonds. They were created by Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura, and actually sold out once retailed!

I like it, I want it, I got it.

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself! If you need more convincing, have a read through some customer reviews, then try and stop yourself ordering the lot!

I use these strip lashes daily. They look absolutely fabulous. I have used various lashes but these are so light weight and so easy to apply! Mrs L referring to #43 Stevi

Love these eyelashes for everyday and for my full time job as a model. They're so long and natural looking they beat every high end eyelash brand. The band is so thin and super flexible so they fit onto the lash line perfectly and don't pop off throughout the day. Katie referring to #217 Trace Multipack

These are one of my favourite pair of lashes for if I don't want to go too full on and I'm just going out for dinner or something a bit more casual. They're not too dramatic and just give a bit of extra volume to my lashes whilst still looking natural. Ruby referring to #WSP (Wispy)

I am VERY picky with my lashes and up until recently only used one style for the past couple years. I then changed style when I found these, they are so fluffy and beautiful but not too overwhelming. I think these will be my go to lash style for a while now. Elisa referring to Desire

I always buy Red Cherry different styles, easy to apply, look good and people always say they look great. Kathi referring to #118 Simone

With fashion-forward designs, as well as excellent quality and choice, it is not difficult to see why Red Cherry Eyelashes are one of our top-selling false eyelash brands. All of our products are 100% genuine, so you can shop in confidence knowing that we don’t sell cheap fakes.

These fab falsies can also be reused up to 15 times if care is taken applying and removing them, so be sure to keep them in tip-top condition and get the most out of a pair. We stock countless styles of Red Cherry Eyelashes and you’re sure to be spoilt for choice when you shop our collection - we offer the entire range. Click here to be directed straight to our online store and browse hundreds of striking styles.

We are so excited to now feature Red Cherry Eyelashes multipacks. Once you’ve found your new fave lashes, opt for a multipack to ensure you never run out! Remember, we're the exclusive UK distributor of Red Cherry Eyelashes, if you want to be 100% safe in the knowledge that you're buying legitimate Red Cherry Eyelashes products then place your order with us now.

Want to have your lashes delivered to you frequently without the faff of reordering them  yourselves? Sign up to our subscription service and save money. Choose how frequently you want your lashes - every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks - then we will sort the rest out for you!

As a thank you for shopping with us, we’ll even throw in FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more, now that’s great value!