KoKo Lashes

We're the exclusive UK stockist of KoKo Lashes, you literally won't find them anywhere else! We love KoKo Lashes because they're handmade from high quality synthetic fibres. They look and feel luxury, and they rank highly amongst our favourite strip lashes. There's a KoKo lash style for everyone, and they're also reusable if cared for carefully. From dramatic to lengthening, voluminous to sultry - there's KoKo Lashes for every occasion and every eye shape. Don't just take our word for it, buy your KoKo Lashes now!

About KoKo Lashes

Be Chic. Be Sexy. Be Daring

The American company KoKo Lashes has taken the internet and false eyelash community by storm. This enormously popular, Cruelty-Free brand has gained a huge following across social media – it seems everyone is dying to get their hands on their amazing false lashes!

Bloggers, celebrities and social media influencers are consistently raving about KoKo Lashes, and it's not difficult to see why. The KoKo eyelashes range has quickly become one of THE most sought-after lash brands that we’ve ever stocked, and after literally hundreds of requests, we are ecstatic to announce that we now offer the complete KoKo Lashes collection in our online store.

The Range

The stunning lash styles in the KoKo Lashes collection range from dramatic and glamorous to softer, more natural looks, suitable for any occasion. Even offering an extensive range of lower lashes, and accent lashes – there truly is something to suit everyone’s taste. 

Whether you're looking for the perfect party lash for that big night out, or a more natural-looking pair for everyday wear, KoKo Lashes have an amazing range to offer. With over 50 incredible KoKo false lashes styles that are all made from high-quality synthetic fibres and human hairs, we are confident you'll find a lash you love.


We are thrilled to be working with so many brands whose focus is to produce and promote their products in a positive, responsible, and sustainable way. We love that KoKo Lashes products are 100% Cruelty-Free. 

Each set of KoKo false eyelashes is carefully crafted using a blend of high-quality synthetic fibres and human hairs, helping to create a beautifully soft and natural look whilst ensuring no furry creatures have been harmed in the process. So it’s a thumbs up from us!


Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we believe that quality does not necessarily need to be reflected with a high price tag. Our goal is to provide you with the best prices on high-quality products; amazing value time after time. With prices starting from just £7.50, we guarantee you can get your hands on your dream pair of KoKo Lashes regardless of your budget.

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KoKo Lashes Products

Loved for their super chic and stylish designs, and hard-to-beat quality, KoKo Lashes offer the ultimate lash enhancements to accentuate your look. From dramatic, eye-opening designs to soft, wispy styles, we guarantee you will be spoilt for choice with KoKo eyelashes.

If you LOVE what you’ve read so far (quite frankly we don’t blame you) then you can shop the range, or read on for a closer look at some of KoKo Lashes stunning products, including our top picks and bestsellers!


This stunning, dense design will help you add volume and length to your natural lashes. The layering of lash strands and slightly thicker, longer clusters allow for a textured, feathery finish and a bold and beautiful look!

Suitable for all occasions, and handmade from high-quality hair, these luscious Amore lashes look incredible paired with soft browns and subtle liner. With 70+ 5 star reviews on our website, Amore is currently our No.1 Bestseller!

Queen B

Another of our bestsellers, Queen B offers extreme, never-ending length! Their tapered design features gorgeously wispy lashes, layered amongst shorter, dense clusters for a beautiful textured finish.

Perfect for adding drama to your look, these fabulously full falsies provide a unique, eye-enhancing effect, making them perfect for extra special occasions when you want to stand out.


This stunning Goddess style is seriously impressive! Their ultra-thick design and tapered ends emphasise your eyes dramatically for an amazing, stand-out look.

The incredibly dense lash strands are layered for a criss-cross effect that adds an intense, glamorous, length and texture. Pair with bold liner and shimmery shadow for an eye-popping look, and get ready to channel your inner goddess.


Intensify your makeup look with this dramatic and voluminous design. These fabulous Stella style falsies gradually increase in length towards the outer edge of each eye, for a winged out finish.

Consisting of clusters of dense lashes, layered between finer, criss-crossed hairs; stand out if you dare! They provide a stunning, full and feathery texture and flare outwards for an amazing, eye-enhancing effect.


For eyes that 'wow' at every blink, look no further. This eye-opening design features clusters of dense lash strands, layered with finer lashes for a full and flared effect.

The extreme length and stunning, eye-opening curl of the Venus style lashes allows for a dramatic yet glamorous finish that adds volume, texture and definition in an instant.


The perfect fluffy set for completing any dramatic makeup look. Boasting a full, multi-layered appearance these luxurious Monroe style lashes add a graduated length and heavy density for an elongated, enhanced finish.

Loved By Many

Celebrities, bloggers, and social media influencers alike just cannot seem to get enough of KoKo Lashes products. Their Instagram account has gained over 290k followers, and is adorned with images of doll-eyed beauties all showing off their stunning falsies.

The hundreds of rave 5-star reviews speak for themselves. False lash fanatics are going wild for KoKo Lashes! Check out these amazing comments:

“I am so impressed with these lashes! First of all the comfort of the lash band is amazing! I have tried some lashes before with thick lash bands, and they have been very stiff and difficult to fit to your eye shape because they are so thick and stiff, but the lash band on these is not like that at all. It is thick somewhat and feels a little heavy to begin with, but after a little while you hardly notice them on at all! Secondly - I love all the different styles that they offer.”

“These are an absolutely stunning pair of lashes, they look so beautiful on and the band isn’t too thick so they aren’t heavy on the eyes. Definitely one of my favourite pairs of lashes if not my favourite pair and I will continue to buy from Koko as they are 10/10 every time.”

“These lashes are just everything!! I wear them for going out, for an extra glam look. They are long without looking too much. Obsessed with these.”

“I love these lashes... slightly dramatic but wearable for daytime or evening. I have small hooded eyes and think these lashes suit my eyes...they are also curved for easier application and great quality.”

“These are the best lashes! I also really love the KoKo lashes in the style Venus 😍 these lashes are super easy to apply and I don't find myself having to trim the edges because they fit perfectly to my eye. The band isn't too thick and is super easy to work with! They also just look stunning on the eye!”

Lash Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned false lash addict or a complete falsies newbie, we’ve got you covered. Applying false lashes can prove a little tricky even if you consider yourself a pro!

Check out our top tips below on how to apply, remove, clean and store your KoKo Lashes, so you can wear them again and again. KoKo claims users can expect up to 15 wears from their falsies, and we’re here to show you exactly how to achieve that!

How to apply KoKo Lashes:

  1. Choose the best lashes to suit your eye-shape. Each and every one of us has a unique eye shape, whether it be hooded eyes, round eyes, monolid eyes, deep-set eyes, wide-set eyes or almond eyes - we have you covered! Read our informative article to see which false lashes suit your eye shape. Click here to read more.
  2. Measure and trim for fit. As everyone’s eyes are different shapes and sizes, most of our lashes will need to be trimmed slightly to achieve the most natural-looking result to frame your peepers. Using eyelash applicators or tweezers, hold the lash band against your eyelid to measure, and then gently trim from the outside edge with nail scissors.
  3. Apply lash glue. Spread a thin layer of lash glue along the lash band (we recommend using a cotton bud). Be careful not to over-do it. Too much glue will make removal more difficult and damage the longevity of your new lashes!
  4. Wait a minute. Many lash wearers leave this step out! But actually, waiting a minute for the glue to go tacky will dramatically increase the ease of application. It prevents the lashes from sliding around on your lid and spoiling your makeup!
  5. Time to apply. Using your eyelash applicator or a pair of tweezers, place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible. Apply gentle pressure along the lash band, starting from the outside edge and working inwards.
  6. Adjust. Gently adjust the outer edges to check they sit securely. If you want to create more uplift, use your finger to push the lashes in an upwards direction from the inner lash line.
  7. Voila! It’s as simple as that!

How To Remove KoKo Lashes:

  1. Begin by removing makeup using an oil-free makeup remover such as micellar water.
  2. Before removing from your eye, gently dab makeup remover over the lash band (you could use a soaked cotton pad or cotton bud).
  3. Remove lashes by holding the outer corner of the lash base and carefully peeling towards your tear duct.

How To Clean KoKo Lashes?

Use a cotton pad or cotton bud soaked in oil-free makeup remover to gently rub the lash bands until all traces of adhesive and makeup are dissolved. Gently pat dry with tissues to absorb excess water before storing.

How To Store KoKo Lashes:

  1. Make sure your lashes are completely dry before storing them.
  2. Store lashes in the Koko Lashes tray and replace the original cover.
  3. Store in a shaded and dry place.

Can I Wear Mascara With My KoKo Lashes?

Less eye makeup will help your KoKo lashes last longer. You can apply mascara on top of your natural lashes, but we advise you to apply this before your false lash application.

Where to purchase KoKo Lashes?

We are now proud to be official UK stockists of the complete KoKo Lashes collection. You can purchase KoKo Lashes from our online store with complete confidence, knowing all items are 100% genuine. Being an American brand, KoKo Lashes have previously been difficult to find for UK buyers - especially from a reputable source. You can now shop for your favourite KoKo Lashes with peace of mind.

There's no need to worry about troublesome import fees now, because we're based in the UK and we take care of all of that for you. We’re even throwing in FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more! Just place your order with us, sit back and relax. Most items arrive in 1-3 working days. We also have guaranteed next working day delivery services available if you need your fake lashes in a hurry.

Lash subscription

Found your perfect pair of KoKo Lashes and now couldn’t live without them? We hear you! We understand that you feel most confident when you look and feel great and at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we want to help you look your absolute best, ALL the time. So why not make use of our BRAND NEW lash subscription service? Yes, you read that correctly! As the ultimate convenience to our loyal customers, we have now taken our lash game to the next level.

Simply choose your favourite pair of KoKo Lashes and hit subscribe! We will then deliver directly to your door every 14, 30 or 60 days according to your preference. It really is that simple, so you can focus on doing what you do best, rocking those gorgeous lashes!